Windows Device Recovery Tool updated to support HP Elite x3

Microsoft has released yet another new version of its Windows Device Recovery Tool program. The latest update adds support for the recently launched HP Elite x3.

In addition to adding support for the new Windows 10 Mobile "superphone," the new 3.10.24401 version of the tool has "other minor bug fixes." As a reminder, the Windows Device Recovery Tool allows Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users to go back to a previous version of the OS on their phone in case something goes wrong with their device.

Download the Windows Device Recovery Tool (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • I am looking forward to my new phone.
  • Hmmm,
    seems to have an old Firmware Version 5.0235 (mine is 6.0243)
    Has anyone info wha't the difference?
  • Nice.
  • Since Samsung messed up their Note 7 with exploding batteries Hp elite X3 takes centre stage lol
  • Lol. There goes the legacy of Galaxy.
  • Oh how I wish it would pull the latest AT&T 950 Firmware update. Tired of waiting on AT&T!!!
  • Microsoft should consider releasing this too through store,
  • That's awesome!
  • Thank goodness for that. Thought I had a £700 brick on my desk
  • What can be done now that I cannot revert my 830 ? Tried and failed so many times...Even too it the local MSFT dealer... I am trying to go back to 8, in the hope of getting my non-functioning camera back.
  • But still no Redstone update through WDRT?