We've known about the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile for quite some time now and that it'll only be for WM6.5 users (boo). But up till today when you launched the store app in your janked WM6.5 ROM, nothing happened or you got a "coming soon."

Well at least according to MrHawaii at ppcgeeks, he was finally able to access the store today and even downloaded Pandora.  He says:

Today I clicked on it and it said CAB needed to be installed. After install, voila! Marketplace open for business. I already downloaded Pandora successfully. There are not too many fun apps yet and most of them come with a charge. But the layout of the store was very finger friendly and very snappy.

We assume that this may be Microsoft just testing the wheels a bit and unless you have a WM6.5 ROM that didn't have the store removed, you're out of luck. Still, nice to see this starting up. 

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