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Be sure to read our in-depth review and overview of Windows Phone 8, and click on the links below to learn more about each of these amazing new Windows Phone 8 devices. If you have any questions, and for more Windows Phone 8 discussion, be sure to visit our Windows Phone 8 forums and the latest Windows Phone 8 Apps.

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Give it back: Microsoft asks for return of Lumia 920 with early build of Windows Phone 8.1

For being a weekend it’s been somewhat busy. Yesterday we had leaked screenshots showing off a developer build of Windows Phone 8.x – notification center in tow.

The notification center was obviously the biggest piece of info from those screenshots, but there was plenty more info to be gleamed from the phone. Quick recap after the break and a story of what happened to the phone bought off of eBay that contained this build of the Windows Phone. And don’t forget, our sources say those screenshots are an “early” build of the next-version OS.

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Share files between Windows Phones and other hardware with JoikuShare

Should you use your Windows Phone and wish to transfer files between the device and a laptop, tablet or even SmartTV over Wi-Fi, you'll want to check out JoikuShare ( The app has just been released for Windows Phone and enables the transfer of said files to extend functionality from the phone to other devices available, and vice-versa.

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Leaked Windows Phone 8.x dev build screenshots reveal notification center and more

The first screenshots of what looks to be the next major build of Windows Phone 8.x have been revealed. We show you what's new.

A reddit thread posted just over 8 hours ago tells the story of a user who has purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 from eBay only to discover they are in possession of a device that seems to have once belonged to a Microsoft engineer.

Said user has posted several screenshots from the device which appear to show off a brand new calendar design, the ability to organise apps by frequency of use, and perhaps most interestingly: a notification center.

Whilst we can’t be 100% certain of this information, the quantity of screenshots that have been provided, as well as the presence of what appear to be internal apps still in development definitely lends some credibility to this rumour, in fact we're going to go ahead and give this a 7 on the rum-o-meter. Check below for a few of the screenshots and a list of the revealed features so far, or head over to flickr to see the originals yourself.

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Sprint's next Windows Phone, the HTC Tiara, inches closer to release with FCC cert

Some good news on a Friday for the 5 of you Sprint customers still rocking a Windows Phone 7.x device. We’ve known for sure since early January that you’d be getting some Windows Phone 8 handsets around summer time. One from Samsung and the other from HTC – the Tiara and Ativ S. One of those devices looks like it’s spent some time with our friends at the FCC. Is Sprint about to get some Windows Phone 8 love?

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Sign-up now for updates on the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

We know T-Mobile is slated to get their first 4G LTE Windows Phone 8 device, the Nokia Lumia 925. For those sitting on the edge of their seat for this new Windows Phone, a sign-up page for the phone is available that may be an indication the release of the Lumia 925 isn't far away.

The Lumia 925 sports a 4.5" PureMotion HD+ screen, 1.5 GHz Dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and a 8.7MP Pureview camera. The Lumia 925 will join the Lumia 928 at Verizon and Lumia 920 at AT&T as flagship Windows Phones for the U.S. carriers.

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App server log shows Windows Phone 8.1 being tested

The developers behind the app Love Wallpaper HD just found some interesting entries in the server log of their app, and it's about Windows Phone 8.1 (codenamed "Blue").

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Microsoft adds gift cards as method of payment to Wallet for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft will be adding the option for consumers to utilise gift cards on the Windows Store and Xbox Live, but the company has already enabled the payment gateway on the Windows Phone Store. Adding a gift card to the Wallet, a feature in Windows Phone 8, smartphone owners can use the cards to charge app, music and media purchases. 

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Rumor: Nokia Lumia 925 to debut in China on June 15

The Nokia Lumia 925 was just announced a short while ago, and already Nokia is pushing the latest Windows Phone to the market. According to the official words in London, the Lumia 925 will be released first in China, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Now according to the latest rumor, the China part will be done in a matter of weeks, or June 15 to be precise.

Interesting though, the Chinese Lumia 925 is not for everyone. Nokia is to make a splash with Superman: Man of Steel limited edition, much like they did with the Lumia 900 and the Batman logo.  The initial batch will reportedly have exactly 925 units in all, each augmented with the iconic Superman logo, and there will be wireless charging back covers (Superman-ized, too) for purchase.

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Ting to support Windows Phone, offering Samsung and HTC hardware this summer

Ting has reaffirmed its stance on Windows Phone availability. The mobile operator has previously teased that there are plans in place to support Microsoft's platform, but we've yet to see anything materialise. A new article has been published on the Ting blog that details the company looking to pick up multiple Windows Phones this coming summer.

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New bug reportedly found in Windows Phone Store: WP8 apps "updated" into WP7 version

The "Windows Phone Store" is a pretty big concept. Instead of being one simple market available to all users equally and indifferently, it has countless facets intended for specific user groups and regions.

Depending on your OEM, carrier, geographic region, OS version, and size of RAM, the apps visible to you just won't be the same. When things get complicated in order to serve as many types of consumers as possible, the chance of stuff going wrong gets increased as well.

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