We managed to finally get our hands on the finalized (or very near finalized) software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8--the one where only select developers were given access too. The SDK had surfaced on the internet a few days ago via WinUnleaked and has been floating around ever since.

After spending a few hours configuring our PC for the SDK (you need Windows 8 Pro RTM 64-bit, seriously), we fired up Windows Phone 8 OS...


Windows Phone 8 build 9900

The video above is just a quick tour of the things we noticed immediately though we dare say it does not cover everything. The other item to note is no, there are not any big "reveals" here. That can be because of a few reasons (1) there just isn't anymore or (2) Microsoft even has areas of the SDK locked down, meaning devs can't see all of the OS just yet.

Though that latter idea has no immediate evidence to back it up, we're actually leaning on that theory. Either way, grab some coffee and enjoy the 10-minute walkthrough. The video has some quiet audio, so make sure your speakers are turned up.

Edit: And yes, we'll do a follow up video soon with things we missed or items you requested that we look at. Stay tuned...

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