Windows app developers will see new age rating process in the Windows Store soon

Developers who submit apps to be published in the Windows Store will see some new features and improvements rolling out over the next few weeks. They include a new age rating process for their apps that is being previewed to select developers now and will begin its preview rollout in December.

Microsoft says:

"Today, upon app submission, developers must self-select a Windows Store age rating, and then obtain and add all of the individual market-specific age ratings (e.g. ESRB, PEGI, DJCTQ). With the new simplified age rating system, based on the global rating and age classification system, IARC, you will be prompted to answer questions in Dev Center once, and your answers in turn automatically generate all the age ratings your app needs. This new process can save developers expense and hours of time when submitting an app to the Windows Store."

Windows 10 app badges

Microsoft has also released new badges for Windows apps that can be placed on websites so people can automatically start downloading them from the Windows Store. One has been made for all Windows-based apps and games, while the other is just for apps that are exclusive for the Windows 10 universal app platform. You can check all of the new and upcoming Windows Store additions in the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham