Windows 10's Microsoft Edge browser shown in video, new F12 developer tools released

Microsoft continues its daily "10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10" feature on YouTube with a look at the all new Microsoft Edge web browser. At the same time, the company has updated its F12 tools for website developers to help them make pages that work well with Edge.

The video is definitely aimed at folks who have not heard that Microsoft has developed a new browser for Windows 10. It looks at features such as recommendations when typing in words in the address bar on Edge, along with easy ways to share and even mark up pages (provided your hardware supports that, of course). It also shows how pages can quickly be saved for offline viewing later, or viewed in a new reading mode without a lot of ads.

Microsoft has updated the F12 developer tools with some new features, including an experiments tab. Microsoft says this will allow web developers to test any new features on their sites that Microsoft does not consider to be 100% percent ready. It adds that Microsoft is working to add new sections and content to its developer files. It says:

"For those of you who would like to be more actively involved, we encourage you to visit our GitHub repository and contribute to our documentation by either creating new GitHub issues, editing the existing documentation or even proposing new content. We'll take a look at your suggestion and will work together to incorporate them to the docs. If you are interested, please visit the repository's readme to better understand how to contribute."

Source: Windows (YouTube), Microsoft

John Callaham