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This past year we’ve seen some pretty serious growth when it comes to startups developing apps for Windows Phone. Still, market share is a little north of 4% globally depending on which market analysis you go off of. There’s still plenty of work left to be done in order to attract startups that are typically short on both cash and man power. Sometimes they just need a little convincing that there’s enough interest in their upcoming service on Windows Phone.

Windows Phone community let’s meet Coin.

Coin is an upcoming device that will make your wallet a lot lighter, but in a good way. Coin is positioned to consolidate your credit cards, debit cards, reward cards, gift cards, and membership cards into one device. 

Coin is launching with mobile apps for iOS and Android, but could be swayed to potentially support Windows Phone with a little push from the community. The app is integral to the Coin experience, it’s how you add, manage, and sync what cards you put on your Coin. The Coin itself can hold up to 8 cards at once in its memory, but the app on the phones can hold an unlimited number of cards. Again, the app is integral to managing the Coin when you’re out and about.

A Coin will retail for $100 when it launches in summer 2014, but there’s a limited supply of devices that are being offered at a $50 price point for those early adopters who pre-order.

Right now, Coin is looking at solid support for transactions in the United States. It’ll work in the United States and should work in most cases outside the U.S. for customers with Coin. It might not work for those overseas just yet though since it doesn’t support the EMV standard that some countries require.

Head to the FAQ section on the Coin website and you’ll see them list Android and iOS as which platforms you’ll be able to use Coin at launch. What about Windows Phone? Here’s what the FAQ says:

“We’ll keep track of demand for Windows Phone support and consider this for the future.”

Let’s help them keep track. Below you’ll find the regular place to leave comments, but don’t forget to take the poll down below. And if Coin is needing some super star Windows Phone developers, we know a few that would surely love to rise to the occasion and help this start up get going.

The app shines with Bluetooth 4.0, which is something all Nokia’s will be getting with the Lumia Black update. There’s plenty of time between now and next summer for the team at Coin to get an app ready. We just need to let them know there’s demand for an app on our platform.

Would you use Coin if there was a Windows Phone app?

You can learn more and pre-order at the Coin website. 

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