Windows 11 Media Player rolling out to Beta Channel Insiders

Media Player Windows 11
Media Player Windows 11 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The new Media Player app for Windows 11 is now available for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel.
  • The Media Player has a refreshed look that aligns with Windows 11.
  • Microsoft started testing the new Media Player with Insiders in November 2021.

Microsoft's new Media Player application was recently released to Insiders in the Beta Channel. The revamped app has been in testing with Dev Channel Insiders since November 2021, but is now available for a wider range of testers. Microsoft added a brief update to its post about the Media Player for Windows 11 on February 3, 2021. That update explains that the app is now available through the Beta Channel.

The new Media Player has a modern look that lines up with Windows 11. It also supports album art and artist imagery for music and HDR playback for videos. The Media Player can be controlled through a mini player or expanded to full screen mode.

Our guide on how to get started with the Media Player on Windows 11 runs through the basics of the app, including how to manage playlists and edit track and album information.

Media Player Windows

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The Media Player replaces Groove Music on Windows 11. It does not, however, replace Microsoft Movies & TV (known as Films & TV in some regions), which can stream content purchased through the Microsoft Store.

Insiders in the Beta Channel or other supported channels can get the new Media Player app for Windows 11 by checking for updates in the Microsoft Store. The Media Player app will replace Groove Music through an update.

The new Media Player app is the successor to the legacy Windows Media Player app, which can still be download from Microsoft (opens in new tab).

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  • meh i'll stick musicbee with a skin <3
  • Well, that was a disappointing update. It's crap.
  • ...which is why it's still beta and not public 🙄 Productive feedback is what will go towards improving it.
  • @abduz it's a shame but I see less and less people like you who understand the process of things, and more who simply expect everything to be immediate and flawless with no support (be it via money or feedback being part of a beta testing program...) given on their end. At least we aren't all morons. Take care!
  • @gilbe615 It's even more shame because people like you never understand what is the meaning of beta. People are just like to complain without knowing what they complain. No wonder why many people on internet nowadays are so dumb, they have same mindset like you which is very dumb.
    Rant is not a way to give suggestion, it just crying out loud with no solution.
  • is it out of beta? mine just installed with a groove update...and its uh...not working so well