This is Windows 10's new Share UI coming with the Creators Update

Microsoft is finally working on a brand new Share UI for Windows 10, replacing the old Windows 8 Share UI that came before it. The new UI has been in the works internally at Microsoft for some time, and Insiders can now test it out by enabling a new registry tweak on the latest Insider Preview builds.

First spotted by MSPU, the new UI looks much more at home on Windows 10 compared to the old Share UI, which was simply untouched from Windows 8, even utilising the same animations and screen positioning that the old Windows 8 charms bar used. The new UI sits in the middle of the screen, with an option to get more apps that can be shared to from the Store, as well as a new option called Near Share.

This Share UI will replace the old one entirely, so whenever you hit the share option within an app, this new UI will appear rather than the old one, which makes sense. If you're using Windows 10 build 14971 or above, you can try out an early version of this Share UI by enabling a registry hack. Here's how you do it.

  1. Launch the Registry Editor (Type regedit.exe in Start)
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SharePlatform (You may need to create the "SharePlatform" key)
  3. In the SharePlatform key, right click and create a new DWORD 32-bit value called "EnableNewShareFlow"
  4. Set that data value to 1

And that's all, now restart your machine and the next time you share something from within an app, the newer UI will be displayed.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • It's about time! They need to fix the volume/audio and brightness UI too
  • Hey Zack! You're right, they need to fix those things
  • Hey man! How've you been?
  • Pretty good! How about you
  • Doing great bro, been busy, got a job
  • @ZackTheNever Awesome bro! What do you do
  • Why what's wrong with volume ?
  • Its an old UI :(
  • The old mixer is horrible! However, this is a one-time setting and then i control the audio via my AVR or speakers.
  • windows 8? sorry I didn't have it that's why I don't know. but for me looks nice
  • I think you mean redesign which is indeed an overdue. Though currently it works perfectly on my case and its very responsive. There isnt much to change it though except redrsigning for better aesthetic and consistent to Windows 10 UX. What I would hate for them to do is lazily copy the Volume Media Controls from W10M which is looks ugly and oversized with less stuff. The W8 at least got an album art.
  • Yes, redesign*, my apologize. It's functional, just still has the old Windows 9 interface.
  • No kidding! The forever present volume slider overlay drives me nuts. Does it really need to be visible for that long?
  • For real! It's an old Windows 8 UI too, looks terrible..
  • There is an app in the windows store that makes the volume sliders on pc better. It works by individually being able to manually adjust apps volume. I have it but I'm not at my pc ahh idk what it's called.
  • Hope it goes to mobile too and make it more reliable!!
  • It would be really nice to have this NEW UI along with Gaussian Blur in the rest of the screen.
    So, it'll 'pop' and look really cool. :)
  • rest of the window*. no point in bluring all my screen if my app is windowed, am i right?
  • Umm, i kinda thought - when we are sharing something, that's like priority in that moment and it should be highlighted as such.
    Think the current user account prompt while allowing an installation minus the DARK area around the prompt. This dark ' space ' can be blurred slightly. Will look really nice. Just like the action centre background.
  • The user account prompt has a purpose to doing that. It's simply important. not just important in the moment. not important to the user, but important to the OS as a whole that it gets taken care of. Anything that's requiring administrative rights is very important. Sharing is not the same level. Adding the blurring effect is also entirely inconsistent with the rest of the UX of Windows 10. Nothing should feel like the UAC. The UAC is unique and nothing should detract from the amount of focus that experience provides. we don't need people to start thinking the UAC prompt is as important as a sharing prompt.
  • Well, i just gave an idea. Anything can be done really !
  • Yeah, the current one alreadu have a bad and stability performance since its been laregly negletcted since W10M. Hopefully Share UI will be snappy just like on Windows Phone days. Its sluggish and discouraging to use when the sharing mechanism of the OS when its slow. What I hope to come also is the easier tap-to-share with NFC without going through the Share UI and automatically turns on Bluetooth or WiFi-Direct when initiating file transfer using NFC. Lastly, I hope that they will find a way to make it compatible for Android devices when doing NFC file transfer.
  • Paired with the new and nicely configurable Share Charm Settings page in Settings, this is going to be final easy to use.
  • This is still on build 14971 right? Cause in my insider build, I don't have SharePlatform in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft'.
  • You need to create it
  • reread the instructions, it says this "Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SharePlatform (You may need to create the "SharePlatform" key)​"
  • I wish we had registry editor in Mobile.
  • You can add one by using interop tools (completely at your own risk, you might break your phone) see for how to do this
  • No still you can't get the new Share UI on W10 Mobile because it throws error while adding a "SharePlatform" key by regedit(Interop Tools)
  • he asked for a registry editor for mobile, not if this works on mobile, mobile's highest build is currently 14965 on fast ring, reread the article, it says it's available from build 14971 onwards, until a new mobile build lands we won't know whether they've included it for mobile or not
  • No you are wrong,i am on build 14926 on my surface book and i got the new Share UI,also i am on build 14951 on my lumia 950 xl where i tried to add a "SharePlatform" key by interop tools but it throwed an error
  • 14951 < 14971. Dan isn't wrong. You are. The original person simply asked for a way to modify the registry on Mobile. Dan provided a way. He never stated that it would work for enabling the Share UI at all. He never even implied it. However, when you decided to "correct" him (which he didn't need correcting), Dan simply pointed out that technically the trick may work once a build after 14971 is released. You seem to think 14951 is somehow a later build (it's not) and that somehow that makes him wrong (it doesn't).
  • Thanks for the reminder. Is there also a way to unlock something like the Windows 10 task manager on mobile? Sometimes I want to see which process is heating up my phone..
  • Device portal
  • Cool, thanks!
  • Windows 10 mobile needs a new share UI as well
  • Yeah
  • I thibk yhat will come around the same tome to this one. The current one we use is been abandoned and looks horrible than it used to be on WP, it also launch slower too. Hooefully this new Share UI also have better performance on W10M. It would be great if the Share UI on W10M isn't on the center of the screen or fullscreen. Instead, make it sliding from the bottom of the screen but only covering half, so you can still see the contents of the app you sharing from.
  • We have came from W7 phone to W10 Mobile and still we do not have the option of bluetooth in the "share" page when bluetooth is turned off,we need to first turn on the bluetooth then again click share and then there is bluetooth option available..
    Hoping for a change this time :)
  • Please create feedback and provide us with a link. I think there will be reader that would like upvote it.
  • Here you have the link: ;)
  • Lol did Windows Central see my comment I posted on their other article about the hidden settings share menu? Haha I linked that article.
  • it took them ages hope to this on windows mobile with all its glory its going be interesting to see it after they finish all the work it needs
  • Yeah once it is finished it should look quite good. Right now it's damn ugly but this is clearly an early WIP
  • New UI.. great
  • Not only we need New UI but it should be responsive and fast :)
    This is great!
  • My only gripe right now is the VPN list in the network flyout not having a Connect button, like 8.1 did. Having to open Settings for it is annoying.
  • Share to clipboard already, I'll share with what ever programs aren't in the share UI manually.
  • Agree, would be so helpful, especially when the program (like the Windows Central WUP app I'm typing this on) doesn't have a clipboard option.
  • I hope that mobile gets this new Share UI sometime in the not too distant future. BTW, speaking of sharing, I'm hoping that Flipboard sharing gets fixed. You can't share anything to your Flipboard magazines (PC and mobile) like an article or picture. On 8.1 it worked great. Cheers.
  • Also we need a new UI for "Choose an app to open" which is also old asf
  • What matters are the undelying API, hope they ll add all the missing features ios/android offer...
  • i hope they bring it to mobile too, and MORE IMPORTANT, make it more fluid, especially on mobile. i want to sare in seconds, without changing 5 screens to do a simple share. one thing im jealous about ios is that it is able to do "secundar tasks" (share and such) without changing 4 screen, calling 3 different os pages and so one. os and apps are nicely integrated.
  • I used a galaxy s6 recently and was amazed by the sharing options. For instance you could share directly with recently used WhatsApp contacts(it even showed the contact's profile pic😳) and it was all blazingly fast and fluid. W10 should copy this. More app specific sharing options! Now its just a mess, having to select share than open an app like whatsapp or facebook(which are already slow as hell) and than select contact
  • I think the "Near Share" is more interesting that the fact that share has a new UX. I wonder if microsoft will push for it to be a hastlefree experience to couple to other devices, both old and new. Little use in having a near share, if half the world uses older hardware and the near share can only be used by an elite.
  • I think near share might just be nfc but you never know
  • On the picture is say "share directly to nearby devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi", so it's sort of like apple's airdrop protocol, or going into Windows explorer and finding another device on the network. Although mobile may include NFC in that as well, most computers don't have NFC (sadly, because that would be cool).
  • And for windows 10 mobile?
    We need it too
  • I would just like to share from Mail!
  • I'm pretty confident that this isn't the final design and it'll get various polish - But moving to a modal dialog would make more sense on PC than the flyout from the side that comes from Windows 8.
  • Where is the close button if you change your mind?
  • Haven't tried it, but usually with most mobile style things you can tap/click anywhere outside of the dialog box and it will disappear. Would still like an x button or cancel though.
  • Click on the background or you can use esc button
  • The benefit of the charms menu is that if you're holding your surface (or other device) as a tablet in both hands by the sides of the device and you tap share, you can manipulate the menu without moving your hands. In the middle you may have to hold with one hand and tap with the other. Not a big deal, since devices are so light these days, but it's nice not having to move. Although I rarely use the share dialogue either way.
  • Yeah, light... 3/4 of a kilo or even more ... light would be a half kilo or less...
  • Having gotten used to using 1 hand to hold my old 5lb MacBook pro, this is a featherweight.
  • ... said eshloraque subjectively. In any case, the devices heavier than that tend to not be operated while held in the hands for that long, for obvious reasons. That's like complaining a laptop is difficult to use when you're balancing it on one hand while trying to move the mouse and left click on the trackpad. It's simply not a scenario it was designed for (though obviously can still work).
  • I suppose it is better than grey mess background that we currently have though a part of it still remains as bottom bar/tab in this new reveal. I don't like the central header/title (which looks very iPhone-y google-y to me) and these underlines/segmentation. Pure black background with Metro/Modern Segoe header/titles with details underneath, some spacing and then apps you can share with. No other colour than pure black as background. Clean. Minimal. Simple. Pure. Though they are going in the right direction so thumbs up for that.
  • Oh it seems I'm talking about the share screen that we currently have on AU. Didn't see it before. But man I like it on my phone compared to this new UI. Sad life.
  • Very, very nice! I was thinking the other day about that Share Charm...
  • YAY! It's coming along nicely... just remember the final product will look something like this, which looks SLICK!
  • Remove get apps in the store part at the bottom and it would be perfect.
  • I have that share UI on my phone. It appeared when I changed display scaling to 125% on my 640XL. I am in release preview.
  • So is the Near Share like AirDrop?
  • Nice, a native UI for WiFi-direct shearing. Wonder how well it'll work with Android devices...