Windows Phone App Review: Save my Spot!

If you've ever had trouble remember where you saw something you need Save My Spot! for your Windows Phone. Save My Spot! allows you to record the GPS coordinates of the spot you need help remembering, add tons of descriptive information on the spot, and helps track you back when the need arises.

Save My Spot! is a simple, effective way to tag favorite locations or spots. It is a handy Windows Phone app to record where you've been and help you remember how to get back there again.

The main page for Save My Spot! has four options.

Save my spot: This will pull up all the data screens to add information on your spot. These screens include preset categories (about sixteen of them), description of the spot, the ability to add a picture of the spot, view the spot on a map, and add any notes on that spot.

My saved spots: Here is where you start working your way back to your spot. Saved spots will be listed by category or location.

Settings: Save My Spot!'s settings cover turning on/off your location services, GPS coordinates, and setting the GPS accuracy to high.

About: The About page contains a brief help section and location services policy.

When you pull up a saved spot you will have four options at the bottom of the screen. Pull up the spot in map view, generate directions to the spot, edit the spot and delete the spot. Mapping and directions are provided through BING maps.

For the most part, Save My Spot! ran nicely with accurate GPS placement. I did experience a few app crashes when retrieving saved spots. Not enough to be frustrating but enough to take notice.  Another thing that struck me odd is that Save My Spot! is a paid app, but also has banner ads. Additionally, there isn't a trial version available.  While I found Save My Spot! to be a decent app, I think the presence of ads on a paid app that has no trial will turn many away.

All in all, Save My Spot! is a nice app that will help you document favorite spots or those you just need to remember. I can see it coming in handy when traveling and you need to remember how to get back to the hotel. I like the amount of information you can save on the location but it lacks the ability to display your GPS coordinates.

With the minor stability issues, ad banners and the lack of a trial version one might ask, "How is Save My Spot! better than just using the favorites feature on BING Maps?".  It just depends on how much information you want to save with your spot.  BING Maps does have a feature to let you tag locations (or spots) as favorites for easy reference. However, BING Maps lacks the ability to add specific information on the location or add a photo for reference.  Save My Spot! allows you to save photos, descriptions, and notes for your spots.

While there are reservations, Save My Spot! will only set you back $.99. If you find yourself having the need to better document spots beyond what BING natively offer, Save My Spot! is a nice option to consider. You can find Save My Spot! here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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