Windows 11 is getting a refreshed Photos app, and here's the first look

Windows 11 New Photos App
Windows 11 New Photos App (Image credit: Panos Panay / Microsoft)

Windows 11 Photos

Source: Panos Panay / Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Panos Panay / Microsoft)

Ah, the Photos app. My favorite pre-installed staple Windows 10 application that is very barely fit for purpose, with its frequent crash events, sub-par video editor, and lack of meaningful updates. Thankfully, for Windows 11, it's getting a bit of a refresh.

Joining other apps like Windows 11 MS Paint, the new Photos app looks to retain the fundamentals of its predecessor, while adding polish and (hopefully) new features. It looks as though the full photo view will give users the ability to view multiple photos at a time, showing a timeline of recent snaps across the bottom. This borrows typical designs seen on mobile devices, which have frankly run far, far ahead of Windows with their capabilities for basic things like photo and video editing. It's absurd that my phone comes with a better video editor than my PC, but alas, that's Windows in 2021.

Windows chief Panos Panay shared the video above offering a glimpse at the refreshed app, which doesn't look too different from what we already have. There's no word yet on how it will improve on its features and capabilities, if at all, but given how Windows has become arguably the worst of all major platforms for out-of-the-box media editing, we can only hope. But hey, I do really like the spot removal tool, it makes hiding dust from product review photographs really easy.

Windows 11 is set to start its grand roll out on October 5, and we have everything you need to know about Windows 11 right here.

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