Windows Phone Game Review: Ape The Wall

Ximad has released some interesting games for our Windows Phone such as Bubble Birds, Pandas vs. Ninjas and De-Bugs Pool. Ape The Wall follows suit and is another entertaining game from Ximad that has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The object of Ape The Wall is to guide your ape up the sides of buildings, canyons, or trees. All the while avoiding balconies, satellite dishes, alley cats, coyotes, tree limbs and various objects that mysteriously drop from above. There are two game modes and a hand full of power-ups to help you climb higher.

All in all, Ape The Wall is an entertaining game from Ximad and a nice time waster.

The main menu of Ape The Wall has options to enter the game, access the game's settings (sound/music on/off), view the high scores (Scoreloop integration) and exit the game. When you make the jump to play the game you have to game modes to choose from, Survival and Campaign.

Ape The Wall menus

Survival is simply that... climbing and surviving for as long as you can. The Campaign Mode has ten levels in the Urban setting that has you climbing to reach a goal.

Within each mode you have a choice of scenes to choose as well. Survival has a Urban, Forest, Canyon and a "Coming Soon" scene. The Campaign mode has the Urban scene and the other three are marked "Coming Soon".

Game play is simple. As the ape climbs, just tap the screen to have him jump from one side of the screen to the other to avoid the dangers. Along the way you can jump on eagles, airplanes and owls to fly you up the screen. You can jump on the cats, lizards and bears up the screen as well.

Overall, Ape The Wall is a fun game. Animations and graphics are nicely done, game play is challenging enough to keep you interested, and with the two game modes and multiple scenes there is plenty of gaming to prevent the game from getting stale too quickly.

The only nit I have with the game is that there are too many ads. The banner ad isn't that annoying but the transition ads can get old. You do have a skip button to shorten the interruption and I understand the need for ads but still it would be nice if you could dial it back a little.

Ape The Wall is a free, ad supported game that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

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