Windows 8.1

Microsoft has finalised the development stage of the first major update for Windows 8.1. According to a report over on the The Verge, Redmond has recently completed and signed off on a final version of Update 1, releasing the upgrade to manufacturing partners (RTM - release to manufacturing). What this means is Microsoft has begun sharing Windows 8. Update 8.1 with PC vendors ahead of next month's expected release after the company's Build conference.

This first update for Windows 8.1 is set to introduce new features and changes to the operating system, appeasing keyboard and mouse users. The list of changes include showing Windows 8 apps in the desktop taskbar, display a new title bar at the top of Windows 8 apps, as well as more convenient access to shutting down a system from the Start screen. We've previously looked at some of the new features Microsoft is including in the update.

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The software giant is also looking at slashing Windows license fees, not to mention OS tweaks to enable manufacturers to produce hardware with just 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. We're likely to see more affordable Windows hardware to combat the array of competitor products available on the market. We'll have more information as Build draws nearer.

Source: The Verge