Windows Phone 7 Stencil Kit

UIstencils has released a Windows Phone 7 stencil kit coupled with a sketch pad, and it looks damn impressive. The stencil itself works precisely with the pad thanks to the involvement of the Windows Phone internal design team.

The sheer brilliance of this product will allow not only developers/designers to create hundreds of concepts with minimal effort, but it may appeal to any end-user who may wish to redecorate their house without the approval of their parent(s)/wife. What's included in the stencil kit?

  • Stainless steel stencil
  • Zebra mechanical pencil
  • Plastic protector wallet
  • 2 UI stencil stickers

You can grab the Windows Phone 7 kit for $24.95 and the pads are available at $12.95 each. Check out more photos after the break

Source: UI Stencils, via: ILoveWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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