Windows 11 updates arrive on unsupported PCs (for now)

Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark
Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • During the buildup to Windows 11's release, Microsoft kept its wording vague regarding whether unsupported PCs would get Windows 11 updates.
  • Microsoft confirmed that users on unsupported devices would not be entitled to updates, though whether they'd receive any wasn't clarified.
  • Now, with Windows 11 having received its first slew of Patch Tuesday security updates, it's now confirmed that unsupported PCs running the operating system can stay up to date (for now).

Hullabaloo surrounding the Windows 11 update situation was ceaseless up until October 12, 2021, with many users wondering if they'd get updates while running Microsoft's newest operating system on unsupported devices. Microsoft's wording didn't help matters, only ever stating that unsupported devices weren't entitled to updates. But that didn't clarify whether users would be getting them regardless of entitlement status.

Now, with unsupported devices having survived Windows 11's first Patch Tuesday, it's confirmed that machines running Windows 11 got the chance to update, even if said devices weren't explicitly on Microsoft's good list. Reports on Reddit verify that unsupported devices were able to get in on the cumulative update goodness. Windows Central can also confirm that October 2021's cumulative updates appear on unsupported PCs.

For some, this development is a non-starter, since it was widely speculated Microsoft was wording things the way it was simply for legal protection purposes and didn't plan to withhold updates from people. However, many others weren't sure. For them, seeing was believing, and all that was being seen was a clear-cut lack of clarity from Microsoft.

The mystery of support can be put to rest for now, but there's no telling how long Microsoft will keep this up. It could cut updates for unsupported devices whenever, so keep an eye on what's what each time Patch Tuesday rolls around.

Robert Carnevale

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