Windows Phone App Review: Better Movie Manager

Better Movie Manager

Looking for an easy way to manage your movie collection? Want to manage your collection from your Windows Phone? Take a look at the Windows Phone app Better Movie Manager.

Better Movie Manager taps into TMDb movie database (not endorsed by TMDb) to pull movie details and cast/crew information on movies in your existing collection or movies you hope to buy or see in the future. Better Movie Manager is a nicely laid out application to manage your DVD or Blue Ray titles.

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App Layout

Better Movie Manager  takes full advantage of the Windows Phone panorama layout. The Main Pages include a page for My Movies that lists all the titles in your collection; a Wish List for titles you hope to see or purchase; My Queue that lists titles in your collection you want to watch; and a Games Page which has three trivia styled games based on your movie collection.

At the bottom of the Main Pages you will find button controls to add movie titles, to search your collection, view your collection stats, and access the settings (list order and movie format). The three dot menu pulls up the "about" link.

Adding a Movie

Adding a movie to your collection is simple. Just tap the "+" to pull up the keyword search, enter your movie title and choose the appropriate title from the results. Individual movie listings will display the details on the movie (short summary) and the cast/crew information. At the bottom of the screen you'll find two buttons. One to add the movie to your library, the other to add it to your Wish List.

Once added to your collection the buttons change to allow you to pin the title to the Queue Page on the main pages, mark the movie as loaned out, and to delete the title from your library. When you mark a title as lent, a secondary screen will appear so you can enter who you lent the movie to and add any necessary notes. A notation will appear on the movie's Detail's Page showing that the movie is lent and to whom.


One neat feature of Better Movie Manager is a game section.  The app has three games that are based on your movie collection.

Tagline Trivia presents you with a movie tagline and you have to guess which movie it is from.  For example, "I'll be back" would be the Terminator.  "An epic presentation of miniature proportions" would from A Bug's Life.  "You're going to need a bigger boat" is from Jaws.

Order Up is a game where you place a list of movies in order of when they were released.  Triplet Trivia provides you with three clues on a movie to help you guess the movie title.  For example the if the clues are Richard Attenborough - Director, James Caan - Actor and Sean Connery - Actor the movie would be A Bridge Too Far.  George Lucas - Director, Harrison Ford - Actor and 1977 would be Star Wars.

The Better Movie Manager games are simple yet challenge and a fun way to learn more about your movie library.

Overall Impression

All in all, Better Movie Manager is a fantastic Windows Phone application if you need to organize and manager your movie library. The Games Page is an added bonus so you can test your trivia skills on the movies you've seen.

Better Movie Manager ran smoothly and the only thing missing is a movie trailer for the movies. Better Movie Manager is a mango app that support fast resume and a Live Tile that will display how many titles are in your library.

Better Movie Manager is a free, ad-supported application that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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