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Come check out our new Windows 8 Tablets Forum

We don't have a Windows 8 tablet just yet but they are coming soon. What we do have is plenty to talk about and where better to discuss all things Windows 8 Tablet than here at WPCentral? Come join us in the Windows Phone Central Forums where we are preparing for full support of all the new Windows 8 tablets. Our Tablets Discussion and Upcoming and Rumored Tablets forums are live and filling up fast.

Some of the more popular threads in our Tablets Discussion area are threads like "Will you get a Windows 8 tablet?" (Take the poll) and "How Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the iPad".

Likewise, in our Upcoming and Rumored Tablets forum the most popular thread is our "Nokia to launch Windows 8 tablet later this year"

We have lots to learn about Windows 8 Tablets and WPCentral will be in on the ground floor breaking all the news and covering it all.

Remember, the forums are more fun when you register, so sign up today.

  • I want to get one when it's out... Way better than iPad...
  • Although the display on the iPad is unbeatable... Have you seen it in person? I almost drooled on it LOL
  • I have seen it, it is very sharp but its pure overkill since ios are just a bunch of stacked icons. The os does not benefit from the screen. Video's are Nice but the rest is just as the iPhone 1.2.3s.4.4s ipad 1.2. The new ipad, to accenturate the screen they should change the os or use osX because that is graphic wise more appealing just my opinion and i phone and an ipad are both exactly the same so its more like an iPhone xl win 8 however wil introducé the first real tablet in my opinion .
  • Remember, forums would be MUCH more fun if you'd make them available on this app! Indeed, why don't you?
  • Jay ( the dev of the app ) says that he wants to add forum in the app in the upcomming updates,
  • Nice! :D
  • It would be nice if comments were tied to forum posts.
  • I will get one
  • I already got one. :)
    click to read more on androids
  • would jump at the chance to have the "full boat" of 8's, phone, tablet, and desktop. how great would that be to have all devices working as a sync'ed system. I guess I can dream about it heh!!!!!!!!!
  • What do you mean we have no tablets yet. My Windows 8 Samsung Slate is my daily driver!
  • I'm running Win8 on my Acer Iconia W500. Love it. Needs a few more tweaks and enhancements but it is going to take over very quickly.
  • I am also running Win8 preview on my Acer Iconia W500 and it is the bomb.  I love it.  I can't wait for some more apps.  Its Metro IE browser is awesome and fluid.  The more I play with it the more I see how much more functional it is than our Ipad which will be relegated to being our outhouse reader after Win8 is released. 
  • The W500 looks a little underpowered. I can't say enough about a i5 processed in the Samsung.
  • You should create a subsidiary called Windows Tablet Central: to call attention to the Windows Tablet.