Windows Phone App Review: Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug is a Windows Phone health/fitness app that produces ambient scene music to help you relax and doze off to sleep. There are two versions available, Sleep Bug (free) and Sleep Bug Pro ($1.99). For the most part, both versions are essentially identical but Sleep Bug Pro has seven additional sound scenes or themes and Sleep Bug has only nine sound scenes and is ad supported.

The nine scenes that are available across the board include Beach, Music Box, River, Jungle, Weather, Horror, City, and Sci-Fi. Sleep Bug Pro adds Zen Garden, Forest, Train, Dreams, Outback, Airport and Underwater to the mix. Still not sure where Horror comes into play to help you relax and sleep.

Sleep Bug is laid out fairly simple. A wallpaper is displayed illustrating the scene with tile controls to add various sound effects. For example with the River Scene you can add lightning, frogs, birds, bugs, and wind sounds to the basic running river sound.

You also have tiles to the left of the screen to choose your scene and, for those running the free version, upgrade to Sleep Bug Pro.  At the bottom of the screen is a digital clock and timer function. The timer will let you run the sounds continuously or for a period ranging from five to ninety minutes.

The Sleep Bug sounds came across realistic, not canned and really sound good through headphones. The wallpapers are a nice touch as well (shame you can't save them as lockscreen wallpapers).   Overall Sleep Bug isn't a bad app for your Windows Phone if you're needing for a mood sound generator. Still puzzled at the Horror Scene though. It has some creepy sounds to it that are bound to generate some interesting dreams.

Sleep Bug is a free, ad supported Windows Phone app that you can find here at the Marketplace. Sleep Bug Pro is ad free, has additional sound scenes and will run you $1.99. You can find Sleep Bug Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Sleep Bug Free

Sleep Bug Pro

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