Windows Phone Hacker working on Notification Center app

Windows Phone Hacker has unveiled a notification centre app for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 on his website. Microsoft has received countless letters, threats and (we're certain) love notes from consumers pleading for a single location for all toast notifications to be stored for later viewing.

It has always been an issue when a Windows Phone alerts the user with a notification, only for it to disappear without the ability to see which app requires attention (this is where Live Tiles arguably come in, but that's besides the point). We're aware of the talks that Microsoft intends to implement functionality to address the issue, but Windows Phone Hacker has beaten the company to it with a new project.

Showing off what's been developed thus far, Windows Phone Hacker notes that it's not a mere conceptual project - this is the real deal, folks. A working notification centre. The beauty of the app? It doesn't require root privileges (but may still require to be developer unlocked), which will open the project up to many who desire to have a feature that enables the storage of any lost and forgotten notifications.

The app sports a Live Tile that shows a counter for how many 'unread' notifications are currently available for viewing. While not going into too much detail about the app and how he plans to further develop it, Jaxbot is asking for feedback on the concept and whether improvements can be made on design and implementation.

It's good to see such solutions in development - as well as Microsoft working on their own - as we know it's on the mind of consumers. We previously ran a poll earlier this year asking readers what they'd like to see in Windows Phone 8 that was missing. Notification centre came out with 22% of the vote, quite a majority.

Check out a concept by a member from the Windows Phone forums:

Apps Hub


The app by Jaxbot is exactly that - an app. It's not a fully integrated solution, one which we'd expect from Microsoft in a future OTA update. Members over in our Windows Phone community have supplied their own concepts for how a notification centre should be developed (see above image for one by AgentTheGreat). 

Source: Windows Phone Hacker, YouTube

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