Microsoft announces updates for Windows 365, including Windows 11 support

Cloud Pc Render
Cloud Pc Render (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 Cloud PCs are now available on Windows 365.
  • There's also new grace options and support for Azure-AD connected PCs.
  • Cloud PCs can now also change local resource settings on the fly.

Microsoft has today announced that Windows 11 is now generally available as an OS option for Windows 365 subscribers, enabled via a new virtualized TPM chip when setting up the cloud PC with Windows 11 selected.

Additionally, Microsoft has also announced other improvements to Windows 365, including a new configurable grace period that lets IT admins immediately end the grace period without having to wait seven days. You'll also now be able to set up Cloud PCs that are Azure-AD joined.

Here are all the hightlights for Windows 365:

  • Support for Windows 11: A virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for Windows 365 will enable support for Windows 11, along with optimizations for Microsoft Teams and Office. Windows 365 customers will have the choice to purchase Cloud PCs running Windows 10 or Windows 11 as their requirements dictate. In addition, new tools will help users of Windows 365 Business transition to Windows 11. This update is generally available.
  • Configurable grace option: Currently, certain conditions will put a Cloud PC into a seven-day grace period that ends in automatic de-provisioning of the service to prevent inadvertent loss of user access and data. This update allows customers to immediately end the grace period, so IT admins won't have to wait the full seven days to remove user access. This update is in preview.
  • Support for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)-joined Cloud PCs: Customers won't need their own Azure infrastructure or the need to create an on-premises network connection with this update. This update is in preview.
  • Endpoint Analytics resource reports in Microsoft Endpoint Manager: These will include metrics for CPU and RAM performance on Cloud PCs to help IT ensure the best possible experience and aid in support and troubleshooting. This update is in preview.
  • Endpoint Analytics connection reports in Microsoft Endpoint Manager: This report will update IT on Cloud PC sign-in times, and the speed and reliability of network connections from the user location. These reports will provide insights to help resolve slow logins and connection bottlenecks. This update is generally available.
  • User enhancements to Enhancements to allow users to – on demand – change local resource settings (such as printers, microphones and keyboards), choose from new alternative keyboard options, edit settings in-session and more. This update is in preview.
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