Windows 8.1 users must download Update 1 to keep getting future patches

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update 1 in April, but if you have yet to install it you won't be able to get the patches that are scheduled for release today and in the future for the OS.

Microsoft was going to cut off future patches to Windows 8.1 immediately after Update 1 was released, but after receiving feedback from users, the company decided to delay that move and allowed users who had not installed Update 1 to download the patches released in May. However, that grace period is officially over.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson:

Customers who rely on Windows Updates (as opposed to Windows Server Update Service commonly used in corporate environments), and who have chosen to manually select and/or download updates instead of accepting Windows' default update settings to automatically install, and who have then deselected the Windows 8.1 update for download or installation, will not see subsequent updates because they only apply once the Windows 8.1 Update is installed. Manually downloading these subsequent updates will result in failed installation for the same reason.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 offers users a number of improvements, especially for old fashioned mouse and keyboard desktop operators who want to navigate the Modern UI. Microsoft is rumored to have a second large feature update for Windows 8.1 in the works for a launch later this fall but so far the company has not confirmed those reports.

Source: CNET

John Callaham
  • The update 1 patch is worth the update.
  • always if you manage to get it installed without problems.
  • I didn't realise so many people couldn't update. For me it worked first time.
  • it's probably people who install crap in their machines, random drivers, random toolbar and all that stuff. yeah I have 3 computers and they worked fine. no problems, I had more problems getting the accounts to sync the damn information.... or how to avoid the weird folder name it puts if you add a Microsoft account to a PC with an already exisiting account.
    well I had more problems with some Adobe updates than Win8.1, where the only failed update I have had in all my computers was me stopping AMD driver from downloading from windows update, because I had the drivers so I didn't need it ;3.
    so yeah I believe the updating problems from 8.0 to 8.1 are just people installing crap and then thinking some software won't break their windows machines.
  • Not true some users running it on flash drives using the windowstogo method cant update unless they use waik for example
  • I believe there were issues for enterprise edition users - the update basically wasn't available to them, or at least to the end-user, and required an extra level of hoop jumping to get it done.
  • only if it fixed the issue had not for us.
  • I feel like 70% of average windows customers haven't updated
  • Don't be confused between Windows 8.1 and the update 1, it's 2 different things.
  • As menitioned in the article, the only way a person has not updated is if they disabled the automatic updates and chose to manually install their updates. What you are saying is that 70% of average users have disabled automatic Windows Updates (it is turned On by default). The average consumer generalldoesn't change their Windows settings beyond the default so the majority of users were automatically updated to Windows 8.1 Update 1. This only affects those that have disabled Automatic Windows Update themselves and the average user may not even know that you can disable auto updates or where to find the settings. Most users "Choose Recommended Settings" when setting up Windows for the first time and that ensures that Windows stays up to date automatically.
  • This also affects anyone who hasn't installed the intial 8.0-to-8.1 update from the Store. We've got a couple 8.0 laptops where the 8.1 update fails to install, despite the initial compatibility checks passing.
  • Had one fail to go 8.0 -> 8.1 before, but just tried again and it worked. Sometimes repeating something is not insanity and actually does work
  • I don't think that's the case. I'm pretty sure if you go from 8.0 to 8.1, it will update you to the latest version of 8.1. They're updates don't require you to go through each update to get to the next latest one.
  • 8.0.x is supported until 2016. It affects those who have upgraded to 8.1, but havent updated to 8.1.1 / Service Pack 1.
  • Alot of people I have came across just ignore the updates all together.
  • Or the huge number of corporate users who can only receive updates from a central server, as dictated by their network policies. i.e. the PC's ping the domain controller for any updates. All of the W8 machines in my office are stuck on 8.0 as our IT guys are a bunch of dickheads and haven't rolled out the updates. All of the machines are set to automatically update, but they will only do so when the server gives them the updates to install. I forced a manual update on one machine the other day and it had 145 updates to install... SMH
  • Why doesn't Microsoft show as much dedication to windows phone OS as Windows OS?
  • Erm... WP 8.1 was JUST released and its brilliant. 
  • Maybe you should pay a little more attention?
  • Because the OS side is the basis for MS existing where WP is an attempt to get back in the game after getting kicked out of it by iOS and Android. In other words, one is a cash cow and the other isn't.
  • I remember the failed Windows Mobile 6.1. How they didn't fire people sooner is beyond me. Android jumped right into the void Microsoft created by leaving the Windows Mobile team as a bunch of non innovating PDA minded stylus users.
  • WM 6.x was a temporary solution pushed out because Photon, the next iteration of the mobile OS was late thanks to the decisions made by the upper echelon of MS. Whenever I fire up my HD2 running WM 6.5 I am amazed by the functionalities of the OS. And if you ask me I still find the the Honeycomb layout was/is still superior than the endless, vertical list of apps we have in WP.
  • Yeah, those were the good ole days! WM was way better than Android, Apple OS, and WP combined.
  • Uhm, Windows Phone 8.1 has been released for less then 2 months, already got 2 updates AND Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 is coming, according to rumors, next month.
  • I can't update though. It fails on 74% every. Damn. Time. So...great.
  • Same here.  I've tried a dozen times.  I do tech support for a living, so I'd like to think I'm pretty technically savvy. I've perused message boards and support forums and every  workaround and fix I could find.  Yet still, my 8.1 update 1 fails at 99% every single time. The 8.1 update 1 worked just fine on my Surface and my desktop, but I guess this is the end of the line for Windows 8 on my laptop. :-/
  • Same situation. I'm in ts, I've tried every trick in the book but no luck. It was only this weekend that I gave up, actually! I'd been trying to force it through every other day since release! Guess I'll just stick with what I've got now :/
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one who was unable to install Update 1. In 10+ years of Windows updates I never had such problems. I can't understand what's wrong with update 1. I get error code 80070057 midway throught the installation. Update went well on my laptop though.
  • Error codes that have no meaning are a clear sign of poor programming. Microsoft needs to do better.
  • Ditto. I finally jumped through the hoops to do a refresh. That was an adventure and a half and took me all evening (including having to acquire an ISO for 8.1 to even be able to refresh). You will need to bite the bullet and do that sooner or later I'm afraid.
  • I have Windows 8 ISO, not 8.1. How can I obtain Windows 8.1 ISO ?
  • My laptop was an online upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 so I have no installation media.  I went down the refresh road, but hit a wall when I didn't have the required installation disc.  Didn't think to go find an ISO. I think I'll try that tonight.
  • Sigh. I'll get around to it...i'm meant to back up on Friday so I'll do it then, I s'pose. Just seems like an awful lot of trouble for such an important update :/
  • If it doesn't work, master reset the system. Which, in PC terms...wipe and reinstall with a clean PC. Good idea to do every few months anyway (though I also know it is time-consuming).
  • I am still on windows 8 here.......:P
  • Fool ..... (just kidding)
  • Why
  • Seems faster?
  • Why?
  • You are better off with Windows 8 in some ways... I'm having a lot of update issues ever since i updated to 8.1..
  • I still don't know why Microsoft removed messages :(
  • Hey just a question if in future i need to format my os and install base 8.1 will I get update 1 also at that time or should I create a system recovery image now?
  • It should, and I repeat should, update for you as that data will still exist. It'll just take several tries because windows needs to install things in order. I still can't get update 1 to install so don't take my word for it...
  • Why you cant install it??
    You can install it manually too follow these steps
  • Maybe it would help if they would push out 8.1 via Windows Update.. I came across many people who couldn't upgrade to 8.1 via the store.
  • They need to grab all of the updates through Windows update first, then the 8.1 update should come through the store like a breeze.
  • Unfortunately that doesn't help every time.
  • +8.1 Maybe the store-based update was an experiment. But I wish they'd release it via the normal update channel. Works so much better.
  • I love updates :))
  • Who doesn't ❤ them... :P
  • Ikr
  • The official name is "Windows 8.1 Update". No 1 at the end. Just so you know :-)
  • Thanks babe
  • So, what will they call the next one -- Windows 8.1 Another Update?
  • I don't know, maybe they do add an 2 in that case ;-)
  • Windows 8.1 Also An Update Not To Be Confused With The 'Another Update' Update (for the third iteration, I'm sure)
  • But the update will be always there for the download right? Like, if I buy a new laptop, it comes with either Windows 8 or 8.1. The company people won't install the Update 1 and Update 2 things....
  • Yes. When you go to windows update you will get all of the 8.1 updates up until that one. I don't think there others will show until you've installed that one then go back and check for updates again.
  • If you buy a laptop today, ther is a high chance Update 1 is already installed.
  • existing updates for 8.1 won't disappear.... you only won't get further updates because every update will be for 8.1.1 and not 8.1. but of course you will be able to update to "1 update" and then keep updating whatever thing MS releases.
  • Erm, this is almost 3 month old news  
  • If you were to actually read the article, its a reminder that the extension Microsoft gave people through May has ended.
  • And it's relevant now because the grace period expired and thus it bears repeating. Is that difficult to comprehend?
  • This is 1 month old news, it was only announced that they had to update before today a month ago.
  • Windows 8 is about be an unsupported OS.
  • If you say this in 1,5 year, you're still to early.
  • I had a real issue installing that update. No matter what I did it wouldn't install. I finally ended up having to do a refresh on my system and screw everything up. At least it installed though. The refresh was a major adventure trying to get a version that would work. If you upgraded from 8 to 8.1 then the refresh options are broken unless you can source an 8.1 disc/ISO.
  • With all these update failures, Windows 8.1 Update 1 must be the most screwed update in Microsoft's history.
  • Ma win8.1 update one get erupted i have to install win8.1 again. N what about update 1.since its not published anymore ??em a victim ..
  • Why can't microsoft make everyone upgrade like Google chrome does no one should be on windwos 8 with 8.1 update 1 is out there  
  • because that system is not good....
    just look how people complain about the new Cloud stuff, for example Adobe CC... do you think people is happy about photoshop or illustrator or worse, Premiere or After effects updating by themselves without you controlling it too much? of course not! because you can risk something going wrong ni the middle of the project.
    with windwos is the same, what if it updates automatically and it breaks software? your company software? your designing software, call it 3dsmax, Photoshop, lightwave, zbrush or whatever?
    you can't just expect that... yeah with normal updates sometimes they are problems, but when it's a greater update like 8.1.1 over 8.1 and then 8.1 over 8.0, it's more likely to happen more compatibility problems. so while it would be nice if Windows was used only for consumers and you could just update... Microsoft can't risk to ruin other people who don't use Windows only as a consume OS. and Google Chrome is still not the best example for your point, but oh well.
  • When I try to update, I keep getting error code 80070003
  • They are shortening Windows release cycles, it makes sense they do not want to be patching several branches of the same OS version.
  • Do Autodesk products work with Windows 8.1? Last time I checked, they didn't.
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 (Student version) works for me on Windows 8.1.
  • This is weird.
  • In other news, Apple no longer supports hardware that is in some cases just 5 years old. Let's forced to upgrade an OS or be forced to replace a machine...hmmm...which is more consumer friendly?
  • Great! I feel lucky...
  • How do you know if Update 1 is installed besides looking at the update history?
  • I think that's pretty much the way to tell. Since its just an update to 8.1 its not going to list it as Windows 8.1 SP1 (Microsoft no longer uses the term Service Pack).
  • Go to your start screen, if there is a search icon next to your account picture you have 8.1 Update 1
  • @_emi_ Well, out of the dozen or so computers that I manage, the only one that had a problem with Update 1 was my Surface Pro. That is a clean computer with only Office installed. Took me over a day to convince to update.
  • This isn't for Windows Phone correct? I haven't caved and set up a developer account just to have 8.1. I'm holding out until June 24th. I'll still get my 8.1 update that day, correct? Even though I'm still on 8.0..
  • The article is about Windows for desktops. The support for WP 8.1 starts on June 24th, the actual release can be anytime before or after it as there is no official release date. But most likely you'll get it in July/August depending on your carrier.
  • Please keep the live tiles..
  • They getting rid of them? Why would they? Some.suck because of the way devs use them.but you can turn them off. Also they need to upgrade how they can use them. Right now it is hard to use the wide landscape due to their limitations.
  • Guess their giving users running wsus more time to migrate to this build?
  • 13 updates downloading now:)
  • Anyone know what today's updates offer?
  • still haven't updated my surface pro with update 1. Still works fine. I'm still getting security and language pack updates, usually 1-2 per 1-2 days. I think I'll wait what the fall brings before I update to update 1.
  • Tried to get the update: failed 100% of the time :/
  • Move on. I always keep updated with Windows so no need to worry ;)
  • I'm deployed for work away from my computer from February until TBA. Guess I'm just screwed?
  • After installation of the update i now get a blank lockscreen with only the power button and all the apps have black patches. Messed up update.