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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers Program should go live Thursday, April 10

It’s Monday morning, just days before Microsoft’s Build conference kicks off in San Francisco. Windows Phone 8.1 is one of a few announcements expected by Redmond, with Nokia following up later in the day with some their own press event.

While Windows Phone 8.1 is going to be the big news, a lot of you are only concerned with one thing: When do you get it?

The distribution of 8.1 will include a few steps, including getting it into manufacturers’ hands, pushing updates through carriers and most tantalizing, the Developer Preview Program. That program, accessed through an app on the Windows Phone Store and open to anybody with a free App Studio account, will allow everyone to install Windows Phone 8.1 on any Windows Phone 8 device weeks before “official” carrier updates.

A few days ago, we reported that this program was set to launch in ‘late April’. That was certainly a vague deadline, but the important thing to take away was that it won’t be released the same day as the Build announcement on April 2.  We now have confirmation that the planned release schedule for the Preview for Developer program should be Thursday, April 10, just over one week from the Build reveal.  That falls in line with our original report on the core of 8.1 wrapping development by Microsoft.

The Preview for Developers version of Windows Phone 8.1 looks to be the latest, with the final core of the OS and the hottest patches, referred internally as Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) update #5.

Assuming this schedule does not change, anyone and everyone who opts in to the Preview Program can have Windows Phone 8.1 on their current phones starting that day. Later, when the official update rolls out over-the-air – following carrier approval – those Preview devices will update to the latest version of the OS and firmware.

We should of course caution that Microsoft could change things at the last minute, but internal planning schedules show April 10 as the current date.

More details about the Developer Preview Program can be found on the Windows Phone Blog, which describes the features and limits of the older Update 3 preview.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Not too bad a delay, imo.
    This update was long overdue, but if they pull this off and manage to get a decent adoption rate, I wouldn't be surprised.
  • After lazy weekend some good news today ..!!! :) Thanks danny
  • Ikr.? ;)
    Been refreshing this page for a while now. Keep em coming Daniel.
  • Can't agree more. WPC just started shining again...
  • +930
  • GDR3 was released not too long ago. This update came about 5-6 months sooner than I expected. Glad I was wrong.
  • I guess that depends on if you wait for carrier release. I just got GDR3 from T-Mobile maybe 2 months ago. :-/
  • The best thing, It's on my birthday. Not a shabby present ^^
  • Now that we know it, Happy B'day in advance! ;)
  • WPcentral's sources suck, please concentrate in the facts so you don't have to retract your misleading articles every week.
  • Do they? They seem to be pretty good about their sources. And state when they're not sure if its a credible source. I think you're thinking of wmpoweruser lol.
  • They retracted today with the developers program. They retracted last week with the RTM date. They retracted a couple of weeks ago about the release date of new devices. WPcentral is hitting new lows on poor journalism.
  • Its hardly retracting when they are updating and zeroing in on a moving target that no one will officially acknowledge. But hey if you think its so easy and you can do better, let me know the details of your new blog and ill be happy to read it.
  • This +920!
  • I remember Rubino bashing other sites for the same kind of mistakes. Build is in three days, what's the point of trying to anticipate information that will be announced there if you don't have good sources and the probability of making a mistake is so big?, just cheap sensationalism.
  • What sensationalism exactly? The title is straightforward and the article states that they have conformation. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • And each time for those (except today) they clearly stated this news was not fully credible IIRC (rumometer is often included). Today they said this date is supposed to be it from what they understand, but I don't remember an article giving a definitive date (I may be forgetting though). Regardless, even if they did, who's to say that was the date and it didn't get delayed internally? My point is their info is pretty accurate for a large majority of their articles, and they usually state if an article isn't based on a fully credible source. In fact, the only site I see as having a better track record is the verge, but they really don't report much on WP, plus they seem to have a pretty apparent bias (IMHO) against all things MS (except xbox). If these sorts of things bother you, you may not want to read about any leaks or rumors before they become official.
  • +720
  • It's NOT COOL to slam another very good source of W8Phone news to take up for another one.
    WMPoweruser is a excellent source. They constantly update with news. I'll admit none of their apps can touch the quality of WPCentral. Still they both are GREAT SOURCES for the W8Phone community.
  • Are you kidding me? Wmpoweruser is so incredibly shameless in the way they report news its ridiculous. They portray every rumor as fact and when it's proven wrong, they shame other websites for reporting about it from such a weak source. I'll admit I read their site regularly, but their titles (that aren't from other sites) are totally click bait and the articles seem to be posted based on every little rumor that pops up. My perspective as a long time reader of their site. There's nothing wrong with calling out issues with sites, even if they like what you like.
  • Dude, wpcentral are speculating on executive decisions, if you have ever worked in a bureaucracy then you would know how challenging this is. I think late April vs 10 April is pretty damn close enough for me.
  • A week's delay is lightning speed compared to that old school NoDo delay. Yuck.
  • Stil don't think it will delay. Lol I am sturbunt  
  • No!! Don't prolong my pain... D:
  • Its only a few (6-7) extra days! Cheer up! :D It'll be worth the wait :)
  • Lets just hope this isn't a sick April fools joke haha. April 10 is sooooo sweet. Just enough time to read through all the hands on reviews and wp8.1 summaries then it's go time.
  • Nice
  • Very nice, and I can't wait❕
    It's like after all these years the lights have finally been turned on for the OS with the addition of background images.
    Background images make the start screen look more inviting, and adds warmth to WP... I think WP will have a much better presence on store shelves next to iDroid devices...
    I just hope that carriers, or OEM's, take advantage of the feature in tasteful ways, with their preloaded images, that help devices look more attractive to potential new WP users.
  • Have background images been confirmed? Or are you talking about the tiles background as in the above pic if I'm not mistaken?
  • There's only one background image available on WP8.1.. The background of the tiles... That's what I'm talking about..
  • Funny how no one has mentioned it till now, what would be the accent colour if you've set a background image ? Or would there be a separate setting for that ? I havent heard any such thing being mentioned here..
  • If you set a background the accent colour is transparent, so you can see the background.
  • Not really, because the accent colour is used throughout the OS and not just on the tiles.
    So I think you'll still be stuck with that very very limited colour pallet for the OS accent colour.
  • You got me right, but my question was, we havent seen a setting for accent colour, we saw either accent colour or photo, what if we select photo ? How would we select accent colour then ? No leaks yet about it.
  • Good point!!.. Maybe you can select both and the background image takes precedence over the start screen only.. Who knows..
  • I think that you'll still have to select an accent colour. The parallax effect on the tiles is separate I think. Think of it sort of the way Skinnery works. If you ever used Skinnery Themes, you see that you can create tiles with colours or pictures or whatever you want. Yet, it won'd affect the accent colour of your phone. I think it's the same here: even if you use a photo on the tiles, it will not affect the accent colour and you'll still have to use one.
  • Would be nice if they "borrowed" the Jolla system and used the dominant colour of the tile image.
  • It would. Don't know if Jolla hasn't patented the hell out of it, though.
  • those are skinned tiles, not background images !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Go back and see the video. The tiles are transparent. As you scroll image seems to move inside the tile.
  • That isnt called background, that is called tile background. Background would've been if the black colour behind was changed. It isn't. Dynamic Tile background is correct.
  • We'll see what MS calls them tomorrow.... Whatever MS says is what we'll all have to agree with.. How about that❔
  • 101% right ! obviously :)
    Excited as hell !!
  • LOL❕❕❕❕.... Tomorrow is awesome..
  • i personally like this one better, i want as much black as possible on my ativ s(amoled= less battery)
  • Well, the WP community is considering them background images because the information that's overlaid over the images is in the foreground... Therefore WP has background images on the tiles...
  • IDK. I have so many questions... But, we're about to find out❕
  • Another thing which hasn't been mentioned yet... In the article "windows phone 8.1 features" for which comments are closed, in the apps+store section, i caught THIS !! Facebook app comes with OS, updates independently, hooks into OS Well, 'hooks into' means integration. So we're still getting the fb integration ? (except for messaging presumably) It seems so, and it seems GREAT !! More updates, better control over your account, and FASTER ! :-P How come this went unnoticed ?
  • Exciting!
  • So, T-minus 10 days. That's great news. Very much looking forward to this update.
  • 11 if you count today.
  • depends on which country you stay in... :)  
  • 12 if you count yesturday. 
  • Can't wait!!!! I'm using a Samsung ATIV S on T-mobile. Being that phones with 4.5 or bigger screens get 3 rows of tiles. Plus apps can be stored on a memory card. I'll be rocking a TOP OF THE LINE 8.1 device.
  • Yay!
  • I expect a full review... seeing that every screenshot you use as a opener has a different configuration of Windows Phone 8.1... we all know you have it. ;)
  • The WP8.1 review will certantly be the biggest article in the WP Central history!!
  • Until the next big update :P
  • I want it to be on the front page of newspaper
  • Not sure of that.. But it certainly is going to remain on the main page of this website for weeks..!!
  • Which newspaper?
  • Pretty sure those are captured from the SDK & put on the phones to look like it is on the phone.
  • Nope brother..!! Daniel already has a WP8.1..!!
  • Who at WPcentral has the SDK? Jay Benett, the developer confirmed (unless he lied) that he did not get access to the SDK. The screenshots look so real. And I noticed that the tile configuration is different in each article, unless I'm wrong. Or, maybe they are really good at photoshop and that sort of thing :)
  • Sometimes I felt they were photoshopping images to make it seem like they have 8.1, but now I actually think they have it...
  • Me too!
  • Same here.
  • WindowsPhoneCentral app will be transparent? Like the OS native apps?
  • Yes, any tile with any area show your selected theme colour will be transparent.
  • Yes! Basically any app that changes tiles with accent colors currently will be able to use background image. Example - Fb messenger will use it. Facebook in current state wont. Twitter wont but Gleek will.
  • Nice, thanks guys! Good part of my apps on Star Screen will be transparent, and some apps won't! Will be great and smooth and beatiful haha Can't wait!
  • Hopefully MS will updates its own apps to follow the accent colour; right now all my tiles but Skype, Office, OneNote, OneDrive, Music and Big health already do it.
  • Damn it. Another week and a half?
    I hope they still show us all the goodies in detail in two days stll
  • Yep when they LL show us the mouth watering new functions
    We will be banging our heads on walls when we will get the dev. Prev. ;)
  • still better then a month
  • Finally. Yet a bit delayed.
  • What would be the 'downside' of opting into the preview program? I'm interested in doing it - bit having never been a part of it I'm curious to know all the details...
  • Well, you cannot revert to the previous state so if, by any chance, Microsoft pushes a doodoo that kills your phone, bummer. :) But that won't happen. You could void your warranty, though.
  • I am pretty sure the warranty is ok... This is not a hack, its an official release.
  • I think so too, but you know how dogdy those service centers could be. At least in Croatia they are. They could argue it's only a beta version of the software, thus not covered by warranty. :) But warranty expired on my device so I don't care, personally :)
  • What Kris said above. Microsoft does warn you that this MAY void your warranty. At least in the US anyway, here carriers will definitely be douchebags and try to pull that line on you lol
  • The only down side is that you miss out on firmware update.... If its Nokia you will no longer have features such as glance, etc
  • Are you sure? :/ I mean, I honestly don't know, that's why I'm asking. This should be an OS upgrade and it shouldn't interfere with firmware. In other words, it's not as if we'll be flashing our devices, this is going to be an OTA upgrade. Gee, I hope it doesn't screw with Nokia's extra goodies but hey, I'll sacrifice that, if need be.
  • No you not opt-ed out Nokia firmware the only real downsize is a company can void the warranty of the phone because its not a hack but its not a real phone companys have the right to not warranty developers devices cause of some clause...its stated in the terms
  • He's wrong, you will not lose Nokia's firmware. They are independant of each other, so in the past, if you used the developer preview and you had amber, you would be updated to GDR3 and retain amber. And then when the carrier officially rolled out Black, then you would get the firmware. The same thing now, you will get 8.1 with all of Nokia Black extra goodies, and then you will get cherry blossom or whatever Nokia's new firmware is called when your carrier releases the official update.
  • I thought Nokia recently updated Glance (and a few other thingys) for 8.1? Or is that just for the official release?
  • Seriously? My 1020 will lose glance?
  • False, glance was available days before Black to any amber Nokia phone or anyone with the preview, you can't go back BUT YOU CAN FLASH ANY PREVIOUS ROM IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT OR HAVE ANY TROUBLE
  • True. In case of Lumia devices one can always use the official recovery tool to flash the latest official (i.e. non preview) combo of OS and firmware.
  • That doesn't sound right. It is not like you lose your current firmware, you just arent getting a new one until it is pushed out by carriers. Some stuff might not work, but we have already seen Glance get an update that mentions WP 8.1
  • I have developer preview and my Lumia features work
  • Are you sure ? I think glance will still work
  • No changes to the firmware.. When I installed the Gdr3 preview over the amber firmware the glance remained untouched :)
  • I don't think you lose the firmware updates you already have, you just don't get the ones that will be bundled with the offical release later on. Maybe it'll be different for 8.1, but I didn't lose Glance going from GDR2 to Update 3.
  • This is not true. You will lose NOTHING that you already have. What you won't get along with the preview is the firmware update that will be released later by Nokia. However, once the final update is released, you get the firmware update and any aditional update to the OS that may come (in GDR3 the preview version was basically the final version of the OS update).
  • You are 100% right
  • You don't lose your firmware updates. If you have the Amber or Black updates you will still have those if you update to 8.1. I have a 920 running GDR3 without black update installed yet I still have all my Amber features.
  • Wrong. Past firmware is still active.
  • @traceamar That isn't true. You'll just get the OS updates long before the firmware update is publicly released.
  • What the blankety blank are you talking about?lol I am in the developer's program and I did not miss any updates or specific Nokia firmware updates. You do not miss out on anything by doing this. It's one of the best things Microsoft has done for its customers.
  • That's not true you will still have custom firmware functionality
  • not accurate, you keep what you have but anything made incompatible stops, and any new features requiring the new firmware don't activate. We had glance in the last one but not the features from Glance Black and the other Black improvments but everything from Amber was still there. IIRC Storyteller stopped for a bit because it was only coded to work with GDR 2 and Amber or GD3 and Black not GDR3 and Amber
  • black came out later and everything was the same as the carrier versions or the ones that came out of the box with black and GDR3
  • I don't believe you are right about that.
  • @traceamar - you are wrong...
    1. This is OS update, it will not change your existing firmware. i.e. Lumia BLACK, it will remain the same...
    2. You will not get new Nokia firmware with this, that will come later...
    3. If (and it is a big IF) there are changes in SDK then certain Nokia features might not work as intended until Nokia updates those independent apps to work on 8,1, like Glance screen...
    4. Once Nokia and carrier realese final version of OS together with new Nokia firmware, you phone will get this update and everything will be the same no one can tell that you had preview version installed before...
  • This is false. The Developer Preview doesn't interfere with OEM and carrier firmware, the OS and firmware are seperate. As such, one can update the OS to Windows Phone 8.1, and still be on their current firmware (likely Lumia Black, for a large percentage of people reading this). Granted, Windows Phone 8.1 is a very major overhaul, so it's likely that older firmware may encounter some problems and issues. Shouldn't be anything too major and/or severe, and all such kinks will be worked out when your OEM and carrier push out their official update (rumored to be Lumia Blue for Nokia devices).
  • Don't worry about the glance and other Nokia goodies. They will be there, traceamar is talking nonsense.
  • You'll likely lose warranty.
  • Don't know if it voids the warranty or not. All I can say is that I had to bring my 920 to a Nokia repair center cause it stopped vibrating (not a sw problem, mechanical failure) they repaired it under warranty and I had the preview installed.
  • No, that's a carrier specific thing. Verizon did not end my warranty when I installed developer/GDR3.
  • Don't know if it's carrier specific. I'm not on Verizon tho, I'm in the EU and I went directly to an authorized repair center which sent the phone to Nokia.
  • Microsoft is mostly saying this to cover their asses, so should a repair center try to be a jerk in regards to warrenty, Microsoft won't have people coming after them. In most cases (especially if your device is bricked, which is a likely reason why you're seeking service in the first place), a service center won't be able to tell if you have the Developer Preview installed. Furthermore, once you receive the official update from your OEM and carrier, it will be impossible to tell the Developer Preview was ever installed to begin with. By using the Developer Preview, you do indeed run the risk of bricking your device, or encountering some killer bug that ruins your phone. However, this is true of any OS update, and the Developer Preview is pretty much the final release version that was shipped out to OEMs. As such, seeing as the Developer Preview is in such a finalized and polished state: I encourage everyone to indulge. WP8.1 is truly the update we've been waiting for, and I see no reason to wait any longer than necessary.
  • The Devs Preview app itself warns you about the downsides. You will NOT opt-out of firmware updates as someone uninformed said and you won't have any problems with Nokia's or any other software beyond those you may already have due to hardware limitations on your device. However, you will CERTAINLY void your warranty. It's not a "you might" as some people think, it's a total certainty. Nonetheless, if you own a Nokia device, you could always flash your old ROM with the official Nokia software to flash ROMs (I don't remember its name now) and that should be enough to get back your warranty.
  • No downside that I've experienced. The tremendous upside is that you can run the latest version of the OS without having to wait for your manufacturer and carrier to approve.
  • If you read the terms and condition, there is a section saying that the software MAY cause irreparable damage to your phone or data, in which case Microsoft will not take responsibility for it.
  • D-10
  • Having an actual date is comforting. That being said, I probably won't sleep for the next 10 days but hey, at least we will be entertained by all the official announcements this week. :)
  • Build has me covered for now. Just want to have official word on what they've been working on all along. Hope Cortana doesn't disappoint though.
  • She won't, as long as they don't region lock it, as rumored. :) I mean, I'm aware she won't be speaking Croatian any time soon but I hope at least they will let us all play with her in English.
  • That sounds naughty
  • The different English accents may be a problem for her :D
  • I've put a reminder on my phone not just to download 8.1 when it's released but to make a decision on whether I'm gonna keep Cortana as "Cortana" or switch to the male voice and call him "Jarvis" :P I'll probably stick with Cortana as I love Halo but never say never
  • Haha, or Alfred?! ;)
  • Sorry, you have miscalculated days. That would be atleast 20 days without sleep. Once you get this update, you going to need another 10 sleepless night to play with all this :)
  • You know, you're absolutely right. :) Better stock up on Red Bull.
  • Comforting news
  • Yes! At least we can all start counting down ...
  • "weeks before “official”"... Would be better to say "months before", right? :D
    Many carriers around the world still didnt approve Update 3, wich is in fact a small update... Now imagine a massive update like the 8.1...
  • Letting carriers interfere with OS updates is the stupidest thing ever, imo. But I suppose they all have to dance to the carriers' tune otherwise sales would come to a screeching halt.
  • At&t add months!
  • Exactly! and for the "rest of the world" see this Click on those 6 regional links and find how many devices are still waiting for approval for Lumia Black... Microsoft and Nokia have given unnecessary control to those carriers.
  • they didn't give it to them. The carriers have a lot of power so concessions must be made. They are not in the throne of power like the iPhone.
  • I thought I would be on 8th... Anyway yay!
  • haha that would just be too much for a techie in one day sir! I believe April 8th is when Windows 8.1 Update 1 comes out on patch Tuesdays :D two days later... Windows Phone 8.1 then late April Xbox One update is scheduled as well.
  • My body, Lumia 925, HTC 8X, and Lumia 521 are ready.
  • You just mention all the windows phones in my house lol. I uses the 925 my mom the 8x and my little brother uses the 525 as backup phone :)
  • I have the 925 and 520 for XBox Music and gym. I gave my sister the 8X. She loves the color and loudness of the speaker.
  • Who uses his body in your house? :P
  • Buhahahahahahahaha !!! On a more serious note, you can only update One device with the Developer Preview. So pick wisely ;)
  • I guess since my body was ready first, I'll upgrade it. On a more serious note, I think I'll just do the Lumia 925 then.
  • Hahahahaha good one. :p
  • Not sure this might work or not, but just an idea...set up each device with different MS account, register each account as Developer account, update, re-set and then set-up all devices with your main MS account..would it work?
  • Not true. I've updated 3 devices last time with the same account.
    Microsoft isn't really enforcing the rule of limited devices ;)
  • good to know :)
  • Interesting.. Never tried, just assumed they enforced it lol, well the multiple accounts thing works too, its how I unlocked my 925
  • Indeed. While I haven't actually been able to test if it would work: when I got my Lumia 520 to compliment my Lumia 1020, I decided to test it out and installed the Developer Preview app to my 520. Sure enough, it said I was enrolled. No hassle or any work arounds. I guess Microsoft is saying the "one device" thing to try and make it seem like they're keeping it for developers only, while turning a blind eye to the fact that it isn't be enforced. Maybe they're trying to subtly undermine the carriers, wink wink?
  • I done all 5 of my devices last time.... What is different this time?
  • I hope the dialer is smarter
  • Agreed. The dialer and the steps it takes to make a call in WP needs minor redesigning.
  • +720
    Even Asha is better in that case.
  • Yes! We need cursor in the dialer Also, when you are on call, if you open an email, the dialer notification is snapped at the top. But if you put phone back to your ear and see it again, you will find that the dialer is back and email is not in the task-switcher!!! Sometime back and forth is required. This is a real inconvenience! Finally, call from Skype button in dialer would be much appreciated. :)
  • 10 days :D
  • Does installing the developer preview affect the phone's warranty ??
  • I'm lucky I am busy from 7-10 otherwise i would be really bored waiting
  • Technically they say it does, but as soon as the official carrier version drops, you just update to that and your are back in warranty.  Haven't heard of anyone getting bitten by this though.
  • Technically they say it MIGHT. Not that it will ;)
  • Thanks .... So excited.
  • Hallelujah! Good times are on their way!
  • awesome, on my Birthday, great gift!
  • At least the next 10 days will be entertaining.
  • Is the preview buggy? Is it a beta version?
  • No its not.
  • Very rare for Microsoft to release a buggy windows phone OS. The steps, layers and precautions they take with this Operating System is something I haven't even seen Apple do with iOS lol and we all know iOS is very smooth and stable So I wouldn't say buggy, more like some bugs here and there lol nothing to render your phone useless or unreliable I would predict. And Microsoft already went through Beta builds and testing with inside IT players and enthusiasts, so that's why this is a DEV Preview and not a Dev Beta.
  • Life is not bud of roses. Its bed of bugs from which all operating systems want to get rid off
  • Bugs are expected only when features are provided. Can't say anything as of now.
  • At least now we know the date...
  • Do we lose the Black firmware update if we go the developer preview route?
  • No.
  • Im on a trip that day!
  • Same!
  • OMG SAME! I'm going to the Dead Sea!!
  • YEAH! April 10 is okay! :)
  • 10th april? Oh its not that bad.... Still very excited ❕❕❕
  • Thank god i have developer account :D
  • Sweet!
  • I hope we get a few new apps while we wait for the Dev Preview. That should keep us engaged.
  • They could just Release a bit Early Who Knows !!!
    waiting for 2nd April like its my Birthday :D
  • Yay❕ 2nd april is really big day :)
  • Really a big day and I have marked that in my calendar
  • Sounds like an early April fool but hey, please wish for the right thing too: The Nokia update for 8.1 arrive early !! That would be beneficial for masses.
  • After reading a couple of rumors from other websites, I have been waiting patiently for you to wake up and set them all straight! Haha thanks again WPC
  • Marked it in my calendar!
  • Hi, I just downloaded the preview for developpers app and accept it, and now my phone is downloading an update ... Do you know what is it ? I hope it's not GDR3 preview, I don't even konw if it's again available ... (I have a lumia 920 with GDR3/black) The update is called "Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155
  • This is the dev edition of update 3, nothing is different except for the more advanced version number
  • Do you know if I'll lost black update if i update or not ?
  • No, you will not lose Nokia Black.
  • Daniel, is there any particular reason you don't have the extra 3rd row of tiles on your Lumia Icon? Great background pic btw
  • Nicely spotted, Daniel what's going on?!
  • The image is a mock-up, not 8.1 itself. That's why ;)
  • Off-topic, but are you really dropping WP once the acquisition is passed?
  • As my main OS and without Nokia phones, yes (Unless Microsoft manages to bring Sony in and they put out equivalent hardware to their Z line).
    But I'll still be using it on the 1020 which I use exclusively as a camera.
  • I see. You must have been a hard core Nokia fan and got Lumia more because of Nokia than WP. But I highly doubt about Sony ever making a WP8.1 if Xbox games and other XBox service integration continues (which most probably, will).
  • I am and yes, Nokia is the only reason I ever came to WP. I've been with Nokia for 15 years. And we never know though. Microsoft is removing the Xbox features from the core OS which means, theoretically, they can end up conceding and allowing Sony to replace those with their PS services. It depends on what Microsoft values the most. Xbox services on WP or the growth of WP itsel. Given how they neglected Xbox on WP so far...I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed Sony to remove the Xbox stuff in favour of Sony's services. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Agree, Microsoft has been neglecting Xbox lately. And developers are neglecting because of Microsoft's neglect. Microsoft may try to keep the growth of both WP and Xbox adequate, be it independently or dependently by some extent, but XBOX games has been a sales point for Windows Phones so I guess they shouldn't make a quick move.
    We can't say removing core feature say Xbox or music and videos hub or Facebook integration indicates Microsoft's less interest in it but maybe the other way around? Like frequent updates and better monetization? But yes there prolonged Xbox games certification process puts one in doubt.
    Apart from "services" I would be surprised to see Sony's PS games replacing Xbox games ;) Nothing exactly can be predicted now, yeah have to wait.
  • Having the extra column (not row) is a choice. You can either turn it off or on according the released settings screenshots.
  • +822
  • Cool... My 1020 is ready! Then the next big question; when are we getting Nokia Blue?! I can't wait to see a real successor to the 1020 (if there ever is one)
  • When? The article.
    Only Lumia 630 and 930 are expected yet. Maybe 1080 be a successor? But can there be a Lumia phone with >41MP camera? It'll be an epic then.
  • Yayy
  • I have been wondering about what the size of this update shall be.
  • SAME HERE!!!
    I guess it may be a big one. Much bigger than any update before but no idea about the exact size...
  • Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg! Waaaaaaa! I'm not excited at all..
  • *fingers crossed*
    MSFT shouldn't change their mood now -_-
  • I'm so glad to hear an official ETA.
  • Right. After an unending commotion from nokiapoweruser, wmpoweruser, wpnews, finally a confirmed word.
  • Where do you register to get the update?
  • Download the app from the store and do what it says.
  • Thanks.
  • My pleasure :)
  • Go into the store and download the Preview for Developers application. Then sign in using your Microsoft account that meets one of these requirements (taken from the app description): You must meet one of the following three requirements: (a) have an active Windows Phone Dev Center account; (b) have an active App Studio account; OR (c) be running a registered developer device (‘dev unlocked’ phone) Meet one of those requirements and then download the app and sign in.
  • so to meet that requirement how do I get a Phone Dec Center account or an App Studio account? I definitely don't have a dev unlocked phone ):
  • Just sign up for App Studio. It only takes couple minutes and free.
  • YES!!!
  • Hmmm starting to make room for my lovely new update on my Lumia 620...
  • Lets wait for actual nres on 2nd april.
  • 8.1 on a fresh out the box 925 will be sweet. I'll have to play with cortana after updating.
  • I have a few friends joining WP. They are gonna be surprised with this update.
  • Now... All we need is a Nokia Dev Preview App to be released at Build!! ;)
  • This will be entered into my day counter app now :)
  • Great news before I debark for my cruise. Won't give me much a weekend to play with it.
  • Oh.. Finally the, probably, final date has been decided. Good to Know :D
  • I'm confused. Will Windows Phone 8.1 be available on April 10th for Developers of for Developer Preview Program users?? There's a big difference.
  • good question... but there is already available for developers... over the SDK
  • Does the preview wipe all data from the phone? If not I would definitely give it a go. However I think the previous ones did
  • No it doesn't. Even the previous ones didn't cause any problem
  • No, The GDRxx didn't .... However, this a major update, have a backup just incase.
  • Awwww yiiiiiis  
  • Great News!!! :)
  • So excited!
  • Need file access and more
  • For that, install Pocket File Manager already...
  • I can't do that..It is a paid app.I don't have a credit card & carrier billing is unsupported.This is not possible for me & for many others as well.
  • Yeah, payment methods has been a pain for many in WP store. MS should quickly do something about it or else they're already losing many consumer purchases.
  • Yeah wpc bitch :D
  • I'm going to wait until the official release...and I am probably not going to install until I see what the bugs could be. IOS 7.1 made my iPad worse and I don't want to deal with that on my phone right now.
  • What more can you add to a mature OS like iOS. Every addition like you said makes it worse. You watch, all those old timer OSs will be sporting Metro and it has already started, blinkfeed Samsung tablet.
  • The Developer Preview Program is the reason I don't ditch my frozen in time T-Mobile 810!! Tried an iPhone 4 for an hour this morning and didn't want it anymore.
  • To be fair, iPhone 4 is pretty old, but I agree
  • Are there legitimate risks in updating early with Developers? I know it voids the warranty, so I am hesitant, but I'm not sure if I should be. I have a 1520 on AT&T, and people have said that it will get updated fairly quickly, so I'm thinking about just waiting. Is this stupid? Anyone have any advice?
  • I think it only voids the warranty if you're on a carrier phone. I bought mine from fnac Portugal (SIM free) and my warranty still stands.
  • It "may" void the warranty. But, when you upgrade to official build (when it is released), your warranty will be intact.
  • At&t and fast update? Lmao, joke of the Day :D:D
  • I meant the 1520 part, as it's their newest phone.
  • They say it MAY void your warranty but to be fair if your getting it replaced by a carrier they rarely check the OS version number so I'm sure the tech won't say anything if you ever did have to return the phone
  • The preview bricked my Ativ S.I will wait for the official release from AT&T on my 1520.
  • NOTE...if you install the developer preview, you're losing your phone's warranty.
  • No you're not. I. Checked with Fnac Portugal and my warranty is valid even with dev preview.
  • False. Only carriers may play that card. However Nokia doesn't consider the warranty void for this.
  • So if i install the developer preview, can i get future updates...or I'll have only the preview. ?
  • You will get all the updates. The developer preview is nothing but the way Microsoft found to bring the OS earlier to the enthusiasts without pissing off the carriers.
  • +920
  • Everyone worrying, there is one appropriate response: wait. Either wait a couple of hours, wait a day, wait a week, wait until official release. At some point you will feel safe enough. I might let the 520 update immediately, and wait for a few brave souls to try their 928's before I update mine, fwiw ;)
  • I didn't get any updates for few months and last checked 2-3 weeks ago, today I installed the DevPreview program and signed in for the preview updates and instantly got 3 updates available. Is it somthing speciffic for DevProgram or I just missed them?
  • Your carrier hasn't pushed those yet.
  • Eagerly waiting....
  • Woot!! .. I will be in Brazil on that day - I hope I will be able to also download it there, on my AT&T device
  • Im very curious if this update needs some app for PC/Mac like iPhone/iPad needs iTune.. its really a big big update... I can just guess but it will take more then 400MB..  If it is over OTA will be a suprise.. 
  • Uhhh.... no.  I've been on this update for over two weeks now, and I just did it over wifi.  Please don't ask me anything.  I'm on an NDA.
  • Most likely an OTA. I have a feeling it will around 2GB .... GDR2 & GDR3 were a 1GB each.
  • Just takes WiFi man. Everything is OTA now.
  • Actually,I want something like iTunes which can download updates to my PC since I don't  have WiFi & I have to create a hotspot using a laptop.I have to waste a lot of time since the connection is slow & drops frequently & I have to keep on reconnecting.I don't have the time to go somewhere & find a WiFi hotspot.I simply hate this OTA update business.
  • Just out of my curiosity how do you create a Hotspot out of Your Laptop  Thankx
  • Nooo.. I can't wait for 10 days :|
  • If it were coming out tomorrow, you'd be saying you can't wait a day.  In a weeks time, none of this is going to matter.
  • Exactly.
  • My family members line of Lumia's including my sister and I 1520's, parents 925 and my eldest brothers 1020 are all ready to receive the update :D
  • Lumia family :)
  • Yep ... Converted all of them with my original 920. The biggest reason was because of the camera and the dedicated cam button. My family is pretty snap happy lol. But I'm still Trying to convert my stepbrother
  • That's awesome! Wish I had a Lumia Family :/
  • Me TOO
  • What if its an early April fools joke and they release it at BUILD all along
  • Then we would all smile :)
  • That would be epic!
  • That's great news! On another subject, what's up with the 930? Is it really coming in April?
  • Presented in April, yes. But it *may* not make it to Build. The 930 was Goldfinger. But that was so late that Nokia separated it. So the 930 became Martini as Goldfinger is nowhere near complete. Thing is...separating Goldfingers stuff into Martini takes time. And time's running out.
  • So are you saying the 930 was going to be Goldfinger with all the 3d touch gestures and stuff but because that would've taken too long, they stripped out those planned extra features for a later Goldfinger device and are now making a slightly more normal-ish update (i.e. 20 megapixel camera, 1080p screen, etc) called the Martini that will be the 930 that we actually end up with this time round?
  • Exactly. The info I have is that things got complicated with Goldfinger. The technology isn't ready to get to the market and so Nokia ended up deciding to just release a more conventional upgrade to the 920. The 920 is already over 1 year old, it's quite outdated and yet it's still the flagship. They couldn't delay the 930 anymore (specially since there's the entire acquisition stuff). So in the end, 930/Martini will pretty much the 930/Goldfinger without the advanced stuff they had planned and more in line with the flagships on Android (SD800/801, 2/3 GB RAM etc etc). As for the future of's still a prototype. Nokia will keep developing the technologies but if a Lumia will end up being released with that tech, it will be already under Microsoft and it will be up to Microsoft to decide whether or not to license the tech from Nokia.
  • Cool, thanks for the explaination! Makes me feel slightly better about waiting until next year for my upgrade as I had initially planned. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the integrated Nokia and Microsoft teams will do together with their Windows Phone 9 (Threshold) round of devices.
  • "Thing is...separating Goldfingers stuff into Martini takes time. And time's running out." Oh, Oh! must .. make .. James Bond .. pun ... "" Laser's getting awfully close...""
  • This!
  • Interesting. Does that mean it doesn't need any new drivers at all? I hope they're able to keep that up.
  • Will available For Lumia 520 ??
  • Everyone except wp7 owners
  • Is it going to be available for ALL Windows 8 handsets? I have an HTC 8S, and though I have read somewhere that it is going to be available for 8X, there's been no mention of 8S. (I am enrolled in the Preview for Developers through the app.)
  • Yea I remember that, they mentioned it in the readit session, they only mentioned the 8X, because people asked about it specifically.
  • I'm blocked.
  • I'm pretty sure that ALL windows phone are getting the update. But, I'm just an average Joe so take that as its worth, haha.
  • You will get it when MS push it out (expected date: April 10th), as you are enrolled to the dev preview.
  • WP 8.1 Developer Preview Program to Go live for Download on April 8, 2014.
    Source: WPPowerUser
  • That is not a trustworthy source ;)
  • Haha. I agree. Let's check back and see on the 8th though. Maybe they get something right for once.
  • Wohooo!!
  • Seems slower.
  • Countdown tile is now on my start screen. Cannot wait
  • The passing of time waiting for wp8.1 SEEMS FASTER now lol!!
  • How does the update arriving on a date that is FARTHER away than April 2nd seem faster? If the update was coming sooner....then it would seem/be faster :)  
  • So on April 10th all 4 of my phones, 520,920,1020 and 1520 will all be running 8.1 ;-)
  • Sweet !!! I'll wait an extra week though .... Might get an official one. Lol
  • Just in time with the arrival of my Lumia Unicorn 1520.3
  • My real questions is, do you think it's a bad idea to install it on the Lumia 1020 right away? Will there be a lot of issues? I'm thinking of just waiting it out to see how other people fair with it first :)
  • I dont think so cause the Core was already finished up but was going through minor bugs and now that they have Shipped Wp 8.1 to manufacturers i dont suppose ther will be any problems. BUT if you want to stay on the safe side then you can wait. PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE :)
  • They should let the update come trough the Store, like Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store. For everyone at the same time.
  • Hmmmm nice idea.
  • Can't wait.
  • I read somewhere that Nokia was only announcing 630 at the event and not the 930...any truth to this? "According to the new revelation by NokiaPowerUser, which after obtaining information from a trusted source, claims Nokia will introduce the Lumia 630 only and there will be no Lumia 930 at the Build 2014 conference."    
  • See my answer to a similar question above. That's all I know ;)
  • So excited! That's very soon!
  • Please answer me. If i update my phone via developer preview program, than am i able to download official update with firmware.???
  • No, until your carrier pushes it out.
  • A better answer would be "Yes, when your carrier pushes it out."
    You can join/leave the preview program simply by marking a check box in the app. If you uncheck it, you get the regular carrier updates.
  • You get carrier updates even without unchecking the box ;)
  • Fine. One more week.
  • Thank god. After all the buildup I was seriously disappointed by the news of having to wait for the preview up until the end of April. The 10th isn't too bad. 
  • Awesome
  • Adoption rate depends on the carrier approval how fast they allow the updates to all devices and to all regions.
  • Enough with all these Daniel , Just give it to me now.
  • Any idea of how much memory will take?
  • Does anybody have any experience with installing the preview version of GDR3 on a T-Mobile USA phone? Did it include support for wi-fi calling or was it a generic version? How was the update process to the carrier approved version once it was available? Did it offer a way to roll it back?
  • I've run it since it was available. Worked fine. WiFi Calling is retained, but due to issues with texting on it I haven't used it. Don't know if texting issues are related to Update 3 or not, but I don't think they are. I will get 8.1 preview as soon as it's available, I'm sure it will work just as good as the Update 3 preview.
    There is no way to roll back an update (well, I think there is, but no really easy way, it's not designed to be rolled back). The update to official T-Mobile Update 3 was without any issues at all.
  • Yes! Can't wait to see how it runs on my Lumia 521. Also cannot wait to replace it with a new 8.1 phone! Looking forward to hearing what Nokia is planning to release... And hoping it'll be available on T-Mobile (one can dream, right?).
  • Yeah same here.. smh! @T-Mobile
  • This is the biggest one ever
  • This is a really great program.  I didn't bother for GDR3, but I'm not sure if I can pass it up for 8.1!
  • The only good news for me today..thank god...
  • THIS!
  • Will they show the build streaming live on our surface tablets??
  • OMG OMG OMG Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Best news I've heard all day lol
  • Carrier approval??? Wtf! We may have to wait a whole year to get WP8.1 on our phones. And some of us will,never get it
  • Dude, its always gonna have to be approved by the carrier. No one will ever get the same deal that Apple got. That's just how it is.
  • wow this is awesome news!! :) 10 days delay is worth the wait for a preview!! super excited :D
  • meh, there is only 1 feature I look forward to in WP 2012, and that is cortana. If it isn't enabled, then I don't see a single reason to update the phone. Sure it will get features which should have had two years ago, but "honestly" let ATT push it out for I have better things to do than beta test software.
  • The rest of us will enjoy all the new features as soon as we can, while you can refuse to update and keep grumbling about the fact that we should'we had them two years ago... yeah, that makes no sense to me.
  • All I want to know is: Will we finally be able to select more than one picture to send bia a MMS message instead of having to select and add each photo individually? Going into Photos has a multi select feature but when you click Share, messaging is not an option. This has been pointed out to me by someone that I convinced to leave her G Pro and get a 1020. She loves taking photos and sending them via MMS but currently, it is a chore when you hava a lot of photos to send.
  • I agree with you
    1. Attaching multiple photos
    2. Attaching all files directly in email
    3. Ability to delete multiple emails .
    4. Jump to last. Jump to top in albums, messaging, emails. Tired of scrolling around to get to the bottom of something. Hopefully MS can continue to improve user experience by paying attention to these small but very important features. Go WP....
  • Sorry to disappoint you, but it will come around the 15th to 20th
  • Source?
  • I have an internal planning sheet in front of me that says differently.
  • daniel... can u giv me simple answer for this?  should i buy 1020/1520 or waittng new device with same spec until end of april (maybe june).
  • Yay, so 8.1 update for my 1020 will come in a couple of month
  • Wow, won't take long to April 10! And I got a question people: Are we going to be able to send pre-recorded audio and video through apps, like, will I be able to send something I recorded to a friend through WhatsApp? I've looked for this info and found nothing about it (maybe I didn't look hard enough :P). Can anyone help me please? Thanks!
  • What are the chances MS is trying to pull the wool over our eyes so they can have one big reveal at BUILD. Ie reports of a release delay, reports of developer preview pushed to the 10th, then BAM announce immediate availability at BUILD.
  • Not likely, but that would be an awesome April Fools day swerve.
  • Once updated through developer review , warranty will be void , is that possible that I install the developer review first after that when the official has release I reinstall back , will my,warrant back ?
  • Once official release is installed, no one can tell that you had preview installed before. So, yes your warranty will be back again.
  • Arghhhhhh that means the 11th for me since all you lazy farts will still be in bed..... Getting super excited! Action Center, Cortana, wallpaper / transparent tiles, swipe to close.... And those are just the most obvious! So many goodies!
  • God, can we stop with the +(whatever phone I have)? It wasn't clever in the first, it's beyond played out and even more nerdy.
  • +8X
  • +920
  • No kidding..the bloody comment section looks like a toddler on acid is replying with the "+" and "OMG".  Humans are strange.  That being said, this is a great program Microsoft has allowed us non-devs to be a part of (which is allowing us to basically bypass all our OEM's delayed releases).  They don't get the credit they deserve for this program.
  • +cryaboutit
  • Will Cortana be in the preview?
  • The whole OS.
  • Thanks
  • And since no "official" release date has been given, quit calling this a "delay." Word was not so long ago that late summer for WP8.1 devices.
  • Eh its not that much of a delay. Could have been worse!
  • Makes it easier for you to skip the posts that annoy you. Get a grip. Life is too short.
  • According to`'Windows Phone Lovers' it will apear on April 8th :)!
  • There are few articles floating around stating 8th April, I think they are just guessing as Windows 8.1 update is coming on that day as part of normal MS monthly Tuesday update. I am aiming for 10th, but if it comes on 8th, I will share with you :)
  • WTF, Well That's Fantastic.....
  • Yes! It'd be a nice birthday treat.
  • This is still good news! Maybe not as good as WP8.1 Dev Preview becoming available on the day it's announced but April 10 is still good!
  • This is really exciting. My 520 should be in hand by the end of the week. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • given that i am in a country where we dont have updates via cariers, any opnion on whether there will be a delay for the firmware (Lumia cherry/cyan/whatever) and OS update? Secondly would it be safe to instal the preview 8.1 with Lumia black on the Lumia 525?  
  • YES!!!!
  • Ikr countdown app ready :)
  • +920❕❗❕❗
  • Its good to know!!
  • it's ok. Waiting till next Thursday is ok. I think i can wait abit more.
  • Yesterday I read here somebody said it will be out in April 8
  • I read that there's some requirements one of them is for SD card, it must be 6 at least
  • Wait until WPC confirm it... These other sites I have found to be full of rumors...
  • I want it on April 2, but the 10th is better than late April.
  • Can someone help me unlock my t-mobile 925. I can't get any service in my area.
  • My birthday :)
  • In the features list article it says that wp8.1 will support miracast: Miracast, PlayTo, mirror and project via wireless display or USB-out Anyhow, so far, non of the leaked vids showed anything about it. Do you think it's gonna be included in this update ?, or do we have to wait further more ?!.  
  • So why doesn't everyone get the developer preview? Is it not the final version? Also when I get the new real 8.1 os do my settings and stuff stay on my phone?
  • Because you have to sign up as a developer...hence the title "developer preview" is the final version minus the carrier firmware.
  • OMG this is a nice Birthday present for me! April 10 is basically April 11 in my country!!! YES!!!!!!! 
  • I hope that 10 be a binary number
  • .....and registered! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • how much size 8.1 dev update will be??
  • My preview for developer app is,is on and running waiting
  • YAY!!!! :D
  • C'mon!! Isn't it April 10 yet??
  • Better bring 3rd row tiles to 4.5" displays, if my 920 and 1020 miss out on this it will be the catalyst for me to abandon Nokia and WP. Been with Nokia the whole way since 1996 and have put up with Microsoft's lack of support but I will no longer if belfiore ignores all us wp8 users and relegates us to wp7.8 status and bullshit 1080p only, 5" only rubbish
  • Awesome! My roommate is extremley jealous of me cuz I'm on the Preview For Developers thing, and he'll have to wait a few weeks after I get it lol
  • Enrolled and ready!! ;)
  • Test
  • Got it downloaded, got my account Set as a Developer Account. Got the Update, Now i wait... god... 8.1 Feels so close... sucks it has to (Possibly) come for Devs on teh Tenth... But hey...
  • Nice birthday treat for me :)
  • This is my first experience with a Windows Phone. I have ATT. How quickly, or slowly, do they push out the official updates? I'd like to try out 8.1 as early as possible but I also don't want to void the warranty. 
  • Damn, that's seriously late. We can probably expect a proper official update to 8.1 for current devices somewhere around summer and a new phone release in May/June (in the stores). With Windows 9.0 + RT merging next year it'll be the same story. BTW April 2 is a really bad date to announce anything, it's almost certain that there will be someone that's disappointed or underwhelmed in some way and the jokes about April Fools will follow. So every smart company wants to have a minimum 15 days gap before or after this day so the comments of this kind - "they're late with the joking" or "it's not the time for a joke yet" won't be so popular. Oh well, 2nd of April ? just watch the reaction tomorrow.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 ♥
  • few more months...tired of waiting.......seeing all the leaks and now the official launch......still asking to wait for months is really sad......hate ms for this.....
  • If I install the Preview for Developers I'll be able to install the "official" update before it?
  • you will able get the official when it comes live ... btw not before