Windows Phone App Studio receives new updates, claims hundreds of apps now published

Back in early August, Microsoft announced a new program aimed at empowering you to create your own apps. Windows Phone App Studio may not be for guys who know their way around Visual Studio, but it’s a great way for people to create niche apps that only they will use. That program is still in beta, but has continually received new updates. The latest came out today. So let’s check out what’s new.

The last update came out a little over a month ago. Some of the new features that came out included new connections for external data sources, new templates, and more. The team behind App Studio still eked out some improvements while enjoying the last bit of summer in Redmond. Here’s what’s new in the latest update for App Studio:

  • Menu bar is now easier to navigate
  • Navigation buttons have been enhanced, making it easier to edit collections
  • Dozens of new graphic elements like icons, backgrounds, and stock images
  • SkyDrive integration
  • Enhanced Visual Studio project template and the code it generates

All of the above was added or enhanced by feedback users like you give to the Windows Phone App Studio team. So they encourage further feedback as they continue to hone the experience. The team also notes that hundreds of these apps created in App Studio have been published to the Windows Phone Store. While we’re always about quality over quantity, it’s nice to see Microsoft give people the change to create something even if they don’t development skills. App Studio could serve as a way to get people interested in creating and learning.

Already mastered App Studio and ready to actually code? Be sure to check out the Channel 9 series for beginning Windows Phone Development. And of course, go try out App Studio.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

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