Windows phone Commercial No. 3 - now with more leggings

Pretty sure that's how meetings look for most of you guys out there. Sneaking in Facebook, flipping over to an Excel chart ... Only with fewer tights, we reckon. [via Pocketnow]

Windows phone commercial 1

Windows phone commercial 2

Phil Nickinson

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  • Hmmm... a geek's wet-dream, little waist high computer dolls that 'entertain' you from under a table ;)
  • hahahahah, this commercial is actually super funny. love it. Oh what? you saw me on my phone? its just excel...its work related
  • This are real good commercials OMG.
    As an Windows fan I'm happy that they finally are getting the idea of what a good commercial is.
  • Wow,,,,, the public may actually get a clue now that you dont need a friggen iphone to get some work done, stay connected and have some fun.