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Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 confirmed in Microsoft docs, supports video conferencing

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 documents reveal new changes in a future update

All eyes are on Windows 10 for phone these days, even for Microsoft, who have shifted development to focus on the new OS. Reports going back to April 2014 note that Windows Phone 8.1 was to have at least two GDR (General Distribution Release) updates over its lifespan. Windows Phone 8.1.1 came out last year, but the fate of GDR2 (8.1.2) or Update 2 was not so clear.

Now, Microsoft has published documents on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 dated January 28, 2015. Usually, such information is put behind a firewall and is limited to manufacturing partners only – that is, these docs do not reflect consumer-facing features and may be hidden again.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 is still planned contradicting earlier rumors that it had been canceled (we noted last month that it had not been). Such timing lines it up with an announcement at Mobile World Congress in March, where Microsoft is likely to unveil some new mid-range Lumias.

We should caution that GDR2 is shaping up to be a minor update. The reason for this should be obvious, as Microsoft would rather sink development time and resources into building Windows 10. After all, almost all Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 phones should follow the upgrade path to Windows 10, leaving no one behind.

With that said, here are some of the changes in GDR2, at least for OEMs and manufacturing partners.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 changes and updates

  • Video over LTE – Customize specific settings and behavior for Video over LTE to meet mobile operator requirements including Showing or hiding the LTE video calling switch, Enabling video conferencing, etc.
  • Restore Start tile layout – Append the OEM-defined Start screen layout to the bottom of the user's backed up Start screen layout when the user restores their device from a backup.
  • More phone languages - Bangla (Bangladesh), Khmer, Kiswahili, Lao
  • VPN Configuration service provider – New AlwaysOn value in ConnectionType; New Policies/AppIdleTimeout setting in the CSP

There are other changes as well, but they fall into the technical side of manufacturer testing e.g. a 'New location-based services (LBS) test library API.'

Interestingly, there are no changes to hardware requirements, including no added screen resolutions nor new Bluetooth profiles. Those rumors of 2K display and Snapdragon 805 chipset support were, as usual, bogus.

The Video over LTE is perhaps the most interesting of all the additions. The tools appear to let carriers make custom software for handling video conferencing calls (dependent on the chipset). How that will work exactly is unclear but being able to support video conferencing (perhaps in Skype) would be fascinating.

Currently, only Skype integrates into the Call screen on Windows Phone 8.1.1. Going forward, it looks like third-party apps and carrier supported services can finally plug in there as well (see the settings under Phone and 'switch to video calls' option).

Regarding the restore Start tile layout, this already happens with 8.1, however in 8.1.2 it looks like carriers can have their apps populate on the Start screen at the bottom. It is a cheeky way to get you to remember that those apps exist, as restoring to a different carrier can seemingly 'hide' those apps.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2

Is that it?

Many of you are likely to start complaining that GDR2 is not a big deal. However, it should be cautioned that these documents are only for manufacturers and carriers, not consumers. Any consumer-facing changes that do not require hardware support are not listed here e.g. new Cortana support or changes to the Action Center.

Because of this, anything written here is to be considered incomplete. Microsoft will likely reveal more information about this update during Mobile World Congress, including any of the real exciting additions.

As always, watch this space.

Source: Microsoft

Thanks, HD2Owner and XDA crew, for the assist!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • This is Microsoft!
  • Now that I have got windows 10 TP I'm not even interested in GDR2.
  • Agreed.
  • But, considering the fact that pretty much over 95% of WP users won't have any version of W10 installed on their phones,, to know that another update is coming before June is pretty awesome news....
    We can't factor in W10 yet because it's not even a complete version of the OS, and TP users will most likely have to wait for these GDR2 features in a future update.
    From what I see there's not that much of an advantage of installing the TP yet, unless you have the advantages of Denim, and GDR2 working with it... At this point I'd rather have Denim, and some new GDR2 features,, vs the TP..... Of course until the TP reaches DP status...
    NNevertheless,, I'm still going to install the TP,, hoping that Denim, and GDR2, can still find their way onto my phone.
    1520 ATT
  • Rod, watch this 30 second video, omg, I want to share it with everyone....
  • I can not upvote this enough....thanks for the laugh :D   (1520 owner!) and pissed off!!
  • Ye are welcome.
  • LMAO
  • I installed wp10 on my 920 (via the xda method). I flashed back to 8.1 after 30 minutes. Not ready for daily use, too many issues (UI is messy, Cortana only works in US, US keyboard couldn't be installed etc.). It's as schizophrenic as win 8 was bit even less pretty. Just wait it out for a few more builds I say.
  • i used nokia recovery tool but can't able to install wp8.1 can u plz tell me how to do that. i have wp10 TP currently (lumia 730)
  • I'm testing Windows 10 on my brothers phone.
  • Conversely, since I don't even have 8.1.1 yet I'm fairly indifferent to GDR2 since I won't have it for ages.
  • But you don't have 10 yet.
  • That's some good decent features for a GDR2, after all, Windows 10 is coming. I can't complain really.
  • I'm not using an incomplete and buggy preview. I'm excited for gdr 2
  • Wise man
  • I'm from Bangladesh and It's probably the most wanted or big update for our people. Because finally our Mother language is coming :)
  • That's nice.
  • Fabulous. Now you can call your Mother.
  • As long as the carriers release Win 10 to your device. I think MSFT should start releasing the updates directly to phones like Apple does?
    Just cut out the middle man. I'm waiting for my replacement of my 1020, Which I think it will come with Win 10 preloaded. U think that's why it's in hold but I can wait my upgrade on AT&T will be there when I'm ready.
  • Release Denim F.I.R.S.T -_-
  • I think that's a poor idea.
  • Why poor idea Daniel?
  • Snarky ass comment inbound...
  • Surely GDR2 is useful for all models that cant WP10 (ie x20 range)
  • for me, whats important is to defaultly integrate the File app to the phone its funny that twitter, facebook or espn apps are defaulty installed, but the File, which is an essentialy app, ISNT!
  • Is it though Daniel? Microsoft is fragmenting and that's always bad for any platform. It's not like Android where developers target a whole range of versions going from lollipop down to gingerbread for app compatibility. 7.x phones are out even though they're a minority but still used. Microsoft has more control over their platform and should update everyone first, before releasing new versions. Who knows what kind of under the hood changes GDR2 comes with... It just helps that everyone is using the same software to improve user experience, and that translates to less people complaining on the forums.
  • Fragmenting? Phones will get WINDOWS 10 as long as carriers allow it. end. if you didn't want to wait for your carrier to give you Denim, then get an unbranded and unlocked phone. Microsoft can't wait for countries testing "country variants" and carriers testing their updates because they know Carriers might take months to do that simple thing. the thing is most devices will get windows 10 in the end. and that's good.   Microsoft has been fragmented because not all phones have had the updates at the same time. there are still people on Cyan and other on black, and now Denim. Microsoft can't just slow down because carriers and countries don't test their variants faster.
  • Chill.
  • Yes I agree haha
  • Denim is getting there now. Its come to a fair few devices (including the highly disputed 1020) the wait has been unbearable with little information on release timings. Obviously there has been a few issues so just bare with...
  • No denim release since December and that too was only for 2 phone 535 and 520 in india
  • Was supposed to reach high end first MS, liers.
  • Denim is useless on non preview camera phones. Smart Microsoft. They know how to tease their customers.
  • Denim is shit... Cyan was better!
    I have faced some problems and bugs since I updated to Denim.
    It's a shame.
  • I am waiting for my 1020 from longtime. India
  • I have to own up and say I don't really know much about India. The denim update is ready though for the 1020 and has been released in many countries. Blame it on the carriers!
  • Models in India are country variants. They are not available through any carriers
  • It seems we always have a scapegoat, in the end, it is MS' responsibility. Idc about the carrier crap. Precedence exists of avoiding carriers. It is MS' product their responsibility to work with carriers. 10 was, as I had predicted, a fiasco.
    On a lighter note, see 30 sec video of 1520, 10, and MS. Hilarious. The video had been well received as pee your pant funny, just watch.
  • Lumia Cyan update was way faster. Being a very big update, it was released almost for all phone within a month. And Denim needs 4-5 months? -_-
  • Yep, seemed true.
  • I'm unable to get update 1 because of tha namesake firmware "Denim" -___-
  • Really? Other than subtitle timing that is a very poor "joke"
  • Joke... The joke was on us. Besides, I never said the word joke, as you implied with quotations... It seems the community college you attended and failed out of did not educate you well.
  • I must say, your chosen nick fits very well
  • Wear it like a blanket
  • Agree, nonsense joke. Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my life with this stupidity!
  • You people are mental. How the hell does anyone come up with joke? It is a comedy skit, Saturday night live style...maybe the characters resemble your parents too much.
  • It's not funny!
    Neither is your user name, though it is descriptive lol
  • still no denim for my country variant 1020 here in Brazil, while my parents 520 were updated... apparently Microsoft has given up completely on the high end side.
  • my 1020 has Denim when WC announced that denim update rolling out in europe for 1020 and 925
  • I had to turn off Developer Preview for my Lumia 1020 to update to Denim, here in Norway, don't know if it is like that for you.
  • if you look at the update status pages in Microsoft's site you'll see it's only out in some countries on Europe, nothing for America(s)
  • Same here in the UK. My 1020 CV received a Lumia update(Denim) but after it installed I didn't get the welcome to Denim message nor dis my FW change from Cyan. However once I un-enrolled from PfD, my FW changed to Denim. Note though that I re-enabled the PfD and it reverted back to Cyan again. Weird.
  • Don't blame it on me... :P (I just had to, sorry)
  • My 1020 does not have Denim.
  • India is one of the major windows phone using country. Still they are taking a lot of time. China is ahead in all these
  • I predict it will all be rolled out properly by the end of March, if not even the middle of March.
  • Still a very long time, 4 months from the first release
  • Im not saying its a good time. Not at all. Yes there will always be staggering due to different types but not this much!
  • Agreed bro
  • in finland nokia phones are the most used phone brand and nowadays windows phone is the most used OS too and we already have denim for 1020 :P
  • Yeah cuz Nokia is a company of Finland
  • I have it on my phone and didn't get anything new so chil out
  • You must have an affordable flagship..
  • It's almost like they've relesed it already and carriers are holding it up...
  • And we thought they cancelled it..atleast assumed
  • Actually, I corrected that rumor earlier last month. Once again, sites with poor records are saying untrue things.
  • Daniel with all regards to you can you please check with ur sources at microsoft as to when can we expect the rollout for Lumia 1520 in India
  • I thought you were one of the ones who suggested it was cancelled in favor of Windows 10, especially since it was supposed to appear alongside the now-cancelled McLaren?
  • That's what I read too...GDR 2 is mainly for the support of 3D integration on McLaren
  • I remember the same... Weird... We may be confused tho.
  • Daniel, You and your team really do good work!  I have really enjoyed your site since I found it a couple of months ago, and I check in every day now... Knowledge with attitude!  I like it!  Kudos.. You guys enabled me to go out on a limb and grab a 930, which is awesome!  A true flagship that I would have otherwise ignored... ingorance is NOT bliss!
  • Think there would be no new firmware in GDR2? maybe just software update?
  • Lumia Elephant on the way!
  • I still think it's going to be emerald.
  • yeah i think the same... since its kind of a color name
  • Lumia Eggplant!
  • Lumia Elephant: The MASSIVE update. ;)
  • I'd prefer that. Firmware updates can be great, but often are not worth the extra time it takes to get the update.
  • Wouldn't mind some optimizations... Not that WP runs poor on S800 phones, those old 9XX and 1020 phones could use it!
  • Agreed, the features 8.1 brought to my 925 mean I could never go back to Windows 8, but it isn't quite so fluid and snappy as it used to be. Be nice if they could optimise things a little - for new features I can wait for Windows 10.
  • I had the same problem on my 928. I made a backup did a factory reset and restored from backup and now its like new.
  • Optimizations could very well be in GDR2, but since they would have zero impact on hardware OEMs or carriers, they would not be listed in these documents. In other words, what you see here is not a changelog for GDR2, just keep that in mind ;)
  • what about windows it optimized for low memory device (say lumia 520)?
    or complexity of the OS reached the level beyond which smooth and fluid OS is not possible for low ram devices??
  • Windows 10 is runing fast as WP 8.0 on my Lumia 720.
  • I wish they'd simplify the background tasks management
  • Simplify? Even more?
  • Yaaaay, more mid-range Lumia's at MWC2015 'cause there aren't enough already!!! Come on MS, you can do better with Lumia. I like what you were doing up till now but seriously, more mid-range Lumia's feels very much unneeded.
  • Why would they release a high end phone before W10? That seems like the most logical thing to do.
  • Agreed @jas00555
  • Waiting for a high end Lumia until W10, due November onwards is a loser move (losing customers). ..... Any high end flagship will run W10 anyway, so why wait until it's released? Why not release a high end flagship as soon as the 810 chip is available and keep all those customers going out of contract who will go to another os?
  • Or at least have WP 8.1.2 support Snaps 805/810 and 2K so that HTC and other can make WP phones with that. They might not want to wait for Win10
  • "due November" Where precisely did you obtain such insider knowledge? Both Microsoft and Qualcomm (two entities who would probably know a lot about this subject) have said that a new flagship is coming this summer, presumably announced at BUILD. I look forward to your inside scoop, 2tomtom.
  • Due November relates to W10! You said "why would they release a high end before W10"
  • Oh, you meant "big Windows". I was referring to "small Windows".
  • A recent report said Microsoft could be one of the first to release a phone with the 810 chipset. If this is true I would like to see replacements for the 1020, 925 and 930 with the 810. But to release a.s.a.p. rather than wait for W10. I believe this would keep current customers happy. Then update those phones to W10 as soon as possible. The alternative is to wait for W10 release for phones to introduce the new models. The first choice I think will make customers happy?
  • /s?
  • Dafuq? Where did I state that I was talking about a high-end phone? Please clarify in which sentence I said that. 'Cause that was not what I meant.
  • Because you didn't like that they were supposedly releasing more mid end phones. So you're either suggesting:
    A) Microsoft does nothing and scraps their MWC conference
    B) they release low end phones
    C) they release a high end phone Unless I'm missing some other possibility that Microsoft could do for their phones, I have no other choice but to assume you are now trying to cover your ass by going "well.... TECHNICALLY those exact words weren't said".
  • So what were you trying to say then?! You asking for more low end Lumias? Since more mid range is unneeded and you weren't talking about high-end? Or did you want them to release a hoverboard with Lumia branding?
  • I'll take one
  • get in line lol!
  • Hopefully we see more than 1 "Flagship" is why. I'd rather have a new option right now than wait til fall(?) just to have it coincide with W10. I think they really need to keep the 5", 6" and 1020 replacement in the lineup all as Flagships.
  • No problem, they can leave room for partitioning, or use the fantastical partition stitching... That's some magical made up shit right there. They could have used the SD card like the 8gb phones will do.
  • I don't see much point in a high end phone before Windows 10.
  • All the out of contract customers may disagree with you. Perhaps by choosing a brand on a different OS.
  • I agree waiting for an os update(that will enable support for better hardware no doubt) is something that would work better in the long term as wasnt the 1020 released before the os supported 1080i no doubt keeping nokia from releasing a it with a capable display?(other then the fact they still had leftover screens from the good old Symbian days that weren't 16:9)
  • Better than entry level phones like the 435. Also, it's not even confirmed yet; it's just likely.
  • Not even looking forward for GDR2 ... Preparing myself for a new W10 device ..till then..will wait ;)
  • I'll be waiting
  • Yay.
  • It's interesting that they're still working on 8.1, since that could lead to some scenarios where 8.1.2 has features that 10 do not.
  • This is almost certain to happen.
  • Keep in mind, one is sill a preview/beta, so...
  • This is for handsets that won't get wp10 or denim ;)
  • The gdr2 will probably prepare your phone for windows 10.
  • No big need to upgrade, for me. Directly update to Windows 10.
  • I don't get it. When Windows 10 is on the way and all the devices will get it so why Microsoft wasting their time and bothering on gdr2?
  • You clearly haven't used wp7.
  • W10 is a ways away. Keep in mind, we just got the first preview build. I've been on 8.1 DP for like a year, yet just got official 8.1 in Dec.
  • Till Indians are waiting for denim update
  • I wish in mobile data connection there should be an dedicated feature for 2g, 3g and hybrid..currently its hybrid even when switching it to changes so frequently makes it impossible to work on mobile data connection. Please do something about this.
  • Good point
  • Yeah its required specially in India..
  • So go to the uservoice page and submit for it. Nothing will get done if you don't tell Microsoft
  • Done.. Thanks
  • Well that would because the 3g coverage in the areas you frequent is incredibly spotty. By forcing it to lock to 3g, well you won't have any signal if there is no 3g.
  • I'm glad that they are releasing GDR2, but it'll be nice if, as the others said, the OS was optimized a bit more. :)
  • I'm still waiting for WP8.1 update for my Samsung ATIV S in Canada and now they're going to WP8.1 update 2 .....I should of bought the Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Just use the preview for developers!
  • You dont understand it. There are problems that some wouldn't consider to be minor ie. camera not always working & there's no way to go back to 8gdr3(unless the one user on xda happened to dump it or gdr2)
  • We don't care about windows 10 because it will not be avalabke for us at least until August or after so we want sum thind good to live with until that time
  • Windows 10 Phone going to be awesome! MS Lumia with Snapdragon 810 with Adreno 430 graphics!
  • The big question now is , when its gonna be released
    Probably after MWC?
    But really , its no big deal :)
  • coming soon
  • Soon
  • so this is just more carrier crap, bravo microsoft
  • Did you read the article? They repeated numerous times that its not a complete list, and that the only changes listed are meant for carriers and OEMs.
  • Sweet
  • Hopefully GDR2, Denim or W10 will bring a native printing function with office.....kind if embarrassing we don't have this already being a MICROSOFT!!! product and all.
  • Samsung's mobile print offers 365 access
  • Decent little surprise to tide me over til 930 gets 10 tech preview :)
  • No, let them develop further WP8.1. With those UI changes of Windows 10 and dissapearing of pivots/panorama style my phone will be left behind . I won't upgrade to buttons.
  • We don't care(:
  • Do you have windows 10 on your phone? Have you experienced the non user friendly (from a WP7-8-8.1 user point of view) phone or photo apps?
    Or are you just waving along with the crowd?
  • Do you know what just-released beta software is? Just because it doesn't have those features now doesn't mean it never will
  • S/he's complaining about the UI changes in WP10, and those aren't going to be changed anytime soon. I agree, I personally prefer WP8's design by miles, so I won't be upgrading my phone either.
  • Has that ever been confirmed? Minor features like pivots are things that would be added in later builds. Early builds would focus on the core OS
  • Lol. Then don't. Stubborn mules.
  • When a man is married to a woman who screams like you they just wanna die sooner
  • What a reply! XD
  • Then die to urself and put the Lumia 8x up ur alley
  • So what does this mean !?! This is useless wz WP 10 ! It opens a door to .....???
  • Samsung has 3g/4g video calling, old nokia's Symbian had it, and ms tango in wp7 also had it. In Greece this is free service on any carrier (no data charges), please enable it!!
  • Στην κοσμοτε η βονταφον;
  • In cosmote you have free video calling as long as you have free voice calling time. After that the charge of voice or video calling is just the same (0,00566€/sec)
  • The only way that works is the same way uma works with wp(on tmo) it is implemented by carrier/oem unlike volte which can be integrated
  • There's a difference between 3g/4g and lte. This is video calling over carrier 4g lte. Carriers started using "4g" very loosely as far back as the first HTC Evo. Meaning "'s slightly faster than!...the future!"
  • No new chipset support? Would be nice if this supported the new HTC M9. Then just confirm it has a update to win 10.
  • Seems to confirm no new hardware til W10. :/
  • Seems logical. Out with the old, in with the new. Plus why release an 8.1 phone then a few months later come out with 10, then have to devote resources on upgrading that phone to 10, then HOPE that the carrier will allow it, IF AT ALL, and then in a timely manner? (regarding MS phones➡)All while people cry about why their brand new MS phone doesn't have new GDR2/10 update tomorrow. They might as well wait and launch it with 10 software and firmware from the get-go. Much easier/simpler.
  • So we are going to use preview again :)
  • Still waiting on 8.1.1
  • Karibu kiswahili
  • They hav to release GDR1 and Denim first
  • Not useless if WP10 Does not ship until September/October which is still 9 or 10 months away, which is an eternity in the mobile tech. They need a stop gap flagship to buffer the new HTC, Samsung & other OEM 's new phones that will be announced at MWC and ship soon after. If it wont be on all carriers forget about though , cause it won't get any traction here if its another carrier exclusive.
  • Wouldn't mind a 935/1525 to hold us over. Maybe S801 device. (Assuming the 801 is the latest SoC to be supported by WP. Never saw the S805 get supported.). Maybe a camera improvement to draw people to actually buy it.
  • I removed preview for developers app to get official update got my HTC 8x, but neither i got the official update nor can i install the app again in order to get gdr2
  • My guess is its blocked
  • It might be released in 2016 with their pace. Still no Real Denim on 830
  • I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait another 6 months for a tiny update...
  • That would be 6 to 7 months away. And I'd assume they're going to rtm Windows 10 in July meaning late August, early Sept release.
  • Hello where is my Denim update for Lumia 1520.3 RM 938?
  • that's cool idea.. but we need some more new cool things in wp10 so that the androidians may feel jealous.. plz microsoft do your best...
  • All I want this time is that Update 2 won't have a firmware update tight together! MS, leave firmware updates for the W10 update. Without this we can expect this to release to all faster.
  • I am so proud of all of us windows phone users. It has really thought us a very important lesson in life: Patience. It has also taught us how to deal with anxiety. It has taught us to follow our hearts, and not mimic what the rest of the world does. I instantly respect a person if they use wp.
  • Why do we have to wait so long for denim?
  • Because Denim got renamed to Delay.
  • i am using win10 technical preview so can i update through to GDR2 or i have to come back GDR1 then update to GDR2
  • Pick one or the other. They are two different OS's.
  • *OSs.
  • Micro soft-ware improvements coming before an apple update for #windows10
  • It encroaches ma wounds I was waiting to gdr1 and didn't get it yet and here they are discussing about gdr2
  • We have to entertain our friends sporting iPhone pluses even though or phones can still kick if we had all features, no really?
  • So when are we getting the update, And what's up with denim for the 925 and 1020 that started rolling out and suddenly stopped, and what about the fix for the sudden freeze the will always require a a soft reset ??
  • Yes, updates. Always love updates.
  • Eagerly waiting
  • This is curious, I wonder if 8.1.2 can be installed if your phone is running W10FP? I wonder if it even matters..
  • Obviously not. You can either use W10, or go back to 8.1.x.
  • Windows 10 in October...
  • Id perfer they focus on getting w10 out the door for the new soc's then doing it near the end of w8.1
  • Will cortana able to use in India after gdr 2?
  • U can already just set your speech to UK
  • Sorry but no. They haven't. 930 has the "denim" which is in some places proper denim now. And my 1020 has denim. Including one of the massive 13/15 20's (cant recall which one...) sp no that's not true
  • Glad to see that we won't have to wait until Windows 10 is released to get a couple of new features, bug fixes and optimizations!
  • Forget about Windows 10, why can't we get more apps. We still have that problem.
  • It's not about the amount of apps, it's about the quality. There are more than 300.000 apps. Do you need each one of them? Probably not. We just need some good official apps (e.g. Snapchat and Youtube are some good examples). However, all this excitement about Windows 10 might encourage developers to pay more attention to the Windows Store.
  • We will never get an official youtube app.
  • Google hates our competition, so we ain't getting YouTube anytime soon...
  • Yeah, I know that, but that was not the point of my comment. Some of my friends like WP but they won't switch because they want some good official apps. Youtube was just a example of such app. I know that we won't get an official Youtube app.
  • Where's my name I tipped it! :p
  • In India denim update is rolled out only to lumia 520 and 525 in 2nd week of Dec 2014, after that no update is given,now 2 months finished.If this is the situation even the Indians will dump the windows phones to garbage.
  • This article is about GDR2...
  • Exactly. India being one of the major markets for windows phone .. Microsoft people are becoming dumb these days...
  • Gdr2? Yet my 8x still doesn't have 8.1.1
  • Should they name the update as Lumia Emerald since it seems a pattern is going on? Amber, Black, Cyan, Denim, Emerald???
  • No. Because this isn't a FIRMWARE update! Do people still not get the difference?
  • Oh ok. :/
  • Something useful while waiting for a stable W10 release.
  • Microsoft is very fast in releasing updates, but very lazy and slow to deliver it to the market.

  • Lots of talk about what is to come, but it's not too often you get access to anything! You can not even buy new hardware with the latest updates, no matter how much money you pay.
  • for all lumias that will not get the windows 10... like WP 7 > 7.8
  • 1. No, gdr2 probably isn't THAT drastic.
    2. All Lumia's are getting W10.
  • Denim ...?!?
  • Right, Denim is still coming coming and coming. . . . .
  • Seems you are the one confused. Windows 10 has NOT come. There is only a very early (and not that great yet IMO) technical preview.
  • Windows 10 has come, but WP8 GDR1 is still coming and GDR2 yet to come. Yeah, it shows Microsoft is very confused.
  • +820
  • We don't want Microsoft to occupy their resources to Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2. Windows Phone is already dead. And we need Windows 10 for Phones as a finished Product immediately, not apha, beta ır in any kindo of unfinished software.
  • Denim for 1020 now released in Sweden
  • Just and: -ring AND vibrate -Notifications sounds from headphones when listening music -better xbox music -No lag on mid ramge devices   And that's it, I don't need another settings or background image, or anything else but this
  • I have windows 10 on my ATT L920
  • When you think about it this is really hilarious. I've got the 1520 flagship on the 'hero' carrier (AT&T) and it's mid Febuary 2015 and GDR1 hasn't even rolled out to my phone yet and they are talking about GDR2. You can't make this stuff up lol
  • My camera focus is out on 1020 o2 since the new Denim update
  • Wait. There will be new mid-range Lumias? Let there be a Microsoft Lumia 835! Make it have the same design as 830, but it should carry Microsoft's name, has 5MP FFC, and is in a lower price point. They can make it with an AMOLED screen, too.
  • And put a snapdragon 801 chip in it as well. Why the hell not
  • In this update call recordings is possible r not????reply
  • Video conferencing could be a nice addition to Lync. Given that Microsoft is moving towards combining Skype and Lync, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Lync get first class integration. Along with built in Office and OneDrive, integrated Lync could be a nice feature for business users.
  • When is it expected?
  • Still no windows 10 for Lumia 520 when will i get?
  • We still not yet received denim update to 820.....are they neglected to push the updates. They are focusing only on WIN10
  • Bangla (Bangladesh)!!!!! Yesss!!!! Thanks Microsoft!!
  • "Currently, only Skype integrates into the Call screen on Windows Phone 8.1.1. Going forward, it looks like third-party apps and carrier supported services can finally plug in there as well (see the settings under Phone and 'switch to video calls' option)."
    That is untrue. Since WP8.1 was released there was a public APIs that provide the ability to upgrade a phone call to a VoIP call for every third-party apps!   What MS are talking about here is another thing. Evidently with GDR2 Microsoft gives to WP the support for the service called ViLTE (Video over LTE) which is a service, provided by mobile operators, to make video call over the LTE network (it is something like the old video call over UMTS). So the new stuff here isn't the ability for third-party (VoIP) or operator's apps to integrate with call screen (this is already possible since WP8.1 was released) but the possibility for OEM to customize some settings and behaviors when an operator provide a ViLTE service an a user want to use it and switches from a traditional phone call to a video call over LTE. This is one problem and one of the reasons why certain complaints arise and why certain products are snubbed: news that bring confusion in people's heads rather than inform them
  • Hey Daniel, your fingers looks red! haha. By the way video calling over 3G/4G without data connection will be a hit in Asia. System-wide Bangla language support will be also very much welcomed (I'm from Bangladesh, muhaha.).
  • Just improve the xbox music hub... That's it!
  •    While I would prefer that Microsoft concentrate all of their efforts on Windows 10 for phones, I think that they're doing this because some carriers aren't going to upgrade their Windows Phone devices to 10 and Microsoft doesn't want users to miss out on some essential features.
  • When an OS is released (but i suspect taht this may happen also before the it goes in General Available phase) the development team start the development of the new version. At this point another team is responsable for the support and the development of the updates.
    So Microsoft doing this because this is what was planned
  • Sounds like a preparation for W10...
  • Meh, still waiting for that Update 1 and Denim... Turns out the best way to enjoy a Microsoft WP OS update is to buy a new phone which came out(launched) with the latest update. Or else wait forever while others get excited about developer previews and forgets about the real final versions.
  • How do I get Denim or WP10 in 520
  • You don't get denim but you do get the live folders, ect in gdr 1. You just have to wait for W10 if you want the preview you must download windows insider from the store
  • Good stuff to know...looking forward to the promised Windows 10 Flagship Phone this May 2015. So far the updates on Windows 10 have been quite exciting. Also awaiting the Lumia Denim Update for the 1520 RM 937...
  • ms is going to sink WP if they dont do someting about carriers. just imagine....W10p realeased 2 months ago, some poor guys from a shitty n.american carrier still waiting for oficial GDR2 release. as i see it now, GDR2 SHOULD not be released, because it will postpone the official W10p push from carriers.... c'mon wont die if you put just a litle more brain in your mobile os...
  • DO release Denim in Philippines for Lumia 925
  • Neither GDR1 nor Windows 10 is released for Lumia 1520 in India. We r still waiting for updates since last year
  • When will release in India
  • They haven't even released grd1 for lumia 925 in india
  • Even I had informed W central abt this topic, I too should have been thanked..... :-((((
  • Whatever happen to the feature where you could speed dial Cortona?  I can call people from my car steering wheel but can't activate Cortana with my steeing wheel.  So that would be quite useful.
  • First release denim for 1520 in india
  • I agree u with u dude...Ms ....daniel rubino sir...pls pls pls pls release the denim update for 1520 India its been a long ....pls
  • Good one
  • Some time I think broke my phone and buy new android phone
  • Friends if you want to install win10 on any phone then you must go on site called XDA DEVELOPERS and you search for Windows 10 and you will find one of the easiest method to install Windows 10 on any MICROSOFT is mobile running windows 8/8.1 right now I am installing on my Lumia 720..... Good luck
  • I restored my Lumia today and the restore process also restored the start screen pattern and everything
  • "Usually, such information is put behind a firewall and is limited to manufacturing partners only" Bullshit! All the secret content is already marked with a locker icon in the dev center. What is accessible today by normal peasants will remain accessible by normal peasants tomorrow as well.
  • The 820 and the 920 didn't even get the GDR2 update WTF???
  • What happened to HID Bluetooth support in that update? I was hoping to play around with a keyboard on my phone while using Miracast on my TV. That would be pretty neat.
  • I seem to have received GDR2 for my Lumia 730 today in the morning. Can say so because update brought few changes which includes a more organised "motion data", option to select highest data connection 2g and 3g settings slight change in font size with build date 05-03-2015
  • I have a Lumia 630. Can anyone tell me will my phone be getting gdr 2?