Trove of Windows Phone 8 SDK images arrive exposing app backup, storage options and more

Images from the Windows Phone 8 SDK show off updated Office, SMS backup

It’s still technically the same day as the leak of the Windows Phone 8 SDK and now some images are showing up online showcasing some new features of the updated OS (we’re visiting Canada and don’t have access to our Win 8 machine to run the SDK ourselves). The images come via WP7.Hu who has thrown no less than 30 images up on their site.

Images are stronger than words so we’ll keep this one brief. These images show of various new or updates features in Windows Phone 8 which consumers will be more than glad to gander. Here’s what is displayed after the break (and above):

  • Text message backup to SkyDrive
  • Office 2013 for Windows Phone
  • Photo options
  • New Accent colors
  • Lock screen options
  • Phone storage (+ SD card support)
  • App list + setting backup feature
  • Microsoft Account
  • Voice Command options
  • Xbox Music

Needless to say, it’s a lot so head past the break to see it all in its glory. Make sure to "click to enlarge" to get a better look. Thanks, xajuan, for the tip

Windows Phone 8 Accents and Lock Screen options

Phone options, SD storage, app backup and languages

Microsoft Account, Voice Command options

Microsoft Wallet, Microsoft Music

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  • Nice stuff. I'm guessing they'll change the Office logo to the new metro one.
  • Wow! Sweet!
  • Most of it are software update, not hardware related, i'm still hopefull wp7.8 can get some nice touch of those features too.
  • Same, especially more accent colours, office and Xbox music
  • And lockscreen notifications :)
  • I agree with you 100%. I think Nokia will be the little (albeit shouting) voice in Microsoft's ear reminding them that emerging markets, where low-cost phones = big market share, will want these extra features.
    One thing that seems more and more likely is that Nokia knew from the start what was going on- I give you the Lumia 610. Why would Nokia launch it's lowest cost (to date) Windows Phone that cannot even run all apps or support live tiles, yet support NFC? We already know that Nokia has repeatedly said how badly they want to have the option of low-cost phones to pick up all the emerging markets and other places where Nokia had a foothold with feature phones.The only thing I can think of is that they knew Windows 8 was NOT going to reach new phones, but that 7.8 would get all the non-hardware depedent features. I would not be surprised if Nokia, the one OEM with rights to modify the UI, also gets the rights to add NFC support into 7.8.
    It actually makes me think that 7.8 won't be totally ignored off shortly after WP8. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember hearing Nokia saying that they wanted to continue using WP7, even after WP8, because of the lesser hardware requirements. Look at Android- granted it would be a bit of fragmentation going on, I also remember hearing that most WP8 can be written to run on WP7 so long as it is done properly. 
    *Please realize I'm not claiming that my memory is perfect. I know I am so hopeful that WP8 is a hugely successful platform and part of that will only come true if WP7 & 8 continue to grow every where, including the emerging and low-end markets. As an American, I know how many people are stuck on having the "best" and not necessarily what makes the most economic sense. Case in point- how many people NEVER leave their home suburban area and have perfect regional coverage, yet pay twice the mobile service bill because they sign a two year contract?
  • Common misconception: Nokia nor any other oem are or ever were allowed or even have access to modifying the UI or any other core windows phone code. All oems have certain registry feature access for their third party apps, but they are very minor things. Source = former Windows Phone App Platt Intern.
  • My guess is 99 percent of what is going on with Windows Phone is the result of 1000 percent of the things we railed about this phone did not have. It, along with developers, COULD NOT do the things we wanted using the existing SDK. To comply, Microsoft made the command decision to shift gears NOW in order to do the things WE asked for. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Or, simply, these features were what Microsoft had planned all along!
    While it's possible that feedback from developers and consumers were noted, said feedback was just that - feedback.  To think that dev and consumer feedback was the sole, or majority, result of what is featured in WP8 is hubris.
  • It is absolutely from feedback and bad reviews and lackluster sales. All of this should have been available from the beginning.
  • The second picture next to the accent colors says "choose background" from "photos" or "Bing". That is different from lock screen. Does that mean we can now change or add a background picture behind the home screen tiles?
  • it is more than likely for the lockscreen. to automatically change or possibly choosing to have a personal wallpaper for bing.... it can go both ways but im thinking for sure the lockscreen.
  • Yeah from playing around im pretty sure it's lock screen
  • no problem, just doing my part.
  • Are you the poster of the pics? If so, do you know if you can pick and delete multiple pics in the picture hub now?
  • Yes you can, there is an article on wmpoweruser that comfirms that.
  • I am the source, but i cant take credit I just keep my eye out for things and this was found in the sdk leak. sorry im so late replying.
  • WP8 is around the corner but can't come soon enough. MS had given us the test drive & now they're firing on all cylinders.
  • drools while starting to look at AT&T plans.........dont expect Sprint to job on the wp8 bandwagon so have to look for an alternate
  • Yes, cant be more excited for this OS to coming out.
  • Q: Being that WP8 is bases on the RT kernel, does this mean that we can finally use microSD cards with bigger capacities on our phones? If so that would be fucking awesome I would love to have a phone that I can pop in a 128GB card.
  • Yes. Memory cards are indeed supported. :-)
  • Yeah, if they can support larger memory cards, that would be even better. 
    AFAIK, so far only Symbian supports largest memory cards. (64GB reported so far working on 808 PureView and phone), but no one knows the max. limit) 
    Not sure about Android. 
  • Good point but everything is moving to the Cloud. Storage will not be an issue any longer even tablets are going to max less than 128gigs. LTE speeds and the total integration of ecosystems means less storage is going to be required on the WP depending on the apps installed
  • That's all well and good in country's that have good phone networks..
  • Not to mention good data plans.. I personally want to have the best of both worlds, the option to use cloud for what I want but a big memory card also..
  • That is true, but with Microsoft's restricted content policy on Sky Drive, having alternate storage is golden!
  • Storage will always be the number 1 priority. Would you happily dispose of all your PC harddrives for much slower and unreliable mobile network storage?
    I listen to a lot of music when I'm on the road, or travelling, and I take photos and video all the time. It would be a complete pain to have to constantly wait to download or upload everything to cloud storage. Having it onboard means I don't even have to think about it.
  • Also with the cloud you usually have to download your things locally to enjoy them anyway (like videos) so storage is still good.
  • I like the new stuff with search.(swipe from the right on the search page). And I couldn't, consistently at least, see if they still only had the 5 apps in the fast app switching screen.
  • Wow. MS is listening to us!
  • Xbox Music Pass.
    App backup and settings, wonder if that is games saves and start screen layout.
  • most likely similar of what Windows 8 does with the settings on your account
  • Yes, still wondering about if we will get SkyDrive backup for game saves like on 360.  That would be awesome.  I've had all my progress reset on my phone games so many times (switching phones, resetting to switch live id, add sd card, etc.) that I had to stop playing my games because I kept starting over from the beginning.
  • I'm in the same boat. I stopped buying games unless the devs had cooked in SkyDrive backup support. 
  • God I really hope that new OneNote supports display of inked notes, otherwise its still useless to me. Also, the built-in music app doesn't have voice command support? It needs to have that by the time this stuff is final.
  • Inked notes would be awesome, but being able to file notes in a real folder structure directly on the phone would be even better. So sick of all my notes being stuck in Personal (Web) with no ability to move them where I want from the device.
  • You can move them wherever, just need to create the container first, before the note.
  • Agreed about OneNote.
  • Any sign of global search for all items within the phone?  (aka "Spotlight Search" in iOS speak)
    If this feature doesnt show up, or at very least in the music section, it will be very disappointing...
  • If the music hub is anything like the one in Windows 8, then it will have (it searches everywhere including the marketplace). And since they're both Xbox music, it looks like it will.
  • Agreed, global search is a must. I hope the repurpose the Search capacitive button for tha instead of Bing.
  • Did you have a phone pre-mango?  WinPhone 7.0, the capacitive search would search the marketplace did get annoying.  I think the way the current search is set up is nicer than it was before, even though I am a little cloudy as to how it was set up, haha.
  • No it won't, its overrated anyway
  • I thought there was a rumor a long time ago confirming global search in WP8?
  • Wow, I'm impressed with all this stuff, I'm sure we'll have more news and screenshots of more features again. I can see "SIM APPLICATION" in the second screenshot, it's new for all of us but do you think it reffers to SIM TOOL KIT and is USSD service finally going to work on the new platform?
  • This is too much information than I can process at once.
    SIM applications looks like STK to me. Any thoughts?
  • I'm thinking the same.
  • Disappointed about the accent colors, again.
  • I do like the more softer color choices but I was expecting at least 32 choices, there is still hope though.
    I see the pro/cons of a color picker, as a compromise the could give us 32+ accented colors that have been approved by the head UI person...maybe 48 choices! softer colors, saturated colors and etc
  • I can't even theorize why some of these features can't be brought over to 7.8 if they aren't brought over. The only things I see that I think should be brought over are things like accent colors (this is probably going to be anyways), password protected purchases (I don't care about the other wallet features, I would just like to pin lock or password protect purchases from little kids or cousins messing with my phone to kill time), backup texts to skydrive (WinMo 6.x had MyPhone which could do this via exchange, no clue why they can't aside from APIs I guess...). Looking great so far though for those able to get a WP8 for a reasonable price. Oh, hope OneNote also supports inked notes, its the icing on the cake for Microsoft, ink support on Windows that is, they seem pretty blind to the gold in front of them.
  • I don't know but it could have to do with the WP7 kernel being vastly different than the W8RT kernel and assoicated libraries/sys calls. if the difference is significant enough (especially at the kernel level) it would be crazy hard (ie expensive) to update the WP7 OS to be able to use these new features. again I don't know just a thought.
  • No F that....everything in the OS is native C++ code.  You can compile that against any kernel.  Don't give me that crap.  If Microsoft doesn't bring a large portion of these features to 7.8 then it will be obvious they want 7.8 to die a quick, albiet painful death.
  • Big question now is will any of this be in wp7.8
  • my 8 ball says no, Microsoft is planning a big screwjob for 7.8 devices.
  • Take my money already!! :D
  • The grey background for Microsoft Music looks ugly. I prefer the original black.
  • +1
  • Agreed, also the black backgrounds save battery for users with AMOLED displays
  • Quit bítching, it changes with the artist, u'll only see it once.
  • No it doesn't as Sweden doesn't have Zune music. So we will see that grey shit forever.
  • Or maybe xbox music will be more global than Zune. It's a part of Win8 as well, and that's a much larger market than WP.
  • +100
  • It matches xbox and win8 so doubt it will be changing much if at all.  I like it. :)
  • Great to hear!
  • Things I want to know about:
    * will it have a system dictionary
    * media scrubbing
  • Wow, I hope that all these features work as awesome as they look!
  • my chest is going to explode from all this excitement, I think I need to sit down. I will be bankrupt in October when the Surface and WP8 phones are on sale. totally worth it though.
  • my OneNote mobile on Lumia800 fails to sync. tried it on iPhone and worked like a charm.  I really love this stuff but I'm getting insecure here anybody have a solution? I've searched everywhere with no success. And yes still looking forward to this Fall!
  • Open the notebook in OneNote Web App on your SkyDrive and delete the conflicting page.
  • Hi Tomasz, thanks for the prompt reply. I deleted every page in there to see if it works (on skydrive webapp). It's still the same.
    When I enter the Note hub there's a Personal (web) folder by default, which i assume is normal. When i tap in the folder there's a section that says "Unfiled Notes". I can't delete this. only Sync or view Sync Status. It only shows in the Lumia800 (not in the iPhone). 
    If it works with the iPhone the pages should be just fine correct?  Thanks again though. Update: Did a Office reset and it seems to work. Ok enough from me.
  • everything is looking awesome!
    i really like the new lockscreen options :D notifications!!
  • holy cow... I had no internet for the last 24h. It looks like I missed a crap load of news.
    All this stuff sounds amazing!
  • So... any custom notification sounds? 
  • Amazing! Still, there is much stuff which is not ready atm e. g. Office. I hope that there will be many more consumer features revealed -> nokia world! :) Any news if there is an option to delete a task from the Fast App Switcher finally??? That woul be pretty sweeeet! ;)
  • So, from what I gather of the notification screenshot, you can only have five apps display a notification on your lockscreen? That's kinda disappointing if there are no other notification options. I'll only have one more app on the lockscreen since i'll have missed calls, two e-mails, sms and then whatsapp...
  • Link your emails a save a slot?
    If there is a nofifactation centre added later that would be an all in one icon. 
  • I would be happy with it IF one could tap the lockscreen notification to go directly to the relevant app.
  • Nice! But the new musichub looks like shit. I dont like that music will be integrated with Xbox. Music is not games. /grumpyrant
  • Stupid rant
  • See my answer to you higher up...
  • Seeing as how XBox is emerging as a entertainment hub it only makes sense.  It's not just games anymore.  It's a one stop shop for games, music, tv, movies, etc.  That's what our family uses it for.  It doesn't detract from gaming so, what's the big deal?
  • Considering Xbox has always supported music in some fashion (whether its using your own during games, the Music Marketplace or now having music video apps), I think that ship has sailed regarding whether or not Xbox is a brand only for gaming
  • This is great news, I can't wait to see more!
  • Has anyone seen anything about a notifications hub?
  • Any updates on WiFi? I do not want to lose WiFi when locked :(
  • I believe this was going to be corrected from a recent article. Will reply if I find the link.
  • Well, if the music hub is anything like it is on Win8 its not going to be with the games. They are separate apps. I agree with others that I like the black background more then the grey for the music app.
  • YES!!! The second most important change for me after multiple pic selection (hope its there) IS there: language selection button on keyboard has been moved to where one won't constantly accidentally hit it!!!! Yes, I am easy to please. :D
  • I'm loving the slew of new information but for some reason the new variety of accent colours is still the most exciting thing... 
  • AND just saw the "multi-select pics" (or is it only "all"????) feature on MyNokiaBlog!!! YES!! :D
  • This looks fantastic. At last!!
  • Some good features but would still need to see if groupings can be done in the app list. While sorting by name is great, I would like to see more filters such as recently installed or even rarely used, etc. Then hopefully this is ported to the games area. Also notification area is a must.
  • All in gonna say is, about time. All the stuff I need on the best OP . I was not going to jump ship from WP as its the only choice if you want an OP that works. I'm looking to the end of my contract in Jan to upgrade to one of those WP8 bad boys. For all you lot out there wanting these features on WP7.8, I wouldn't hold your breath. Windows is going the same way as Apple, if you want latest then you have to pay for a new mobile, simple. Like everyone else I don't have the ready cash to buy a new phone everytime major update comes out but it makes major sense for MS and their partners to this. We don't want the platform to disappear because we feel hard done by because we have to buy the next gen phone!!!!!!
  • First of all, I want to say... very cool and promising list of features. I'm definitely excited about everything revealed in the SDK so far. I'm definitely excited about WP8 from consumer, business, and technical points of view. I have more to say, but I'm really annoyed by my inability to do paragraph breaks in the comment box on the web site.
  • I noticed in the Tellme commands, you can add "note".  I was hoping that we could also add appointments to the Calendar.  Not sure if that is the same/similar function in the new OS.  Can anyone confirm?  I add alot of appointments in my phone and it would be great to be at parity with Siri in this regard by adding appointments from a voice command and then filling out the information using voice in a field-by-field format.
  • Agreed, I would love calendar voice integration
  • Anybody confirmed if you can delete multiple threads at once in the messaging hub like in email?  That is a much needed feature imo.
  • what do you excatly mean? do you mean if its possible to delete multiple threads from the messaging hub or from email? if its about the messaging hub, i dont know that either, if its about the email then its already possible by just pressing on the left of the email message
  • Yah, I'm asking if the messaging hub will finally get that feature.  Just like in the email app.  Its something that would be nice to have, and seems simple to implement.
  • Hi, i have downloaded the files (wpexpress) How can I start the emulator?
  • Does the SDK go any farther to confirm screenshot support?