Windows 10's new Mail and Calendar icons now rolling out to the public

Windows 10 Newicons
Windows 10 Newicons (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows 10 New Mail Calendar Icons

Source: Windows Central New Mail and Calendar icons in Windows 10 version 1909. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The new Mail and Calendar icons are now rolling out to public Windows 10 builds.
  • The icons sport a new design that's more colorful and less flat than prior versions.
  • These are just a part of a larger design overhaul for Microsoft's Windows 10 icons.

Last week Microsoft unveiled a new design direction for the icons of many of its inbox apps, and today the first set has started arriving to the public. The Mail and Calendar icons are now rolling out to public release builds of Windows 10. Previously, they were available only to Windows Insiders in the Fast and Release Preview rings.

We've seen these new icons roll out on Windows 10 version 1909, otherwise known as the November 2019 Update. The icons are more colorful than their predecessors, mimicking the design language seen in the rest of the new icons Microsoft has on deck. It's unclear when we can expect the other icons to roll out, but Insiders on the Fast and Release Preview rings have the first crack at them.

New icons

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The new aesthetic comes as Microsoft continues to shift forward with its Fluent Design language. This is on full display with Windows 10X, which will launch on Microsoft's upcoming Surface Neo dual-screen PC later this year.

The new Mail and Calendar icons appear to be rolling out now, but it's possible they won't arrive for everyone right away. Have you seen them land on your PC yet? Let us know in the comments.

Do you like Microsoft's new colorful icons for Windows 10?

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  • Checked the Store for updates, Mail and Calendar update waiting .... voila, new icons!
  • I guess it's cool, but now the icon backgrounds don't match the theme color. Kind of strange. Not a big deal, just weird.
  • Hm, will this be part of the plan?
  • *This. And for example the Calendar live tile is blue, conflicting with my theme color. Damn your changes again, MS!!
  • While the icons do look nice, I don't care about icon updates.
    Please update the half baked apps...
  • Microsoft always has misplaced priorities. 🤦‍♂️
  • I don't like these new icons because I think they don't match the tile background. Microsoft should enable option to make the tiles transparent, like on W10M.
  • The tiles are going away.
  • Maybe just the "live" part, not the tile system itself.
  • Nope. Live tiles all together.
  • I received the Mail and Calendar icons on my desktop in the Release Preview ring on the same day as I received all the new icons on my Surface Go in the Fast ring. I noticed today that my desktop now has all the other icons too (Groove, Calculator, etc).
  • The new icon update screws my start menu color scheme.
  • Yeah, I noticed the icons for the Movies and TV app my Xbox One has been updated, too.
  • Wish they'd gotten my permission first. Too busy. Plus, the icons should be larger in relation to the tiles they occupy. (imho, of course)
  • Love it but find the built in mail app not as reliable as the outlook app. Which is sad because the fluidity and response is so much better than the outlook app when used on lower spec machines (my 2017 surface pro)
  • Yes the new icon landed on my laptop runni g Windows 10 Pro 1809. It received the update yesterday through the microsoft store
  • I just hope they keep the full screen start menu. I've gotten used to it.
  • Whew, good thing they're releasing the icons in stages, we don't want to overload the design team with too much work all at once. So when are we getting a roadmap for when the remainder of the icons will be released, a Marvel Studios-esque timeline would be fantastic.