Windows Phone App Review: BoxShot

BoxShot, if you haven't guessed already by the name, is a Dropbox client for Windows Phone, which can be found on the Marketplace for just 79p ($0.99) with a free version also available. Should you be a frequent "boxer" then this app will be perfect for your file synchronising needs. It's a simple, light app that gets the job done.

Combining a Metro look and feel with Dropbox and a useful Live Tile allows BoxShot to be a gorgeous app to use. Baseline functionality that one would expect to be present works flawlessly, from moving and deleting entire folders to viewing files and browsing the contents on your account. The interface is simple and intuitive, leaving nothing for the user to learn or master. Upon launching BoxShot, you'll be greeted with a Dropbox login screen. Once you've connected to your account, the app will load to the main screen, which will be blank on first launch, but will be populated with tiles should you wish to pin favorite folders for quick access.

Swiping to the left will bring up the account browser, displaying folders and files that are stored in the cloud. Folders have the created date shown underneath, while files are accompanied by size. Files can be viewed, moved, deleted, edited and the URL emailed using email accounts set up on Windows Phone. Photos can be uploaded from the Pictures Hub (or directly from the camera) to the Dropbox account using the app, which is a nice touch. Working in the opposite direction, pictures stored on your account can be downloaded and saved to the local library.

As well as the file browser, the app reports to the user how much space is currently being used out of the account quota (including how much space is used with shared content). The live tile, which is configurable in the settings, also displays usage statistics for quick glancing. An update has been submitted by the developer which will allow users to pin folders to the home screen to provide even more convenient access to Dropbox storage.

Check out our quick visual walkthrough of BoxShot below.

To conclude this review; BoxShot is the perfect solution for those who are requiring a light client to manage their Dropbox content while on the go. It's developed by DK Development, you can download BoxShot from the Marketplace for 79p ($0.99) and a free version is available, which contains an advert on the "content" pivot. 

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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