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Windows Device Recovery Tool updated with HoloLens support

Microsoft has pushed out a a fresh update to the Windows Device Recovery Tool for PC, bringing along support for HoloLens. If you're concerned with version numbers, the latest update also moves the tool up to version number 3.3.31.

Recovery Tool HoloLens

For the uninitiated, the Windows Device Recovery Tool allows users to roll their Windows Phones and other Windows devices back to previous operating system versions if they run into issues. With the latest update, you can now add HoloLens to the list of supported devices. And it couldn't have come at a better time: Microsoft just began shipping the first batch of HoloLens headsets out to developers.

Thanks to Armughan B. for the tip!

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  • Would be cool if I could plug in another pc or full w 10 tablet to restore with the device recovery tool. Maybe with more complex hardware such as the hololens we are on that path.
  • That's what I've been thinking..although you can stick usb and cds in to computers to fix them. HoloLens and phones don't exactly do that very well especially when bricked. +640/Win10
  • No you can't actually plug in two windows os devices together, I tried my PC and tablet
  • A for effort L950
  • How can I download that windows recovery tool ?
  • I used the recovery tool, downloaded the software and after 2 hours, just before installation it said "Not properly signed"    What did I do wrong?