Update: Version 1.2.3 is now live in the Store and with it comes a hot-fix for two smaller issues (1) Font size selection not sticking when exiting the app and (2) Our cool download arrows were no longer showing up in the task bar. Both of those should now be fixed along with the improvements from 1.2.2 earlier today. Thanks, everyone, for the quick feedback!

Following yesterday's release, we have a rare Saturday update for the Windows Central App. This one squashes a font scaling bug that affected a subset of you. Version 1.2.2 addresses that as well as brings something a bit new.

One feature users on slower connections have been asking for are article images that load after you tap the article to read. Indeed, some of our device reviews can have a lot of images and previously you had to wait for them load to give the 'final' layout.

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With today's update that all changes. Now, when you tap a story, the app will immediately download and load the text and then insert the pictures.

If you are on Wi-Fi or 4G connection, the articles will load much more quickly, but the experience won't feel much different as the pictures will still load as instant as the text. It will just feel faster. Likewise, on the desktop, the articles will just fade in now, and it gives a much nicer presentation.

For those on slower or spotty connections, however, you will now be able to read the article instantly without worrying about waiting to download all the images to pre-cache.

Windows Central App v1.2.2 & 1.2.3

  • Fixed font size/scaling issue
  • Articles don't wait on images to load
  • Fixed font size selection not sticking
  • Repaired download arrow buttons for articles with app and game links

We still have many smaller refinements to add to the app including saving pictures and more, but today's update should make a substantial improvement to your daily usage.

Please continue to use our Windows Central UserVoice Page to file bugs or feature requests. The update is now live, but you may need to go to the Store listing to see the update until later when it is pushed automatically.

For those still who have app crashes, trying an uninstall and reinstall may help in this case. Otherwise, please file it a UserVoice.

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