Windows 11 relies too much on the web, according to Windows Central readers

Windows 11 Start Hero Surface Book
Windows 11 Start Hero Surface Book (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 features several first-party web apps from Microsoft.
  • Several elements of Windows 11 are also built around the web, such as the Widgets panel.
  • Window Central readers overwhelmingly believe that Windows 11 relies too much on the web.

Windows 11 has a growing library of web apps, such as Clipchamp and the Teams chat experience. Additionally, several components of the OS require the web, such as the widgets panel. According to our readers, Microsoft should switch its priorities to native applications.

Over the weekend, we ran a poll about Microsoft's use of web apps on Windows 11. Just under 77% of polled participants think that Windows 11 relies too much on the web. Commenters pointed to high RAM usage, poor performance, and other issues when complaining about the heavy use of web apps on Microsoft's newest operating system.

"Web apps rely too much on web browser and the performance might not be adequate,"said Subsided animatronic in our comments section. "Basic os level applications should be native for ultra fast performance."

Others, such as Mapplesoft, believe that web apps have a place, but that native apps should be the priority. "Web apps are great as a backup option, but yes, native apps should be the priority. Native apps have better performance, security, customization options (generally), integration with hardware, accessibility options, and so on."

Some argued that web apps aren't flawed but that Microsoft has not utilized the technology correctly. "Web Apps aren't inherently bad, it is actually conceptually great since it allows developers to create apps that write once and run everywhere, and I think this is pretty much most of the app platform area headed to," said aXross.

"But the issue I find is how Microsoft approached and executed it, and not just as an app but an actual part of the shell which seems have bad execution of it."

Overall, readers heavily leaned toward native applications over web apps.

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