Windows Phone 7 Series - MS Demo Video

Got three minutes to spare to see what Microsoft wants you to know about Windows Phone Series 7? Got Silverlight installed? Of course the answer is yes and yes. Check it out or hit up Microsoft's press area for another video detailing the design inspirations (opens in new tab)

Oh yeah - hands on with a previously unannounced "Oops, we didn't mean to show that" coming soon!

  • Oooooh... Flashy... Seems cluttered to me.
  • I think it looks great. I am counting the days until the holiday season gets here. I have a Zune HD and I think the interface is great and very easy to use. I think they have made the start easy to use and still give you the information you want. Unlike static icons that always tell you it is 75 degrees outside. You can add what ever you want to the screen and put them in the order you want (A video from engadget shows the live icon on the top). I think the xbox intigration is long overdo, and will be sweet. Imagine playing a game a chess with someone and not having to worry if they are avaliable you can play turn by turn. How cool would it be to play some of the mini-games in Fable II on your phone to build up your gold in game while you are taking the train to work.
  • big failure this thing has nothing to offert me that others do
    no multitasking i think windows moile its a big let down
  • Does anyone know what song that is in the video or how I can get it from the video? Not sure if Windows Phone 7 is for me, but that video almost sold me on it.
  • Hey guys, I was able to get the song as an MP3. Let me know if anyone is as interested as I was.
  • hhmmm... i didnt see any task manager, communication manager, or registry this made by microsoft or apple?
  • From the touch screens to the zoom in/out...I still feel that Microsoft is playing catch up to Apple. I'm still waiting for them to take the leap and try something different different and go from following to leading...