Windows 10's Alarms & Clock app is getting a brand new UI design

Alarms Sunvalley
Alarms Sunvalley (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Alarms & Clock is getting a new UI.
  • It's part of the larger Sun Valley UI refresh coming to Windows 10 next year.

Microsoft is updating the Alarms & Clock app on Windows 10 with a brand new interface, ahead of the as yet unnannounced big Windows 10 'Sun Valley' UI refresh coming next year. Alarms & Clock is the first app to receive a major redesign, with many more in-box apps expected to get the same treatment over the next year.

The new app update is in testing now with Insiders in the Dev Channel, and will likely roll out to production machines sometime in 2021. I understand that this Alarms & Clock app update is part of the Sun Valley initiative, which aims to reinvigorate the Windows user experience with a refreshed design and new features in time for the fall 2021 release.

In the next few of months, Microsoft will begin rolling out new builds in the Insider Program with significant UI changes and new features, all in preparation for this big Sun Valley update. I'm told that most in-box apps will be getting a face lift, as well as most top-level Windows Shell areas such as the Start menu, Action Center, Taskbar, and File Explorer.

Check out ChangeWindows in-depth look at the new UI. In the meantime, this new Alarms & Clock update is a small taste of things to come. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I'm glad to see the return fo the progress circle that first appeared on Windows 10 Mobile (?) later in Win10 but was removed later on for reasons beyond me and replace with the timer we currently have without visual representation of the elapsed/remaining time. A foolish design choice. I am glad to see them revert this :)
  • I think it first appeared on Windows 8.1 and WP8.1. They kinda dumbed it down with W10/W10M.
  • Wauw... Already back then? How time flies 😅
  • The Panos takeover on the Windows design is proving to be the best thing that has happened to Windows in years, finally feels like they care about user experience for once.
  • Can you give other examples of your claim?
  • Are you new to the internet? There is no requirement to substantiate claims. You just make them and wait for them to become viral. ;)
  • One example might be a redesign of the alarms and clock app that the commenter likes.
  • is that an other?
  • It would be great to have it in a mobile OS. We want back Windows 10 Mobile.
  • if they just built android app compatibility into W10M it would've had a much better chance
  • No, that would have further marginalized UWP apps. UWP apps are critical to the success of the Windows OS. Windows needs native apps in the same way that IOS and Android need native apps. Every OS needs a native app platform.
  • This looks like an improvement. I'm often frustrated with the clock and alarm app. One thing that could improve is simply how to enter the length of a timer. On a desktop OS I should be able to use the keyboard!
  • Oof I hope this is not the final look. One positive thing though: they’re not using the hamburger button. They should get rid of it in WinUI.
  • Amen brother. The hamburger menu is and always will be *****. I think the last time this came up Daniel or someone came by to say "get over it" or something. Whatever. The hamburger, stuck in the upper left hand corner, hiding UI elements, and out of reach on mobiles and tablets will die because it's a bad idea. It's already starting.
  • I don't really use alarms but for those that do this is definitely a good redesign
    and if they redesigned this already, I'm hopeful for the rest of the apps like calculator, settings, file explorer
  • Calculator already has great design. But we need for settings and file explorer.
  • I tried it on the Beta build. The UI is a nice improvement, but the UX kinda sucks. Alarms needs to be the first tab that opens, and alarms need to be snoozable and skippable within the app, not just on notifications.
  • I don't think anyone uses Alarms & Clock anyway. How about improving settings? Its Microsoft worst app.
  • Doesn't really matter what this design change mean and how it looks. It all comes down to ever reminding us that for example my Lenovo Z75 is still forced to remain on 1909 as even the Upgrade Asistant is failing to upgrade the system. What does it all mean when apps get all different kinds of UI update in the name of uniforming when the OS cannot be upgraded to the same UI, and they don't go hand in hand. What's the point of not linking UI control versions to OS, or at least Shell version? Firing up clocks currently on my 20H1 setup is a travel through time where you click on an icon, that will on a dark theme OS flash your eyes with a light-theme flash screen with two-generations-older icon in large that will eventually change to a dark theme flash screen with an only one-generation-older icon to then finally launch the app.