Windows Phone Game Review: Ninja Shooter

Ninja Shooter is a simple, yet challenging Windows Phone game that is brought to us by XIMAD. Ninja Shooter continues the never ending conflict between Pandas and Ninjas.

Ninja Shooter joins other XIMAD games such as Pandas vs. Ninjas, Ninja Breakout and Kung Fu Tic, Tac, Toe. Ninja Shooter is a nicely animated game for your Windows Phone and includes a local leaderboard and three game speeds.

The game screen has the playing field of colored ninjas and pandas that will slowly work its way down the screen.  At the bottom of the screen is a link back to the menu, your score and six hash marks.  For each move you make that doesn't result in ninjas being removed, you loose a hash mark.  Run out of hash marks and the playing field drops a little lower.

The game play is identical to Bubble Birds but instead of hurling colorful birds you are hurling ninjas. The goal is to group three or more of the same colored ninja together to earn points and prevent the descending field of multi-colored ninjas from reaching the bottom of the screen.  You tap the screen where you want your ninja (or panda) to land and they shoot up the screen.  Your next playing piece is displayed next to the piece being thrown.

Sounds easy, right? Well the pandas really don't know what's good for them because they are part of the game as well. Here's what the rules of the game states,

"Remember Pandas are your friends, so try to keep as many of them as possible. This way you will get a higher score!"

What the rules fail to mention is that if you match up three or more pandas, they will not only disappear from the screen but they will also deduct points from your score.  Additionally, if one of these fury little animals reach the bottom of the screen the game ends just as it would if a ninja reached the bottom of the screen.  Because of this, you need to take out the ninjas as fast as possible or loose points and keep the game going by taking out the pandas.  Some friends...

All in all, Ninja Shooter is a decent game. It is similar to Bubble Birds but with the need to avoid removing the pandas, it is a little more challenging. XIMAD is offering two versions of Ninja Shooter over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is a free, ad-supported version here and a $1.99 Premium Edition that you can find here.

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George Ponder

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