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Windows Phone Blog on Mango preview event tomorrow

Although we'll be in New York City tomorrow doing a live blog of the whole Windows Phone 7.5 sneak peek, Microsoft just put up some info about it as well for those of you who can't be there in person (which we imagine is like, all of you).

We're not sure if they're streaming the event, though it sounds like they are. If so, you'll want to go here to their Windows Phone newsroom: (opens in new tab)

Of course, we'd recommend that you have one tab for them and one for us, since we'll be giving our thoughts on the news as it happens. Plus we'll be there afterwards for any device hands on (rumors of prototypes being there) and after-the-event fun.

Needless to say, it should be cool to see those "500 new features" (some of which are listed here). Be here at 9:45am EST.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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  • waiting for this more so than the samsung focus security update )although that would be nice also) Huzzah for Mango!!