Windows Central Photo Contest: Weather

Whether it's a British forest doused in rainfall or a sun-drenched Australian landscape, we want to see your weather-themed snaps for a chance to win a Pickit Premium Subscription and a Lumia Treasure Tag!

The pictures must be taken on a Windows Phone and follow the weather theme. It can be pictures of fluffy clouds, macro shots of rain droplets, or fork lightning! Be as creative as possible and you could find yourself victorious.

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Here are the rules for this week's contest:

  • You must upload your picture to the contest forum thread here.
  • You must use a Windows Phone to take your picture.
  • You have to tell us what device you used to take the image, and any photo editing software or apps you might have used. Touching up your pictures is fine!
  • Please add a paragraph describing your photograph, we want to know how your picture came to be! If you have an Instagram feed or any other photography portfolio profile, feel free to link those for the community as well.
  • You must have used a valid email address to register here at Windows Central so that we can contact the winner.
  • We'll only accept ONE entry per person.

Prize - Pickit Premium Subscription

We've partnered up with Pickit to offer three winners a year's premium subscription to Pickit (worth $109) and a Lumia Treasure Tag! Pickit is a stock photo community which rewards you for your photographs. Active photographers on Pickit's network receive royalties for every photograph that's downloaded and used by designers. If you're a designer, Pickit has an add-on for Powerpoint, Sway and Word which allows you to search for, request and import photographs directly into your documents. To learn more about how Pickit works for photographers, please click here!

You can start uploading your pictures to Pickit right now for free, using their brand new Windows 10 app.

Download Pickit for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Prize - Lumia Treasure Tag

Winners will also receive a Lumia Treasure Tag. The Treasure Tag pairs with Windows Phones using NFC and Bluetooth, and will alert you when you've left whatever its attached to behind. You can also use the tag as a remote shutter for the Lumia Selfie app. Click here for more information on the Lumia Treasure Tag (opens in new tab)

..."Attach a Treasure Tag to your important possessions and it will notify you when you are about to leave them behind. You can also use it to find your phone. Press the button on your Treasure Tag and it will ring your phone if you're within Bluetooth range, even when your phone is on silent."...

Please ensure you only submit ONE entry to the contest, and have a valid email address attached to your account so that we can contact you! The winners will be announced on Friday 29th January both here and via a blog post on

May the best lens win!

Enter the Windows Central Weather Photo Contest

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  • I'll try my best!
  • Good luck dude!
  • I nvr win still I will try my luck.......
  • Do you guys deliver any where in the world???
  • Good question+1
  • No. WC only accept entries from US residents.
  • It's worldwide only omitting some countries
  • Do not worldwide then lol
  • +1
  • I'm pretty sure it's global
  • Global.
  • Could my Lumia 525 beat the giants(930,950/xl,1020 ect.,)
  • Yes, it could. It's the photographer that makes the photo ;)
  • Yeah, it's about the shot and what you do with it. Megapixel count and pureview tech obviously helps with detail, but it doesn't turn just any shot into prize-winners.  
  • Where do i wanna upload the photo ? cmnt box ??
  • You must use a carrier pigeon. Or read the rules
  • Epic response!
  • Given that it is snowing, this could be useful to me for the contest.
  • This would have been great a few days ago. The midwest snow is now gone...
  • How to upload the picture?
  • Time to show the power of my lumia 730 again
  • I want to participate in the photography contest but I tried using pickit its not working. Please assist
  • How to upload picture ?
  • Click on the link to the forums, sign in and upload.
  • I can only comment there isn't an upload option in the app or in browser (using phone)
  • Well here its like all snow and -25 celcius :D nothing interesting to see. Only darkness... xD
  • Where we have to send this pic
  • When de results f dis contest get published ?
  • Who won
  • WOOW :D
    my first contest here and i won :D!!!
    i'm soooo happy :D