Windows Phone app coming for Dash, wireless headphones from the future

Kickstarter is a great place for creative projects to get funding. It’s the largest crowdfunding platform on the web. Just today, it passed the one billion dollars mark in pledges across its user base. That’s $1,000,000,000 pledged by over 5.7 million people, with over half of that coming in the past year. We’ve covered a few projects on Kickstarter. One recent project we covered was the FreedomCase for your Surface. Here’s a cool project with an upcoming app for Windows Phone – Dash, the Wireless Smart Headphones.

Typically cool projects start out seeking funding to create an iOS app. Then if time permits, an Android app and maybe a Windows Phone app. Those last two platforms usually come after a project has hit its initial funding target. Stretchgoals are then introduced, which are additional funding goals for the remainder of a project that help the project achieve more features. Dash just passed its stretchgoal for a Windows Phone app.

Dash Windows Phone app

Dash is an upcoming wireless smart headphone from Bragi in Germany. The company expects to ship the first 1,000 units for Kickstarter in October of this year. Full scale production of the Dash will then start in November. Dash is an in-ear headphone that’s not only wireless, but full of sensors and features.

With Dash you can listen to music, just like you can with any pair of headphones. Dash however is waterproof and has both passive noise cancellation and an audio transparency mode to hear your surrounding environment. You also don’t need your phone to listen to music since Dash has 4GB of onboard storage.

Dash is also more than just a pair of headphones. It’ll be able to track performance metrics like speed, time, distance and cadence. You can also track various biometrics like heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent.


This is probably the coolest pair of headphones we’ve seen. Of course there’s still a lot of work for the team at Bargi between now and shipping. But it’s very cool to see them add a Windows Phone app as part of that roadmap. With the Windows Phone app you’ll be able to control the various settings on your Dash and more.

Dash is currently at over $2.5 million in funding and still has 27 days left in for the funding period. Hit up the link below if you’re interested in backing or learning more about the project. You’re probably wondering what the minimum you’d need to contribute to get a pair of Dash headphones Right now that pledge price is set at $239. That’s still $60 lower than what the Dash will probably retail for when it goes on sale later this year.

Has anybody backed Dash yet? Thinking about it? We’re on the wire, but there are 27 days left to make a decision.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks for the heads up A.J.! 

  • Yes, there ARE 27 days left...
  • Amazing.... Thts wt i was looking for.... Grt guys
  • Wow looks great, maybe they found a new customer in me.
  • I am backing it ;-)
  • Damn, would love a pair of these! Even at $239 it is to much a stretch for me... But i can see these going at for way more than $300...
  • Hmm, on the fence with this one, backed so many projects that are late already.
  • That's my main problem with it...   Yeah, if this were availble right now... Here, take my money.  By the time Jan 2015 rolls around though (assuming they get it out on time) I'd imagine that there will be plenty of similar products on the shelves.
  • I'll try a pair...
  • Shes hot.
  • +920
  • +929
  • Incredibly hot... I backed this a few weeks back really looking forward to it. The possibilities are pretty amazing if developers want to push the limits.
  • I hate to say it but I do not see this coming to fruition anytime soon.  Very cool concept but while it may not be vaporware it is much more ambitious than many other projects that are still delayed or failed...  I guess we will just have to wait and see but i will wait to support it . . .  
  • Those are sweet, but I don't think they're $300 sweet. I don't care abotu the sensor stuff, just the wireless, so I'd probably just wait and get something in the $100-150 range instead.
  • So they're not Bluetooth? Meh. 4GB of music is not enough, and I wouldn't be able to go without online services like XBMusic/Pandora/Spotify.
  • 4gig not enough? You must have a lot of leisure time. Not that I'm jealous but...
  • I have a 32GB Lumia 1020 with 17GB of music.
  • You can stream music through bluetooth to the headset without using its onboard storage. The storage is there if you wish to listen to music locally but your phone can used instead with a bluetooth connection.
  • It does support Bluetooth. The 4gb is in case you dont want to have a phone with you.
  • Cool, the article didn't make it clear that it did.
  • Check out their kickstarter page, they detail a lot of features ! It's an awesome piece of technology. I really hope they pull it off. I'm a backer :)
  • I sent you guys a tip a week ago when they added the WP app as 3rd stretch goal .....
  •    Now this is cool. I can't wait to try out a pair.
  • It is a really impressive piece of kit, but at that price I don't think so. Feel bad for EU customers who are screwed even more with $46 in shipping and VAT from a damn EU company, unbelievable; if anything it should be cheaper to get in EU than in US since the company is from the EU.      
  • Well I was all about it until I got to the price at the end. Waterproof and the "audio transparency" mode are awesome features, though. Hope some folks with more disposable scratch than I enjoy em-- I'll stick with my $25 cheapo BT cans I guess
  • I am leery of the fit and comfort, at a big price and available in November the earliest.   I think it has real potential but 3-4 hours battery life is not competitive and I don't see the "stand alone" features as all that right now, as I am content to have apps on my phone, talking to my headset, rather than in the headset itself.   I don't mind kickstarter, even though I am 0-3 in actually receiving the promised rewards for projects.   I like the idea of being in on the ground floor and have contributed to a few literary and arts kickstarter campaigns.  But this is a high-production-value kickstarter deal, styled as preorder, so we'd be kick-interim-financing rather than kickstarting something already on the way.  Less gamble perhaps, but I wonder if it won't be bought out if it looks like its going to fly, and then become available everywhere at, near or below the kickstarter price?  
  • Oh man, the sadness on the Windows Phone app stretch goal comments.  So much butthurt over adding WP as a stretch goal.  Pretty hilarious!
  • Do you mean WP fans angry that they weren't a regular goal or ios/android fans angry that WP is involved at all?
  • the latter. plenty of "nobody gives a number 2 about a wp apps" ... "this stretch goal sucks" ... bah.  
  • ...and a battery life if 10 minutes.
  • I'll take it that nobody else saw the fine print which said "three hour battery life" which is always on the high side with near optimal conditions. Until they can improve on that, I'll stick with my Bluebuds X.
  • Impressive product plan. If I get my new job this year, then this might be my reward (but do I really want to be wearing these on the subway in NYC). If it happens in 2015, then I will wait for v2.0 or its competitors. I will keep my eyes on this product. Maybe give them a buck to get updates and keep it fresh in my mind.
  • If they could bring in a cheaper version, like w/o the sensors.. I'd buy.. Not that THIS is bad... Just that it's expensive for me.. and I'm not much of an athlete :P So all that sensors are kinda waste for me.. Otherwise great product.
  • Makes an S5 obsolete (sensorwise), so it would save you a couple hundred bucks.
  • But why would anyone want to buy an S5 when 1520 exists ?
  • While all the extra features sound great, I'd be happy with just wireless in-ear headphones - anyone know of any?
  • I'd like to dash that lil cutie in the pik hahaha
  • Cant wait till November! Ordered mine a while back, and it was great when they introduced the WP8.1 support. Pity Apt-X is not offered in Windows Phone yet. The charge case is great way for 5 portable charges too... BTW the team from Bargi...?