Windows Phone 7.5 Preview Event: No new hardware?

We've been waiting in anticipation to hear what news will surface at Microsoft's Windows Phone Preview event. We know that the next update, code named Mango, will take center stage but there was some loose speculation that we might see some new phones as well.

It won't be long before we know for sure but it appears that this will be an all Mango event with no new phones taking the stage.  It would have been nice to have seen a few Nokia Windows Phones but with Mango having a reported 500 new features, we're sure Microsoft will have plenty to discuss and demo.

via: thisismynext

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  • I want to cry.
  • Heart am broken, MS! You hear me! HEART AM BROKEN!!!
  • Makes sense though: they'd be under-cutting current crop of Windows Phones by showing next-gen stuff, which is still 6 months away.And considering all WP7 phones get WP7.5, people holding off may be a bit unnecessary.
  • Could care less about the upcoming gyroscope. As long as everything else works. And better Bluetooth would be nice.What few Nokia piece I have (headphones, hands free and such) don't even work with my Surround. Sees the device and syncs...but the devices don't work regardless.....*sigh*
  • Oh yeah....and MS....can you get your own phones to work with your own Ford Sync....??Sheez !!
  • This is true....I was disappointed to learn that my Zune HD was not compatible with my parents 'Brand NEW' Lincoln MKX, with all the Ford Synch goodies instlled. Not to mention a nice 'Microsoft' name plate near the gear shifter. But does not reconize Zune HD.......WHY !!!!!!
  • Since I still don't have my Trophy, I would actually be quite relieved if they didn't announced new hardware tomorrow.
  • Will I be able to stream it on my WP?