The official Windows Central App for Windows 10 and Mobile is getting a fresh update today after a few weeks off (we were busy playing with our HoloLenses, sorry!).

Today's version adds a significant new feature that we know many of you have been asking for on our UserVoice channel: notification deep linking. That translates to you clicking on a new article notification and being taken the article directly instead of just the app opening. When you tap an article notification, if the app is running it goes to the article, if not, it launches the app then navigates to it.

The new deep linking feature has not been tested widely yet, so fingers crossed it is working well on this first launch.

Here is the rest of what is new:

Windows Central App 1.1.28 (build 28)

  • Article notifications navigate to the article when tapped
  • Improved article navigation speed on mobile
  • Improved login flow
  • Forum navigation should work correctly on mobile
  • Removed Build 2016 sub-section

One of the areas we are looking to improve as it needs it badly is touch-feedback when navigating on Mobile. Right now, things feel a bit off, but that should start to improve with this update as the speed should be quicker this time around.

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Regarding login flow that addresses some log in issues some users were having (including myself due to the elevated account status) and overall there should be fewer problems in this area as well.

Finally, we know people have had issues with forum navigation, so that has been tweaked a bit too. We still have work to do in this area, so we'll be tackling them in due time.

Our latest internal stats show that app crashing is well below 1% in all use cases now, so hopefully the experience is paying off for you on your end.

And don't forget to keep voting for features and fixes on our Windows Central UserVoice page!

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