We told you what we think are the best Windows Phones, but now we want your opinion.​ We’ve had some major official apps land like Instagram, Domino’s Pizza, Songza and more. We’ve also had some groundbreaking hardware like the Lumia 1020 or the massive Lumia 1520, even though it was the mild-mannered Lumia 520 that built Windows Phone market share. 

So which do you think was the most important? Take our survey and tell us what the best app for photography was or which productivity app was your top choice. After two weeks, we’ll post the top nominations from you for each category, which will then be voted on by you. Finally, at the end of December we’ll post the results of what you think were the best apps and devices of the year.

Sound good? Then take our survey by following this link: smartphoneexperts.polldaddy.com/s/wpc-best-of-2013-nominations