Windows Central Podcast: Live in Las Vegas!

The rumors were true, the Windows Central podcast made a triumphant return at CES 2015! Or more technically, the Windows Central Podcast debuted with episode 1, or something, since we've not got together since the site rebrand.

Either way, we were in Las Vegas, we had a bunch of cool cameras and a stage, so broke out the podcast.

Dan and I were joined by Myriam Joire for a pretty full on discussion about CES, Microsoft, the upcoming Windows 10 event and even briefly looking forward to the year ahead. So grab a tasty beverage and check it out in the video below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • And the riots start in ;P
        (If you don't understand why I wrote that the podcast BEFORE saying anything)
  • Seems pretty calm to me
  • Yup. I wonder if people haven't listened to the Podcast or are just starting to change opinion. But hey, as far as I go, I think it's good poeple aren't crucifying Myriam over her opinion. You know perfectly well I've been crucified for the exact same opinions lol   Hopefully Daniel's "concerns" were in vain. At least so far. Good. Let it remain that way.   (Though I'm a bit disappointed...I was looking forward for a full war in the comments over the "Microsoft producing full blown Google Android Lumias" lol)
  • Why should the WP community riot and why the hell are you so bullish for this to happen? What do you think the WP community consists of? mindless monkeys? I mean these were her personal opinions on this matter and everyone in here knows that this is not going to happen, ever. There are like hundreds of logical arguments against her suggestions/ideas. Also, you have been crucified by WP fans because of the fact that you wouldn't stop ranting about elop and how he is a trojan horse planted by Microsoft.
  • Yeah, I'm gonna refrain from comment until later. By the last 15 minutes I was getting quite frustrated.
  • Great thing about opinions. Everyone is entitled to one and you don't have to agree with them. Myriam is extremely knowledgeable in the mobile space. Whether people agree with her or not.
  • I respect her knowledge. I definitely don't agree with the opinions towards the end, and I felt she was almost hijacking the show from you and Daniel. You and Daniel could barely get a word in response at times.
  • It's not the 'Daniel Rubino 'n friends show' so I'm okay with what happened, indeed, I was interested in hearing her perspective, just like anyone else listening in.
  • Daniel has Windows Central all to himself to voice his opinions..He was just grabbin more knowledge..A good speaker is also a good listener..!!
  • The way she was referring to Windows being baked into the pc made me think a bit of Window CE. Not really sure if that would solve the virusses and updates et al. You basically turn your pc into a browser and... Well. There's a reason Windows CE gor replaced by Windows Mobile and Phone and soon Windows 10. Correct me if I'm narrow minded here.
  • Oh I know that Richard. I completely agree. But I was expecting riots over the suggestion of Microsoft produced Google Android Lumias. Hell breaks loose over here every time a report on Microsoft "considering" Android apps on WP let alone them making Android phones. I've been crucified for suggesting the same thing she did regarding WP and saying that Microsoft should ditch phone production and focus on software. Maybe the Romans have changed their minds. After all...what have the Romans ever done for us? ;P  
  • Found the discussion interesting, nothing whatsoever to "riot" about.
  • Riots=Counter-Attacks/Arguments
  • Yeah this is going to be good haha. I'm a supporter of windows but they need to do what makes them the most money and users
  • So no gambling And shit out there? :P
  • What happens in Vegas...
  • ....Stays in Vegas
  • Apart from the Tenacious D show I went to. That's coming home!
  • Thanks for the direct link Richard! Was driving me batty trying to find this on the CES page!
  • Can someone tell me if I can view the podcast on a site other than youtube?
  • Not right now. It was broadcast live through UStream on CES Live and we've uploaded the video to our YouTube channel.
  • Thanks for the podcast. Would really like to see this every month as before. :)
  • When are we getting Denim..?? What are it's new features..??
    Is is gonna work on my NL 510..?? /s\
  • Anyone of u guys know when is Lumia denim comin to Lumia 720 in India ?
  • If we did, we'd write about it. So, no. Asking randomly in comments can't change that, sorry. Unless you have a 830, 930 or 1520, there is nothing to see in Denim.
  • You forgot to put a /s\ there..!! :P:P
  • So, no more jay?
  • Well Jay wasn't with us in Las Vegas for a start...
  • It great to know that I have been using denim before Daniel. I can't fathom why so many people are actually waiting for the update to be release instead of flashing the finland rom into their 930/1520 and get it imediately. I did that in the first week of december :)
  • Flashing ROMs has major radio repercussions, especially for those in the US. Also, some of us do not like learning how to flash ROMs to phones for an update that could come at any moment. Soon as I turned 30, I stopped flashing devices...could not be bothered anymore, sorry! lol
  • It's true about the radio repercussions, in other words if you are in the US you can't really do it. However for everyone else there is no reason not to. Your whole coment about not bothering about flashing rom since you turned 30 is just empty, unless you really don't care much for the improvements they bring. Considering how anxious so many people are about denim, and how relatively painless and safe (it took me 20 min) the process of flashing the rom and reinstalling apps is (as long as you properly back up), it makes no sense to wait for months for the update to be delivered. But hey I respect you opinion but having denim in time for christmas and new year was priceless to me.
  • Your estimation of "safe" and mine are quite different. Also, people always fail to mention you will lose nearly all of your game saves, which is quite important to a lot of people. I completely understand what Daniel is saying... many of us rely on our phones for business and have lots more to do than chase after updates that will arrive shortly with full carrier compatibility anyway.
    That said, I do wish that Widows Central would keep someone on staff either the inclination and an extra phone to do it... they could have been posting in depth videos of all the improvements for weeks now... the community does not seem to have drive a good job of that. Seems like a missed opportunity for Windows Central.
  • By safe I mean that there have been no reports of phones being bricked. It's true that you will lose saved games for some games, but fortunately many games synch scores through facebook or another proprietary server. Again I respect the decision of people that want to wait, I just don't get how so many people that are always asking about denim don't do this. I also fully with what you said about windows central having an phone for situations like this.
  • I'm sorry but a phone update made your Christmas priceless?? That's sad lol just a phone xd
  • Capturing it with lumia camera 5 did
  • Doesn't using Preview for Developers achieve the same end? I updated my Verizon Icon from W7 to Denim. Still waiting for the Lumia Camera 5 App though.
  • Myriam nailed it with her comment about the Surface Pro 3. When I had mine, I loved it. But, my one complaint was that the kickstand didn't really work when trying to use it on your lap. It was definitely an exercise in futility. Having a hinge-style keyboard would be great: here's to hoping Microsoft at least makes that an option with the launch of the Surface Pro 4.
  • Like Intel, I think MS is doing tick-tock releases, meaning every tick release offers something really differential whereas the tock release is more of a refinement. I agree with what you've said above but I can't see a radical change in design until the SP5 (if there is one).
  • I seriously don't know what you mean by "the kickstand didn't really work when trying to use it on your lap". That is where I use it 90% of the time and it works perfectly. My only complaint is that the kickstand can hurt your legs a bit if you are using shorts, otherwise its flaweless.
  • Well, we're two totally different people. I didn't like the feel of using the Surface Pro 3 on my lap, it definitely didn't feel natural TO ME. It always felt like it was going to fall off of my lap. A hinge-based dock would be great. 
  • Are you by any chance very tall and are forced to put the surface very far back close to your knees?
  • The power keyboard with a hinged attachment would be the best solution imo, with the added benefit of longer charge to charge time.
  • Based on this video, and especially the interview with the Head of Imaging Technology, I think Myriam's opinions are interesting and deserve to be heard. The nihilistic/punk attitude is a nice addition to this podcast in particular.
  • Indecently, you can set your system up to install updates and reboot at 2:00am or any other time your not using it. So that alone could get ride of what appeared to be a problem.
  • Doesn't solve the problem. If I haven't use my ultrabook for a bit and I start using it after say a week, for let's say, preparing a powerpoint presentation. Sometimes, I get an updated that tells me to reboot in an hour. Sure, you can postpone some updates but its disruptive at the least to have to reboot your laptop and watch it reboot a nother few times while updating. Not a problem with SSD powered laptops, but agonizing for those that don't have that luxury. I once had a presentation being ruined because the laptop we used rebooted and had to update for half an hour. So to me, thats a pretty valid problem and I have to agree with her on that. Ofcourse you can disable automatic updating, but that's not really a solution in my opinion.
  • And updates on low power tablets are beyond painful.
  • How is automatic updating not a solution? It's a great solution since you can choose to update at whatever time is more convenient for you...
  • What the hell is a podcast? Why the hell it is called a podcast? Don't anwser.
  • For a windows central podcast, there was too much talk about android and apple. Also I don't really get what the big deal was about updates. Everything has updates and you can set windows to not update automatically. Also on my surface pro 2, i've never had an update that really took that long to install (other than something big like the 8.1 update).
  • Uau, Myriam Joire ideas for Microsoft are just horrible... really really glad she is not in charge of anything. Although she is undoubtly very knowlegeable about android she is clueless about the microsoft ecosystem.
  • I'm female, so please use the right pronouns. It's "she" and "her".
  • Dude! Busted!
  • She does not exactly make it easy ;)
  • So busted!
  • If she wants to be identified as female, some visual clues would help ;) Anyway no burning sensation here.
  • Hahahahahaha burn
  • Great photo
  • Thanks. At night, Vegas really is one of the more photogenic places on the planet.
  • What camera took that Vegas night shot?
  • Samsung NX3000
  • Having watched it now I have to say I strongly disagree with a bunch of Myriams view. Totally. Far from reality. However I did like the idea of the surface hard keyboard option. He needs to learn how to select Windows updates to install when he wants them to. And if he went to a real country or lived in the countryside he'd work out how useless a chromebook is in the real world where the internet is not always readily available. Given that laptops like the HP stream are cheaper than a chromebook and massively more usable, the usable world is still Windows.
  • I'm female, so please use the right pronouns. It's "she" and "her".
  • I learn something every day. Oops
  • When's the next podcast?
  • Is there direct mp3 download link?
  • I thought having Myriam on the show was a great!  Its fun to hear some different perspectives on Microsoft and its even more fun to watch Daniel and Richards reaction to those perspectives. 
  • Yup, I agree. One of the more fun shows we have done yet!
  • I think Myriam meant well but didn't let the other panel members talk enough, he probably said 80% or more of the words that were spoken. I appreciate his knowledge and experience and it's clear he thinks his opinions will help Microsoft, but it's pretty clear to most of us that a lot of what he said was pretty far off base. The Surface Keyboard suggestion is a great example of this. Yes, some people have trouble using the Surface on their laps, but the kind of keyboard he was suggesting would completely ruin the design and experience. Myriam, before you copy-paste your standard gender comment, I know you identify as female, and I'm not going to get into a huge debate about it here, but you are genetically male and thus scientifically the proper pronouns for you are he and him.
  • She's a she. Dude!
  • While I will admit that I was, at first, confused about Myriam's gender (sorry, Myriam, but I couldnt tell whether you were a man claiming to be a woman or vice versa) if she identifies as a she, then she's a she. Kapeesh?
  • Shocked by these comments from KevinVanGelder I totally agree with Jas00555.
  • Excuse me, do I have to show you my cunt? Who the fuck are you to decide what pronouns to use to address me? I'm a woman -- it's a well documented fact! And if you want to get pedantic, according to the AP Stylebook, people should "use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly." Wikipedia further states that "We accept the person's latest identification of their gender, as documented in reliable sources, at face value. To do otherwise — to refer to transgender or genderqueer people by names or pronouns which disregard their gender identities, i.e. to misgender them — is deeply offensive and causes harm." In other words, using a person preferred pronouns is (ethically) correct, not to mention, polite... In my case it's also legally required, because my ID states I'm female. Even the government agrees (see link below) -- I know... Crazy! Please educate yourself before you continue making an ass of yourself in public, OK?      
  • Hi Daniel , You have any idea when denim update will be available in the India???
    Is there any new update for Nokia Lumia 925 in the denim update ..
  • All I could take from this is how much Daniel touches his hair. But his hair does look immaculate I might add. Jokes asides, Myriam has some valid points though, Microsoft does do what she said, which is establishing more and more on services. But will that be it for the long haul for Microsoft? Only time will tell. Peace.
  • lol, it is at that odd in-between stage, gets in my eyes...kind of annoying. Not sure how Belfiore pulls it off :P Glad you liked Myriam's presence. She definitely adds great info to the conversation, and it I learned a lot from her!
  • Seriously Myriam? A full fledged Stock Android experience on a Microsoft device that'd be like using blackberry OS on an iphone.
    Speaking of BlackBerry ecosystem they completely destroyed their OS by integrating with Android.
    Merging Microsoft and Google ehh.. will not work absolutely.
  • Where is the podcast? I want to subscribe to it.
  • We always hear " if Microsoft made an android phone they would capture x amount of absurd market share" but why? Your cynicism doesn't go far enough it would fail too or more likely be only slightly more successful than WP which doesn't justify low margin hardware. No one ever says just focus on ecosystem on other platforms which is really the only real alternative they have. By the way the iPhone community would equally get its panties in a wad if you suggested that apple would jump at the chance of having an " MS certified business version of the iPhone or Mac" but their community wouldn't be treated half as harshly for it.
  • Regarding issues with touchpads on Windows laptops.. I have found that it is ususally a driver or setup issue. At my work, only a generic driver is installed for our HP Probooks. this does not allow you to setup all the cool features that you can get with the touchpad. Once the Synaptics drivers are installed, there will be a tab in the mouse properties called device settings.. in there are all the settings for multi Finger Gestures, scrolling and tapping. They were all off by default. I am not saying this is the problem that everyone has, but most people I have helped at work and outside of work have no idea about the missing features The hardware or PC maker needs to turn this on by default, and not expect the users to know what they have to do.
  • Is there or will there be an audio version/feed for the podcast(s)?
  • I missed this why does it not update in the podcast app that came with windows phone?  could someone fix it so wpc works again?
  • Hello - just to echo what others have said, it would be great to listen to Windows Central weekly and I would like to find it through my fav podcast app (Doggcatcher or Pocket Casts etc). Thank you!