Although some detractors have opined against Microsoft’s recent “Wedding” ad, which pokes fun out of the Apple v Samsung rivalry, noting that it forgot to highlight any Windows Phone features, those critics failed to mention the numerous “Challenge” ads that have been running.

A new one was just posted to the Windows Phone YouTube channel and this time the focus is on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Microsoft’s Local Scout feature, which at least in certain regions is a very effective way to find local shops, eateries and things to do in addition to reviews, directions and general information.

The charming Ben Rudolph again tests three volunteers to find some local places and of course, Windows Phone wins. In this video, the Nokia Lumia 920 once again is the preferred device for the demonstration and overall, we like the ad. While it’s not as memorable as the “Wedding” one, these are the kind of “focus on the features” commercials that Microsoft needs (and critics say they don’t do).

Source: YouTube