Windows Phone featured in Coronation Street

In the second part of Coronation Street (a popular British TV soap) that aired this evening (8:30pm), we can clearly see a Nokia Lumia 800 being held by the actor with a beautiful camera shot to show off calendar functionality. At about 21:20 in, we see the product placement. You can check out the episode on ITV Player (link below), but be aware that ITV loves advertisements.

Source: ITV Player

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • if this was a product placement, what a waste of money. people who watch that show cant tell what phone it is or what OS for that matter.
  • Perhaps it will make people inquire and look up what it is since it doesn't look like iOS/Android.
  • I can see the meeting now.... 'So guys, WP7 is a cool, ultra-modern and stylish UI - what TV show could we place it in that would mirror these values?'... 'I know!! Corrie!'... Saying that though it's nice to see it out and about.
  • Why the negative comments??? Its EXPOSURE!!! I expect some people asking "What phone was THAT??" Its a good thing!
  • Chill dude.... Wasn't being negative, just having a Corrie related joke. As I also said, it's nice to see the phone out there.
  • Isn't product placement illegal in the UK? Which would mean neither Nokia or Microsoft paid for it, it was basically just chosen as a prop.
  • I thought it is legal, but subliminal advertising isn't?
  • No it's allowed now. There have been ads telling us that recently. They have to show some kinda special icon on the screen to tell us that product placement is imminent but yeah, it's allowed.
  • Product placement isn't illegal, ofcom controls it and tgey recently relaxed rules concerning product placement. BBC aren't allowed as that is paid for by the public.
  • This is the second time I've noticed them using WP on Corrie - a few weeks ago Leanne took a call in the pub and they showed the tiles when she took the phone away from her ear [though she was blatantly not on a call]. I did film it on my Omnia but forgot to upload it to Youtube or post here.
    I *think* the show has a Nokia product placement deal rather than a Windows Phone one since all phones on the show appear to be theirs, even the dumbphones.
    And so endeth my Corrie-watching shame.
  • Here in the states, Hawaii 5-0 had a primetime commercial for the Lumia7-10 and HTC handsets featured in a few scenes throughout the show. Exposure is always welcome.
  • Hawaii 5-0 always goes all out for the windows phone ... 
    the surface table is also a microsoft product.....