Windows Central Podcast 1: Blue screen of life

Best Windows Laptop
Best Windows Laptop

On the first episode of the Windows Central Podcast, hosts Daniel Bader, Daniel Rubino, and Michael Fisher convene for a sort of State of the Microsoft Union.

It's a new day at Microsoft, and that called for a brand new podcast, with a fresh set of hosts, and a more approachable, theme-inspired format. Every week, Daniel, Daniel and Michael, plus some occasional special guests, will chat about the interesting, the curious, and the vexing tales to come out of the Microsoft ecosystem. It's going to be a blast!

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Update: We have re-uploaded the podcast with no outro music, as it was incorrectly inserted at the end and many people found it distracting. If you want to listen to the last few minutes again, please re-download the episode. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for listening!

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