Windows 11 Microsoft Store looks better than ever following its latest update

New Microsoft Store Surface Book 2
New Microsoft Store Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 received an update that improves its user experience.
  • The update includes improvements to the install UX, ratings, reviews, and more.
  • The library section of the Microsoft Store is also improved with the update.

The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 recently received an update to version 22107.1401.6.0. The update improves the store's user experience. Rudy Huyn, principal architect of the Microsoft Store, shared details about the update on Twitter. It includes a "big focus on the install UX, ratings and reviews and media PDPs," according to Huyn. It also has some other tweaks that people have spotted and shared on Twitter.

Huyn clarified in a follow-up tweet that the library section of the Microsoft Store has also been improved with the update.

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Arcadio García spotted a new review dialog in the Microsoft Store and shared a screenshot on Twitter.

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The Microsoft Store can update itself. To get the latest version, search for app updates within the Microsoft Store. You'll have to reopen the app following its update.

In order to receive this update to the Microsoft Store, your PC has to be running a Windows 11 Insider preview build. If you're not a Windows Insider yet, you can follow our guide on how to get Windows 11 Insider preview builds.

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  • Looks closer to the Xbox app which is a good thing imo. Also, nice to see Rudy is still around and doing well.
  • Yes, looks like Ryken studios (myTube) is also part of the store team. Expecting some awesome stuff from them in the coming months!
  • Yep, I'm glad that one of my favorite best UWP developers are involved on development of new Microsoft Store. It shows like that connected animation that was reminiscent of myTube, which is heavy use of nice animations that Microsoft in the past (and sort of still is) still unable to achieved on most of its apps. I remember they had a concept of Microsoft Store from the first Fluent Design reveal. Of course that didn't happen only until now with Windows 11. I want them to also help develop inbox apps for Windows 11 as well. UWP apps of Microsoft are seriously neglected, lacking many features and was never polished.
  • Absolutely. The Store is the perfect showcase for the skills these guys have. Hopefully, they'll gradually set a new standard for polish for the other inbox apps.
  • To bad they too away the ability to know which applications have been updated and their version numbers like you could with Windows 10. Nice to be able to jot down what you had and what it was just updated to so you can have a reference if something is messed up after you updated your application.
  • i have never really use the store on Windows 10, and if I change over to Windows 11 as my main OS, I can't see it being any different.
  • The new store is a great improvement, looking forward to seeing how well software companies support it by releasing their software on it... Microsoft need to keep their royalty charges low to encourage adoption and they need to keep improving the Xbox app to encourage more gamers to shop there... I use Steam and GOG, but will always buy a game on the store if it supports play anywhere... Using gamepass at the moment on Windows 11 and have had not issues playing games and love the way my progress is saved in the cloud between Xbox and PC versions of the same game...
  • Nice to hear from Rudy again.
  • Is the Store's look the reason it is an abandoned app?