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Windows Central App Build 31 adds new article layout, updated icons, and fixes

Following yesterday's app update for Windows Central today, we are releasing a hotfix for a new issue introduced and a few other changes that we hope you like.

Build 31 of the Windows Central app has been submitted to the Store and should be live in the next few hours. Here is what to look for when you get it.

Windows Central App Build 31 (1.1.31)

  • New article/comment layout for desktop and mobile – This is a rather big change and frankly was our original design before we publicly released the app. Now, instead of comments being below the article, they are to the right in a pivot for Mobile. To pivot you can tap the 'Comments' text or swipe in that upper area. Unfortunately, due to current limitations on Webview we cannot have a full swipe gesture running the length of the article as you may expect. On the desktop, if full screen or on a large layout you will see the comments automatically. Let us know what you think via UserVoice.
  • Better spacing around some elements - Self-explanatory but we added some padding around various text areas
  • Fixed - The keyboard no longer covers comment box - This was introduced yesterday and is now fixed, sorry about that!
  • Changed out some symbols that were confusing - Due to feedback we changed out the Download App icon to the universal symbol, replaced the Jump to last icon with a down arrow, and brought back the Share icon in the App Bar.
  • Improved performance for initial start and loading articles - Still some smaller improvements in the performance of the app. As we said before, we'll continue working on this including some inevitable backend changes.

Following this update, we still have a few immediate additions to bring including an Up Arrow/Return to Top for comments (makes sense), haptic feedback (vibrate) on article and feed load, and hopefully a nice fade-in animation for an article and feed loading too.

Once we have a lot of that cleaned and tweaked, we'll turn our attention to Forums again as we know that is a pain point for many.

Let us know what you think but more importantly continue to leave feedback and vote on our Windows Central UserVoice page.

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Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Can't wait!
  • Getting there, well done, very well done!! Although there's a spelling mistake in the article... "On the desktop, if full screen or in large..." Should be "in"
  • Now the update is live...downloading
  • Now, all we need is "Build 32" with faster performance. I can now say that I no longer need the old app. RoJo Arlington, TX Waiting for 6.2" Surface Phone Pro
  • Like to see new article badge count added to live tile.
  • Yep. I'm sure they're working on it. RoJo Arlington, TX Waiting for 6.2" Surface Phone Pro
  • You guys rock!!
  • How about moving the "sort comments by" into the bottom app bar like Readit?
  • Excellent. Bring it on.
  • Wish every windows developer had the consistency of you guys!! Lumia 640 XL
  • Awesome
  • 'Beta' can now be removed from the Windows Central app description!
  • Not yet. Swiping to Comments tab not working when in Articles tab.
  • Well it does, but you have to swipe over the command bar
  • Reason is mentioned in article.
  • Yes, it is mentioned, but mentioning it does not solve the issue! The app is making good progress, though. So I dont think it'll tkae that long till this will be "fixed", too
  • And now it starts...
  • no, still crashes every now and then on mobile
  • excellent improvement!
  • You guys are fast. As mentioned, you guys adjusted the spacing. Please adjust the line spacing for title and decrease the font size of the title. There is huge space above the title.
  • I like the large font. Easier on the eyes.
  • The android app is again still better. How ironic...
  • I bet you already intended to post that before reading the article (if you actually did read it) and without downloading it or comparing it. (Since it hasn't hit the store yet) Droid dudes are such droids sometimes. :)
  • He posted it first and I deleted it due to trolling. He's walking a fine line here and clearly baiting people/being inflammatory. He also doesn't know how to use an ellipsis, evidently. Either that or we are meant to believe he has more to say but someone pulled him away from the keyboard (but he still could type ... and hit enter).
  • I should know better than bite. lol Sorry about that.   
  • Well, that wasn't a troll. I was also defending windows phone against my friends and family like you are doing now and Microsoft gave me only desillusion in return. The only difference is that my life doesn't depend on it. Your job is this website and if Windows phone / mobile dies, things will go bad for you financially speaking. I can understand that once you bet on the wrong horse you find yourself in a dilemma of either keeping on it or backing out. And that's what happened with Microsoft. Where are the game changer features that yourself you were talking about on the news before the build of 2015 ?. Even you decided to change your website focus from mobile only to all windows ecosystem related topics. and don't tell me this excuse of the One core thing. And why you didn't say a word about the rumors of Microsoft considering to sell to Foxconn the feature phones division ? Again, I might exagerate but your life depends of this website but it doens't excuse you to be so narrow minded.
  • "Your job is this website and if Windows phone / mobile dies, things will go bad for you financially speaking. "
    Um, no. Do the math. Windows Phone is 1-2% of the mobile market. Do you really think we subside on that business? Give. Me. A break. Windows Phone has already failed, so I have no idea what you are going on about my "life depends of this website". Let's all agree you literally have no idea what goes into this site, the finances, or how we are doing. Cool? Cool. We're Windows Central. We cover Xbox, Windows 10, PCs, laptops, mobile, Band, Surface, and HoloLens. The rest of your comment is nonsense and the Foxconn thing is unsubstantiated from a "source" with no track history or proof. We do not post such things nor do we even cover Microsoft's "dumb phone" line as it is irrelevant to smartphones. Good lord.
    "I was also defending windows phone against my friends and family like you are doing now and Microsoft gave me only desillusion in return. "
    This was a post about our app update. We are not "defending Windows phone" in this article. You are off topic. Look, I get it. You feel "burned" by Microsoft. You do not like Windows phone anymore. That does not give you the right to come into our comments and just vent like a teenage girl because the world didn't go the way you wanted. Go buy a new phone, walk in the sun and be happy, but please leave your sourpuss venting for the forums or another site. Good day.
  • "Um, no. Do the math. Windows Phone is 1-2% of the mobile market. Do you really think we subside on that business?" Running a website with a decent visits is profitable and especially with adds. "We're Windows Central. We cover Xbox, Windows 10, PCs, laptops, mobile, Band, Surface, and HoloLens." I was here before you rename it to windows central, before you started to extend it gradually to other segments and before the founder (if my memory is good) left. when you were still putting on the bottom of your articles : "Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed" Good day sir ;)
  • That was a great quote...I need to bring it back.
  • :)
  • Oooh someone struck a nerve! Why don't you just ban him and delete his comments so it looks like you've won ;)
  • He has a different approach, he prefers to take time to make a good speech and then edit his posts, in order to look like he has the strongest argument and he won. ;)
  • Aw snap! This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • "The rest of your comment is nonsense and the Foxconn thing is unsubstantiated from a "source" with no track history or proof." Well, looks like your own colleague believes the opposite and this no track history source was right  : " Look, I get it. You feel "burned" by Microsoft. You do not like Windows phone anymore. That does not give you the right to come into our comments and just vent like a teenage girl because the world didn't go the way you wanted. The one burned here is you not me as I already bought a Oneplus One and got an S7 edge as a gift while keeping my Lumia 920 and was hoping that MS will do something but it's just getting worse. And it's you who acts like a teenage girl and not even honest with yourself and keep denying the truth and selling dreams to readers (I think you are using an iphone as a daily driver). If everything is ok as you always claim, this conversation won't even happen. And you won't even have to make articles like : Windows phone is not dead. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  • He should be free to do so, let the people speak through downvotes... Censorship is more complicated than you can handle son.
  • Well, I don't either,,,, RoJo Arlington, TX Waiting for 6.2" Surface Phone Pro
  • Yeah! Exactly. Although the Android app is based on Material Design, it looks great and is really stable with little to no crashes.
  • Material...blah,blah, yada, yada yada.
  • Seriously? They finally updated from the bland, Android 2.3 inspired look?
  • Yes, they did.
  • The Android app is definitely very stable. But I love the look of Windows app. Plus the latter has more features.
  • "Dog will hunt..." O____o Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • the new notification sound is weird
  • I like it.
    This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • "the new notification sound is weird"
    Luckily you can change it in your System Settings ;)
  • I like =D Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • I love it though... :) Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Really? How do you go about doing that? Don't see a specific Windows Central section under my "Sound" settings (right-click volume notifiation area icon and select sounds). Or are you referring to the option for turning it off completely as "change"?
  • *sigh* this isn't a rant section even though everyone has turned it into one. To change the sound is Settings>System>Notifications & Actions>Windows Central>Notification Sound. The windows central team has done a great job with incorporating the new features of windows 10 mobile into their app. Hero banner notifications, reply to comments from the action center, UWP, new design language, continuum support, to name a few. They have really created a great example of what you can do with all of the options you get from Microsoft for an app. Instead of complaining give them props with taking the new features and applying them. They have done a great job.
  • The new notification sound is actually the old notification sound. And I love it because it is unmistakably clear which app it's coming from. In case you're unsure where it's from, it's the Mobile Nations 'ding' from the end of their jingle that they use in their videos. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yes but I once received a notification and jumped from bed while sleeping, so I changed it :'(
  • Speaking of notifications, the spelling in the notification button has been fixed! No more "Add Repy"... Daniel, please let whoever fixed this know that we *really* appreciate it. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • :) Daniel kept pestering me about it
  • Great job with the app. Really appreciate the work.
  • I agree with you. Every time I received a Windows Central notification it scared the cr@p out of me (and everyone around) So I changed it :D
  • Will windows central app have support for Hero image in redstone in the future?
  • Given the rapid pacing of developments, probably.
  • This new build crashes the app on startup on the Lumia 925.
  • Hello. I want to update this app when it's available, but the store app update broke the check for updates button. Ugh.
  • For now (1) Wait until the Store auto-checks for an update (every 24 hours) or (2) Go to the Windows Central App store listing later on and if there is an update ready it will say "Update" for the listing and you can do it that way ;)
  • Any plans to bring the new article notification counter back? That really saves lot of time.
  • yes, we need the unread article counts on live tile just like old app does.
  • Thanks Daniel, I was having the same issue. Should of thought of going to the app in the store..duh.. But I guess that is why you are on here and I am just a commenter. BTW love the comments on the side of the article.
  • Comments section finally moving out of app bar! Always wanted that. ~Sent from L830
  • Orgasmic
  • Thanks for all the hard work! Every update makes the app better and better!
  • I cant wait for the HP ELITE X3 to come out. Windows 10 mobile is constantly being updated. This will be the ultimate combination :)
  • i have a question and i apologize if it has been asked and asnwered, i downloaded ti yesterday and i love it. my question will the app be able to have an option to adapt my theme choice (color i selected for my phone)
  • IIRC correctly that feature does not yet exist for developers to enable, but will double check.
  • The update has become live...downloading now on my lumia 640
    The smoothest phone running official windows 10
  • My 535 runs it smooth too :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • Congratulations ;-)
  • Mine too. My first Windows handset and I'm loving it :D
  • Just updated. Awesome effort. Greta app.
  • Cool. Getting better. More than I can say about recent builds of W10M BETA!!
  • It would be nice if u can slide into comments instead of just clicking it
  • That would be added in the next build of the app definitely
  • I note in the article it's a limitation of webview (the article part) by Microsoft and the tools available. We can only do so much with what they give us.
  • Funny enough, you can slide out, but not in.... L950 on Rs
  • You can slide from comments to article but not from article to comments....will be added in next build
  • You can actually slide on the area, and it slides from articles to comments.
  • Double post. Don't mind this one.
  • Was used to have comment box on bottom... And now it got changed :-]
  • How to get the update? This newest POS version of the Store check for updates button is broken!!
  • Just search the Store for Windows Central and click the listing. If there is an update instead of saying "Installed" it will say "Update", so just click away.
  • Thanks but already tried that and it doesn't show the update. And now both keep crashing on me. Got a bad build. Hard resetting tonight!
  • It still has the reformatting problem when changing from landscape to portrait.
  • Awesome, one thing only: I can't swipe from articles to comments(i have to tap "comments", because the swipe doesn't work), while i can from comments to article.
  • It was explained above: due to a limitation you cannot swipe on the article part, swipe near the top.
  • Swipe through the tool bar below (much better) Nokia Lumia 730 on build 10586.318
  • Always the new release is better than the previous. Bravo windows central
  • I like the return of pivots! I noticed that it's hard to pivot on the article once it's loaded though. On the other hand, it's easy to pivot on the comments section back to the article.
  • Limitation of webview (the article part that is pulled) by Microsoft.
  • 'Swiping across that toolbar brings the comments' haven't you guys did it on purpose? Nokia Lumia 730 on build 10586.318
  • Neat tip, but it's not intuitive for new or old WP or W10m users. Too bad about the limitations of web view. I'm guessing web view also prevents interactive pinch to zoom text found in the WP7/8 version.
  • Cool stuff! Keep up the good work.
  • IMO the biggest and the most useful feature that should be implemented is that when you get notification on email that someone has replied to your comment, it should also show the original comment together with the reply.
  • Brilliant and incredibly swift update guys, really appreciate the hard work that goes into this, it's a shining example of a UWP.
  • Excellent update, but it still crashes sometimes when browsing comments.
  • Comment button should be present at the bottom itself
  • I'm not able to comment at all on the mobile version. Before the update I couldn't reply to other comments. Now on pc version the keyboard covers the text box. The plus sign for adding comments also doesn't work. On mobile the option to sign in to windows central is completely gone. Having to reach all the way to the top of the screen to swipe over to comments is not ideal. I'm glad you guys are working om updates, but the app seems more broken than before.
  • Comments doesn't work on mobile. Can't comment on others posts, can't comment at all. Keyboard covers text box on pc. Swiping over to comments only works on the title bar. I'm using Lumia 950XL.
  • I would like to ALWAYS see the whole headline, regardless of any system-wide font size adjustments or headline length, in the main feed pane.  This, even if it takes more than the current max amount of lines allowed.  It would make scanning for the articles so much easier.  In my 950XL at 120% system font size, most article headlines get truncated. I really like the app, thanks for making it possible.  
  • +1
  • I would use the store"check for updates" button, but it does not seem to work, since last night.
  • Very good! Awesome app! You are the best WC-Team! Update: When scroll down on comments it crashes :/. My signature isn't visible.
  • Can't swipe to get to comments. Please fix it. But thanks for other changes.
  • Read the article for that can't swipe to get to comments issue.
  • Much improve loving it again on my L550 but it did crashed when I open it initially. The second time with no problem .
  • The app is getting better and better. My only issue is, that it crashes when I scroll through the comments too fast.
  • Getting to comments got worse
  • App closes itself when I scroll in the comments, anyone else with this issue? Rest of the app work flawless, love notifications with pictures.
  • Yes, I also get a crash when scrolling quickly in comments. App dies and returns to Start screen. No error messages.
    Lumia 930, latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider ( Fast ring - Redstone)
  • Why don't you ever fix the spacing in the article list? There is a space between the title and the date and time plus comment count that is way too large compared to the space below date and time. It looks like the date and time belongs to the image below it. There should be less space above date and time and more space below it to separate it from the next article.
  • Love the app now! Forum just needs more lovin too
  • It's already available but sadly it has problems with the YouTube videos.
  • Going straight to article comments/replies is my must have.
  • And if we could just "turn it on" we would. Not that easy, however.
  • Pretty sure it's easy to navigate to another PivotItem using SelectedIndex.
  • Swipe to comments not wotking for me. I have to "click" on comments. but swipe FROM comments to article working tho..
  • Comments doesn't work on mobile. Can't comment on others posts, can't comment at all. Swiping over to comments only works on the title bar on mobile. I'm using Lumia 950XL. Had to type this comment using pc version because comments don't work on mobile.
  • The pc version works better than the mobile, but the comment plus sign does nothing. I have to reply to a comment to comment.
  • The pc version works better than the mobile, but the comment plus sign does nothing. I have to reply to a comment to comment.
  • The formatting seems fixed now. I couldn't read the entire headline before and now the formatting looks good.
  • Still doesn't work on my 640.
  • Ahhh hell no Daniel, bring back the comments at bottom, I use the phone mostly with one hand and with this new pivot it sux bad, when you find a way to make the swipe work full screen then ok but like this pls no, screens are big and this is just a bad change
  • You can swipe on the app bar to go to comments
  • Ohh I thought was only the top bar, but still the old was better, it was a feeling that comments were integrated with the post, and now in another page Posted from Windows 10 Lumia 640 XL
  • We need pivot
  • Looking good! It's easier to comment when you can see what you have typed! Especially for me and my fat fingers. ;-) . Well done guys and keep it coming.
  • Every update is welcomed... btw what happened to #AskDan vids ?
  • Daniel wrote these are on indefinite hiatus. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Love the menu pivot change. The other UI for comments was just awkward for mobile. There were always odd scrolling problems.
  • Thanks for updating! The app was pretty much unusable before today's fix... :(
  • for pc the older UI was better. the new comment UI made the screen smaller, made it hard to read
  • Latest W10M build has been killing my phone's battery. Fast Ring builds usually lack optimization but this is really bad. Hoping hard reset works some magic. (Lumia Icon) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why can't I see the reply button on this app yet
  • Good revision!
  • Great update! Keep up the good work.
  • Love the new lay out for Tablet/PC with comments on the side of the article, however the same layout is not on continuum mode of Phone though. will it be possible to make that happen?
  • Looks like it isn't "fully" Universal as it failed to adapt the interface.
  • Nice! Definitely enjoying the new layout, Dan!
  • Add jump to last for forums also
  • This really looks nice, thanks for making it.
  • Where do i sign in on the phone app?  Can't find it for some reason.
  • Probably you are logged in but there are some problems. I had to search for a while too. The logout button on the lower left corner is NOT visible (bug) but it functions. Try to logout and then to login again. Worked for me.
  • I still prefer the old win central for wp 8.1 than the new win10mobile. Maybe it just me
  • Hit the hamburger menu. Login is the last option
  • The entire app just feels so much smoother. Great work!
  • Nice to see development continue.
    Two points right from the start (mobile app, W10m, built .318):
    1) I can swipe from the comments section to the article but not vice versa.
    2) The headline within an articleis still much too big (especially when go to landscape, ever tried? E.g. in the article to this new release). The same goes for the quotes within an article, also much too big. Kind regards,
  • Getting better, however thought yesterdays update was great. It could only be improved
  • To be honest this app is now part and parcel off my windows life.
  • Woūd be cool if we could download this app. It's impossible because of bug in a new store, where "check for updates" button does nothing.
  • Just use the link at the bottom of the article, or search for the app in the store.
  • Loving this update!
  • Much better on the comments now, this app is getting much better with updates
  • I'm very sorry, but it's impossible to use this app with one hand, because on my 950xl "comments" tab is very high! Please make "comments" swipable not only in a tiny header, but within all article or return it to "..." section
  • How is WC Android app?..
  • Check out this piece of crap article I just found
  • I can't login so can't comment, the 'sign in' link does nothing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I second this! Where do we login in the new app? Had to use old one to post this. The new app is great in its latest iteration. Dramatic performance boost on my Icon.
  • Thanks guys, the application is way faster than before.
  • My signature just doesn't show up when writing a new comment. Is it just me?
  • It shows up only at reply as I see. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • This is probably the best version yet. especially for non-touch devices. Say what you want, but there were a bunch of scrolling struggles with the original "comments on the bottom" layout. I prefer this one much more.
  • In fact I liked the comments under the article really much. It was great, pretty, and easy to use. It's pity it's changed now. Maybe there could be an option to keep it that way?
  • Of course you bring back the pivots for comments right after I got used to the other layout :P
  • I kinda liked the previous layout with comments below the article.
  • Could there be a future setting to have the comments under the article as they were? I prefer to use the whole screen for the article. Very crowded now. Thanks!
  • Love the new location for comments - feels less claustrophobic, but would love to be able to swipe to switch between article/comments (yes, i upvoted on User Voice).  Also just wanted to say thanks for all of the updates to the app - we do appreciate it!!!
  • That's convenient:)
  • still cannot reply on user created forums...
  • But how do i log in in the new app
  • Great job. App is getting better and better.
  • Ok. Love windows central. But I just had to go back to using the old app since the latest round of updates to the phone app. The main reason is I can't comment at all now. Before the last update I couldn't common comments,but I could comment in general. Now its totally broken. At the end of the comments on an article that says sign in to comment. I was already signed in, and now the sign in option is missing completely. So its back yo the old reliable Windows phone 8 version. This is the first time im using it on my lumia 950xl. It actually runs really well.
  • This is the second time I am commenting on this particular article. My first comment is nowhere to be found- which means either the comments section does not work properly or it was deleted (Dan and team, I have observed, can at times be randomly "Starlinesque" in which comments are allowed to stay and which HAVE TO GO!).. otherwise as I stated in my first comment, it is welcome update particularly given the fact that the scrolling experience between article and comment section in the earlier version was horrible.