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Windows 11 Photos app starts rolling out to Insiders, here's how to get it

New Photos App
New Photos App (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Windows 11 Photos app is rolling out to some Insiders.
  • The app has a refined layout and includes some new options that make it easier to navigate through images.
  • It's possible to manually download the Windows 11 Photos app.

Microsoft's Panos Panay teased the new Windows 11 Photos app last week. At the time, Panay said that the app would ship to Insider soon. That time appears to be now, as some Insiders on Reddit have received the new Photos app.

The Windows 11 Photos app will look familiar to anyone that's used its Windows 10 sibling, but there are some notable changes. The image viewer within the app has a carousel view. The app lets you select multiple images, allowing you to view photos side-by-side. There's also a floating toolbar at the top of the app, which includes shortcuts for editing and saving an image. The app also has rounded corners, making it align with the look of Windows 11.

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New Photos App

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New Photos App

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New Photos App

The app now has icons next to the options that appear in its ellipsis menu. The bottom of that menu states that you can "edit photos like a pro" by getting advanced photo editing extensions from the Microsoft Store.

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The new Photos app appears to be rolling out gradually, so you may not see it at this time. You can, however, download it manually, thanks to Deskmodder. Using that link forces the Photos app to update to its Windows 11 version. Alternatively, you can just wait to try it out. Windows 11 is set to come out in a few weeks on October 5, 2021.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • ****, the video editor is still in there. When are they going to make it a standalone app?
  • Why should the two be separated? The video editor has its own icon to distinguish the two when needed
    in all apps list/ search.
  • It's making the photos app sluggish and bloated
  • Maybe it just needs more fiber.
  • Windows 11, the feature update that most Windows 10 users should have got.....
  • Yeah, and also gives more breathing room to add features on Video Editor making it separate, especially with their recent acquisition. At this point, Photos app basically just need to optimize its performance, while just improving its existing feature-set and better UI polish. Also, better support on things like ICC profiles, better RAW support, tags and better organization features like what Windows Live Photo Gallery was.
  • all cosmetic changes are welcome but i really hope they have worked to make it faster and more responsive. the photos app as of now is painfully slow to load. i must wait for at least 2 minutes for the app to load all the thumbnails and i have a very recent 10th gen i3 PC. even if it was an older system, it shouldn't be a problem because a photo viewing program is supposed to be lightweight. i don't know what's causing all the lag, its for the engineers to figure out.
  • Is Windows for you installed on HDD or SSD ?
  • its full SSD, no HDD
  • does your i3 PC run on 4gigs of ram or something ?, cause mine uses around 400mb for the photos app, and that feels lite nuff for me but i guess it depends on how much memory is left in your system to use for such processes.
  • it has 8 gb RAM, and its slow even if there are no apps open and background tasks are closed.
  • Yeah, I guess maybe decouple that Video Editor and make it a separate app for a start, which will give more opportunities to add features especially with their recent acquisition of Clipchamp. Other than that, more code optimizations are needed. Personally, it's not that slow on my system, but I do feel the few seconds blank space when opening an image from File Explorer and even within the Photos app, as if the connected animation takes a second or two to open and especially going back to the browsing screen. Compared this to myTube which is very heavy in animation but far more responsive, though myTube launch time is slower than Photos app in comparison.
  • Would be nice if Microsoft could get this on their version of Android. Duo needs Onedrive support built into the photos app.
  • "Duo needs Onedrive support built into the photos app."
    That's happening.
  • Oh, that's very interesting had not heard that before. Is that as an integration within Google Photos?
  • Great
    Terrific 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  • That being said, I'd love to have Groove on Duo too. With the absence of Google's built in mp3 player, 3rd party is the only free solution. I also miss the days of setting up playlists on my PC and having it all sync to my phone.
  • Does the new Photo app support network drives? I mean support it so that it works, not just allow you to attempt like the 10 version does.
  • The windows 10 app was so bad that I made my own app, photo viewer classic, on the microsoft store