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Windows Device Recovery Tool snags mandatory update

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT). According to the update prompt, seen below, this latest update is mandatory, and includes updates to the HoloLens recovery.

WDRT HoloLens Recovery

For those unfamiliar, WDRT is a tool that allows Windows Phone and HoloLens users to easily restore their devices in case of an issue. Once this update is installed, you should expect WDRT to move from version 3.7.18601 to 3.8.19701. Other than the update to the HoloLens recovery, it there doesn't appear to be anything else new. You'll want to install the update anyway, however, due to its mandatory nature.

Download the Windows Device Recovery Tool (opens in new tab)

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  • How about pokemon go recovery??? I kid, loving the updates cant wait for the windows phone anniversary update.
  • There's a Fatwa on that, it may never make a recovery. LoL
  • Wish WDRT in future provides us with option of installing OTA updates via USB. Would be a boon to those who don't have enough space to download the update via phone.
  • Not only that, but it would be nice to have the option of applying firmware updates from WDRT in "upgrade" mode in addition to the current re-image from scratch model. This would allow those waiting patiently for firmware updates even on unlocked phones (e.g. Lumia 950 Dual-SIM) such as the one released weeks ago to obtain the update without completely wiping the phone clean and without waiting for AT&T, T-Mobile, and every other carrier to jump on board. If I can obtain the firmware and use it on this phone with this same carrier with a complete wipe, I should be able to get the same update installed without having to wipe the phone.
  • Totally agree
  • Yea, I hope they give it the ability to flash devices. Flashing seems complicated. I would love if I could use this tool to just source the flash file and do everything there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does Windows recovery support BLU Win HD Lte X150E ?
  • Every time I try to launch WDRT it says "Checking application update failed" the details are "Checking for application auto update failed". The version I have is a couple of months old, 3.4.34 Anyone got any idea what is causing this? My internet connection is fine and I've not messed with the settings...
  • Better you uninstall the old one and Download the new version ..
    ( Download link is provided in the Article )
  • Done! Was trying to avoid doing that but it was relatively quick and easy, thanks.
  • It says the new firmware for the 950XL is available but also an OS update to 10583.XXX - Problem is, I'm an already an insider on 14XXX, so can I opt to only install the firmware or will it always force me to install firmware+current OS revision?
  • If you use WDRT for Firmware update - it'll also take you back for ..
    It's because WDRT tool only provides Public Release Builds..
    I think you can wait for few more weeks ( Aug 2nd ) .. And get the new Public release build* along with Firmware update..
  • Agreed!  Thanks for clearing that up.
  • 950 XL has the new firmware update, but rather wait for OTA
  • It may well have, but the firmware update is not rolling out universally at the moment. Patience...but I don't like the waiting/checking/waiting!
  • This app now offers me the DDTW firware update for 950 and 950XL!!!
  • Maybe they include supprt for HP Elite X3 also, if its not there yet.
  • Still waiting to see Coship support.