Windows Central Podcast 1: Blue screen of life

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Best Windows Laptop

On the first episode of the Windows Central Podcast, hosts Daniel Bader, Daniel Rubino, and Michael Fisher convene for a sort of State of the Microsoft Union.

It's a new day at Microsoft, and that called for a brand new podcast, with a fresh set of hosts, and a more approachable, theme-inspired format. Every week, Daniel, Daniel and Michael, plus some occasional special guests, will chat about the interesting, the curious, and the vexing tales to come out of the Microsoft ecosystem. It's going to be a blast!

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Update: We have re-uploaded the podcast with no outro music, as it was incorrectly inserted at the end and many people found it distracting. If you want to listen to the last few minutes again, please re-download the episode. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for listening!

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Daniel Bader
  • The app keeps searching the store?
  • I get this also.
  • Still propagating! Give it a bit of time, and thanks for listening!
  • Awesome news!!  Have been waiting for this to resume.
  • It's missing Malatesta! :P
  • YES!!! FINALLY the great Michael Fisher is back!!
  • If it's Michael Fisher from Pocket Now yaay. I like that guy ☺ Lumia 928 on build 10586.338
  • It sure is :)
  • Also can't find the podcast using Grover Pro search, but was able to get it by typing in the the RSS feed.
  • The title of this podcast made me think of You're files are exactly where you left...
  • Can I find this using the built in PODCasts app on W10M?
  • Just use the WC website in Edge.
  • I like the convenience of the autodownload using wifi to listen offline. The podcasts apps works verygood and I have been using for a while. I found WindowsCentral there but it doesnt have the latest information.  
  • I use microsofts inbuilt podcast app too on my windows phone and it badly needs an update! If the podcast doesn't appear in the search on the podcast app then click on the rss link (its in the article), copy the rss link in full and paste it into the search function on the podcast and it should appear, then subscribe. Hope this helps. edit: should've kept reading down before replying as you've had plenty of help. :)
  • Check my comment below, bro ;) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10
    on Lumia 535, sparing money for an Elite x3
  • nice thx
  • Copy and paste the RSS link from this article into the podcast apps' search bar and it'll find it.
  • Enter this in the Podcasts App search box: You need to add the "http://" in front of the RSS link they provide in the article above for it to work.
  • Doesn't work in Podcast Lounge :(
  • Really?  I used to use Podcst Lounge.  I'm surprised it doesn't work there. I can definitely say that it works in the Podcasts app from Microsoft.
  • I can't find it on the app.
  • Lol
  • Thank you guys.. Thanks for doing this. Great to see the podcasts back after the Jay Bennet-Rafael Riviera days! Look forward to exciting discussions! Cheers! via the W. Central App for Android on One plus 2.
  • Can't find the podcast on Pocket Casts and the link prompts me to download the app, which I already have. Any suggestions?
  • Just use the WC website in Edge
  • Edge is a nightmare on my 950XL.
    White screen of death. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • It's not searchable just yet, but it should be soon. Thanks for your patience!
  • Can I find your podcast on stock podcast app on WP8.1?
  • Check my comment below, and you'll be fine ;) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10
    on Lumia 535, sparing money for an Elite x3
  • What a headache trying to subscribe without PocketCasts (which needs an update since grabbing our $5). I'll just have to download and listen on my Android device - oh the irony.
  • Why don't you just use Cast or EZPodder and copy and paste the RSS feed into the search. It's not that hard.
  • Because most people don't have those apps and probably don't want to download another app for one podcast. It should show up everywhere but for some reason it doesn't. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I get it but how is downloading and using another app any less inconvenient than switching to another device just to listen to a podcast?  It's not a big deal, just seems like the same number of extra steps.
  • What would you know?
    Subscribing on my Android device was just two screen taps away.
    Thats why I said I'll simply do it on my other phone. I'm really not having fun trying to navigate Edge on my 950XL. I keep getting white screens and "page isn't there". Not worth the struggle at all. Posted from my Note5/950XL
  • That's why I said it's better to copy the RSS link and plug it in. I do this for every podcast I'm interested in no matter what device I'm using as it's the most accurate. It's all good, everyone's experience is different I guess.
  • The PocketCasts team is a really small team of just 3 people so they have to be careful about where they spend their time. I've been going back and forth with them for a while and they've said that they haven't dropped the WM app, but that they're concerned about MS's lack of interest in the space. Please tweet at them @pocketcasts so they know there's interest.
  • Nah fam, I paid for their app to let them know there is interest.
    I believe there was one update a week and a half after release. Since then - nothing.
    Which is a shame since their Android app is the best in the market. Posted from my Note5/950XL
  • It is a shame but I can't imagine they made much from us, I'm glad they brought the app and haven't killed it as many other have. I want this app to keep going and hopefully there are enough of us for it to make sense to keep supporting it.
  • Yeah, it's not alright to take your customer's money and deliver nothing. Their reasoning for not updating sounds weak since Windows 10 is being unified across the board.
  • I wouldn't say they delivered nothing. There's an app that takes hundreds of hours to code that you can download and use. That's far from nothing. Also, their app is mobile only right now, so the Windows 10 argument is less strong.
  • The argument isn't less strong on mobile as MS has already confirmed support for mobile for the foreseeable future and mobile is constantly being worked on along with desktop.  No one is criticizing the initial release of the app, just the lack of support from the developers since then for a product people paid for when they support it on other platforms.
  • Yeah, sorry about this — still propagating through search. Thanks for your patience!
  • I just copied the link for the RSS feed into PocketCasts and a moment later, it was there to pick and subscribe to.
    I'm on WP8.1 since I don't have the patience to be a "beta tester" and live with the process of "app development". I need my phone to work. Thanks to all the beta testers. You are doing us a great favor.
  • You guys started the closing music way too early. :-)
  • They did that to obscure the unnecessarily high amount of doom and gloom that was being thrown around near the end. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • Yeah, that was done in error, sorry! We've re-uploaded a version of the podcast without the outro music.
  • Question: will the podcast also move unto YouTube as a live video (Android Central style) or will it remain audio only?
  • Sorry, no. Neither iMore nor AC have videos for their podcasts any longer. The challenge in doing video, frustration with Google Hangouts/audio sync, and low return value on YouTube does not benefit us in pursuing that medium any longer.
  • Ok, thanks for clearing that up! (Folks at AC have been wondering about it too since no announcement was ever made and the video podcasts simply stopped)
  • WinBeta has figured it out. Ask Zac........
  • I've heard a lot of good things in the comments section about your podcasts...eager to try the renewed series out! :) Also, a suggestion- maybe you could take questions from readers once in a while like askdanwindows...? Like once in a month perhaps...? No extra effort of creating a separate video for askdanwindows then.. Good luck! :)
  • Definitely open to suggestions like this, thanks!
  • Guys, just type this RSS feed address into the search bar of the podcast app of your choice, be it the default wp app, Grover, PocketCast, or any other, and you can subscribe to the WC podcast:
  • Note: Don't forget the www . part, because if you do, it won't work ;)
    Your welcome :) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10
    on Lumia 535, sparing money for an Elite x3
  • Your link worked in Pocket Casts but not in Grover Pro..... How odd
  • Grover uses the iTunes API, if I'm not wrong. So just searching for it with the name found on the iTunes link should work. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10
    on Lumia 535, sparing money for an Elite x3
  • It'll work in Grover Pro using the following URL:
  • Still didn't work.... I tried twice Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Are you searching, or clicking "+ Feed" from my My Podcasts screen?
  • Strange. I tried now on desktop in the free Grover app, and it works in the form ShannyMan wrote. Just click on the +Feed, and write it there. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Tried it, worked. Thank you for the tip
  • That www helped me get it right. I think copy paste is difficult to do in mobile so typing errors creep in. Thanks anyway! VenkiDknight - Sent from Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim
  • I'm so glad to sew the rebirth of the WC Podcast. It is much needed. And I'm super glad Michael Fisher is joining in. He's a great guy. And now also Zac Bowden is joining us as well. Welcome to both of you!!!
  • Stay tuned!
  • WindowsCentral UWP doesn't have Podcasts?
  • It will. Give us time, it's Day 1.
  • Really enjoyed this!!! Exciting to have intelligent discussion about microsoft related themes that are neither overly negative nor naive in positivity. Other than the poorly timed music at the end (low background music throughout may be a nice touch) , I'd suggest more balanced speaking time between participants and also a pointed suggestion of what will be discussed next week as a preview.
  • Thanks so much!
  • haha, yeah i was looking at the guy next to me on the train thinking he was drowning out my podcast with his own music.
  • We've re-uploaded a version of the podcast without the outro music.
  • How do I listen in the w10 desktop app? been searching for awhile now.
  • Coming soon :)
  • Now just waiting on that Spotify related announcement today... :)
  • yeah, come on already! I've been hitting F5 since hearing that. fully expecting to be dissapointed though.
  • OMG Daniel Rubino and Michael Fisher!
  • I'm using Opera on my Windows 10 desktop to listen the podcast and at 0:58:07 the end music starts to play over the speakers and stops maybe 2 minutes after. Also, the libsyn player embded into the page doesn't show the duration of the podcast which is problematic for a 1 hour long podcast. I recommand you to use Soundcloud to host the media, as for OneCast ;) I'm looking forward for the next episode. Great job ! Thanks
  • yes, music that kicked in way too early at the end of the podcast made it nearly impossible to hear the discussion.
  • Noted and will be fixed for next episode!
  • Not heard of the other two, but looking forward to listening to this. Loving the podcast app and my Bluetooth earphones.
  • You've not heard of Michael Fisher? He is the greatest tech reviewer on the planet. Just look at some of his stuff at Pocketnow. He has opened a new YouTube channel with Mobile Nations called MrMobile, with the first videos coming at some point this summer. Go to
  • Yay! I'm so glad it's finally back! Although, I wish it would be a in a video version as well! (crossing fingers)
  • Daniel Rubino, Daniel Gary, Daniel Bader, DAMN, so many Daniels.
  • Awesome!! Keep them coming 
  • Should've talked more about Linux. :( 'cause Microsoft LOVES Linux  
  • Can't wait til this is available in iTunes! I am SO excited that there's a general Windows Central Podcast now! I've actually been waiting to subscribe to the others until just such a moment so I can have a more balanced listen. I also subscribed to several of the TWiT feeds (in addition to the "Tech News Today" feed that I was already on) so I can be getting my news from at least two sources. So please let me know when the capstone is available, and I'll go get it! :-) Thanks!
  • I decided to download the podcast audio file, fill it with details and upload it to my OneDrive and then play it using Groove.
    That gives me the best of both worlds, which is being able to quickly pause it, and being able to listen to it on any device ^_^
  • Not available in iTunes Canada. Please add!! 
  • I'm a big fan of "Captain Two Phones" Mr. Michael Fisher. Glad to hear from him again.
  • He sounds like Mr. One Phone after this podcast.