Windows Insiders can show their love for Windows 10 with some new desktop backgrounds

The launch of the Windows 10 Technical Preview in October is provided as part of Microsoft's new Windows Insider program. Today, the company is offering a "Thank you" to all those testers with three new Windows Insider desktop backgrounds they can install and view while using Windows 10.

All three backgrounds are available to download in their own ZIP file and come in several sizes: 1280×1024, 2560×1920, 2560×1600, 1920×1080, and, for you 4K monitor owners out there, 3840×2160. One of them is a variation of the classic store, "We're Open" sign.

Come In We're Open

Yet another background has an appropriate "Under Construction" theme called "Build and Create":

Under Construction

Finally, there's an emoji-themed background that shows the love for Windows 10 and for the PC.

I Love Windows 10

Which one of these desktop background is your favorite and why?

Source: Blogging Windows

John Callaham
  • I like the under construction picture. The red is too much for a desktop. I think it would start to hurt my eyes after an 8 hour day. And it reminds me of coke,I don't want to be craving that all day
  • I wouldn't hire you if you were staring at your desktop all day ;)
  • The last one it's my favorite!
  • Yeah now that I look at that one, I like it too. I wish they had that on a tshirt instead. If Joe reads the comments, lets get them made for #build2014
  • i've downloaded the second one
  • Hey guys how do you make a picture your default pic on background in photos folder in wp..
    I could do it with wp8 but not now with wp8.1
  • I think you can only shuffle your favorites now as the background
  • Open Photos >> Settings >> Start Tile Shows >> Single Photo >> Choose Photo
  • Thanks zapella tiago and tpitts15 for your help
    ..i guess now only pics can be seen shuffling over the live tile..they have removed the option of creating a background image in the photos folder album, as in background picture which was there in wp8
  • Ah. A departure from the usual aesthetically challenged stock backgrounds. More of this.
  • Hotbot I'm here!
  • What a phatetic backgrounds. 10 is nothing but upgraded 7. So why so much enthusiasm... 
  • That's what a new OS release is. It is an improved version of what came prior. 10 takes the best of 7 and 8 and adds to it.
  • Well that's the point. It's an upgrade.
  • All you said is true. That's why I don't understand what so much fuzz about it. MS advertise 10 release like it's something completly new. They even change the number of OS to 10. First of all what's wrong with number 9 and second it's just slightly changed gui, nothing new actualy. Like I said just upgraded 7. They do this since Vista. So lame. I exceptet so much more. Something realy new under the hood and realy new gui. But what a hell I am not an expert so...
  • What has been seen so far in Windows 10 is a fraction of what's to come
  • I hope so cause I realy like MS and I don't want to change OS or company. But so far they disapoint me a litle...
  • Haha, changing OS over that would be the dumbest move ever. I've tried changing OS's to a Linux distro in the past, never gonna attempt that again. Windows is too big, when you're sucked in, you can't leave, especially after becoming a Microsoft fan boy. Muahahaha
  • Hehe so true :)
  • You go change, you be happy since nothing please you. see how you do.
  • I was using Linux for 7 years before I switched to Windows and I used MS dos 6.22 and Win 3.11 EE, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win Me, Win xp, Win Vista, Win 7 and Win8 back in the days, so please don't tell me what to change or use. But adimt, MS somethimes comit epic fails in their products...
  • It is new under the hood. Everybody forgets that the new windows will be cross platform it will work on your phone on your pc tablet and all same code and that seems like new approach dont you think. We dont need eye candy too much. I will be able to work on my pc and insted of reaching out for phone to say check the app or enter some data I can do that now on pc and everything is sinhronised and vice versa. Well that is what I am hoping and hoping for more speed improvements. Pozz
  • second one! the most both 1st and 3rd are nice but not as good as 2nd
  • Under construction ftw :)
  • #EyeLoveWin10PC
  • Where's the "I HATE WINDOWS 10 WITH A PASSION" backgroud?  I'm ready to set fire to my Windows 10 machine because I hate the direction Windows is now going.
  • windows 10 is constantly evolving..
    don't put a period on your words..
  • You'll probably get Mac then? Ok! We won't miss you :)
  • Some cool color for "We're Open" from me: , if you don't like red.
  • So I guess win10 is liked? Ive been using it. Its an improvement indeed. Some UI annoyances. We'll always be beta testers though.
  • I could not decide between the 2nd or 3rd so created a background slideshow with both.
  • Ok, so who made these, Satya's 7 year old daughter? (if she did; awwww that's cool! But if not; WTH?)
  • What no hotdog stand?
  • number 3
  • They are not HD. I see pixelation around the objects.
  • I'm partial to the "under construction" one, though I turned it black and white for my personal lockscreen.
  • In the third picture "One Eye" !!!
  • Microsoft = Illuminati.
  • Last one