Windows Phone Hertz Car Rental App now available on the Marketplace

The Hertz Car Rental app has landed in the Windows Phone Marketplace to help manage your car reservations a little easier. The app is laid out nicely in panoramic or metro fashion with pages to view your reservations, find your car, and to find gas stations nearby.

From the My Reservations page you can create or modify rental car reservations. Just tap the blue "reserve or modify your reservation" bar or the plus sign at the bottom of the page. You will then be prompted to the reservation forms from Hertz. You can log into your Hertz Member account from the reservation pages as well.

The "Where is my car?" page is a nice touch and lets you mark where you parked your car using your Windows Phone location services. Just tap the plus sign to mark your location, add a description and then tap save. A map thumbnail and description will appear on the page to help you get back to your car. You can even pull up Bing Maps to get directions back to your car.

The Gas Stations page is somewhat self explanatory. The page will tap into your location services and pull up a listing of all the gas stations in your area.  Tap on a location to generate driving directions (through Bing) to the gas station and pull up the map view of the location.

All in all, the Hertz Car Rental app is a nice tool for your Windows Phone. In navigating around the app, managing car rentals is about as easy as calling an agent or going on-line. Hertz did a good job of making things simple and straight forward. If you find yourself renting cars with regularity, this app may be a must have app for your Windows Phone.

Hertz Car Rental app is a free Windows Phone app that you can find here at (opens in new tab) the Marketplace.

Thanks, Evan, for the tip!

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  • Nice.  We keep seeing more high profile companies writing for WP.  Gaining nice momentum up to the WP8 release.
  • Indeed, its great to see.
  • Pretty cool.  This rounds out the top two car rental agencies.  Would like to see Enterprise Rent-a-Car added soon.  That would make those apps pretty complete.
  • Awesome, now we just need Expedia and other major online reservation to jump in.
  • Kayak kills expedia.  Only benefit I get from expedia these days is having all my frequent flier numbers in one place.
  • I agreed, but Expedia has everything in one place, car rental, hotel, and packages etc.
  • Kayak has hotels, flights, cars
  • Cool..We need Zipcar now.
  • +1
  • Finally. I use hertz when I travel
  • "Why can't I download this app here in insert country? WP sucks I'm going to get an iPhone!" Won't be long till those comments show up.
  • Yeah, because your comment is so much better...
  • I work for Enterprise. Guess I'd better let my higher-ups know the competition is beating us in this area. Can't have that.
  • Hooray! Thank you very much... =D
  • Avis and Hertz are already here....Dollar will be here then you REALLY be embarassed.
  • Get on it, Enterprise is my car rental of choice. :)
  • Does this app only work in th US? I wrote my Swedish Hertz reservation # and last name but the app didn't find my reservation. :-(
  • Reservation & Find My Car seems to work okay in Australia (I didn't complete the reservation, but it gave me cars and prices at my local place). Find Petrol Stations didn't work at all. It's my peeve seeing them called "gas" stations too :P My car runs on petroleum, not natural gas :P
  • (yes, I know it's called gasoline in the US)
  • Which is actually what it is called as petrol gets refined into gas.
  • Petroleum gets refined into Petrol and LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas). Americans call Petrol "Gasoline", as it was a popular brand name (like Xerox, Kleenex or Vaseline) since the 1800's. They then abbreviated "Gasoline" into "Gas" even though "Gas" was already a reserved word for matter in a gaseous (vapour) state.
    It's particularly annoying as when people say "my car runs on gas" it should mean it runs on LPG. But Americans mean that it runs on Gasoline/Petrol. As a non-American I can say "I have a gas barbeque" which means that it actually runs on Natural Gas or LPG - not petrol/gasoline.
    Anyway, my pet peeve is over the use of the word "Gas" as that should mean "matter in a gaseous state", and not "refined petroleum in a liquid state".
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